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Choose These Full Body Shapewear And Lingerie at Price under $30

Shapewear bodysuits and lingerie can be easily defined as two pieces that we women keep very secretly hidden under our outfits: we remove the first at the end of the day and show off the second at the end of the evening… We understand each other! It is always very pleasant to wear the correct garments of these two products, especially in terms of comfort with regard to shapewear bodysuits and of beauty with regard to lingerie. Today we will take a look at the HexinFashion website to find out the existence of products under 30 dollars and that retain these qualities!

Full Body Shapewear at Price under $30

When you want to choose the perfect full-body shapewear, the first aspect to pay attention to is definitely your height. So be careful not to choose shapewear that is too long if you do not want to have the problem of body parts such as breasts or hips that are not well contained, a problem that may be caused by the fact that the shapewear you have purchased is either too long or too short, going both ways create sore in the crotch area, by being too tight or too loose. But let’s see the best full body shapewear that I recommend you choose!

1. Zipper Midi Length Full Body Shaper

It is absolutely the most covering product you can find, giving you a total sensation on the whole body. Unlike others, a positive side is certainly the possibility of being able to wear any bra you want!

Comfortable Skin Color Zipper Midi Length Full Body Shaper Fashion
Comfortable Skin Color Zipper Midi Length Full Body Shaper Fashion

2. Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shaper Stretch

It is the shaper to choose if you want to make improvements to your booty but not only. This shaper makes your legs slimmer but especially your arms thanks to its specially designed half sleeves.

Sexy Black Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shaper Stretch
Sexy Black Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shaper Stretch

3. Full Body Shaper Midsection Compression

This shaper is the perfect middle ground between the two listed above, as it heavily focuses on the central part of your body, i.e. belly and hips.

Perfect Black 3 Layers Adjustable Strap Full Body Shaper Midsection Compression
Perfect Black 3 Layers Adjustable Strap Full Body Shaper Midsection Compression

Lingerie at Price under $30

Now the time has come to write about what normally happens when we remove these shapers and wear our sexiest lingerie! I am talking about that moment when you have a bit of fun with your partner that, if done in the right style, makes everything even spicier than Mexican chili peppers! So without any ifs or buts, let’s see three types of the best cheap lingerie that we can buy and that I recommend having in your secrets drawer!

1. Bodystocking with Hold-Ups

Hold-up tights and, above all, a corset-like this that has a pair of hold-ups integrated should not be missing in your drawer of secrets. An awesome effect, don’t you think?

Ultra Skin Bodystocking Lace Patchwork Mesh Push Up High Quality Fabric
Ultra Skin Bodystocking Lace Patchwork Mesh Push Up High Quality Fabric

2. Just a Bodysuit

You must always have a bodysuit within reach, and I would recommend a red bodysuit, which is always useful for Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. An ulterior great aspect is definitely the peek-a-boo effect that is always intriguing.

Valentine Red Open Back Lace Teddy Slender Strap Online Affordable
Valentine Red Open Back Lace Teddy Slender Strap Online Affordable

3. Matching Bra and Panty Set

Who said you should always rely on the heavy armory? A set like this of your favorite color may also suffice to make sure everyone falls head over heels over you!

Daring White Hollow Out Slender Strap Bralette Set Slim Fit Style
Daring White Hollow Out Slender Strap Bralette Set Slim Fit Style

Summer Outfit Ideas

The weather us getting hot and it’s sunny all day. The best part of Living in a tropical country is enjoying the summertime. The weather is always good and not that really hot.

We can go on a summer holiday in an outdoor area like going to the beach, visiting outdoor places or just enjoying a beautiful café with friends.
It’s so fun to mix and match apparel to create the best summer outfit. Just make sure to choose the correct fashion style and comfortable fabric considering the warm and hot weather. Cotton or linen are good material to wear during summer, as I am lightweight and breathable. Here are some summer outfit ideas that we can wear during the summer.

Crop top

Wearing a crop top in summer is a great choice. As this kind of outfit revealing the body part, it can heat the hot weather in summer. Look cute and adorable at the same time automatically. Pair this with high waist jeans or loose long pants to get the summer vibe. Wear a bright color cropped top which represents the summer color.

Slit long dress

Talking About Me Slit Dress

Get a girly and lovely style with this slit long dress in the hot summer. Pair it with sandals and a simple bag. And ready to walk around the city to find the best cafe to chill out. Choose a plain color o get an innocent and cute look. Or try pattern slit dress to give a unique and fashionable look.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a must-have item since it goes well with any top. The light denim color is perfect for summer. The simplest and casual way is matching this with a tank top or loose t-shirt. Tucking in the t-shirt is comfy and looks best when wearing skinny jeans. It makes our body shape more appeal.

 Roll up shorts

Roll up shorts are a popular outfit to wear during summer. Look casual and simple by combining roll-up shorts and oversize t-shirt for a summer outfit. Wear a bucket hat and sneakers to play in the sun. Choose color roll up short to make your summer day more colorful and lively.

Rattan Bag

Rattan bag becomes essential So nowadays, bringing a rattan bag to bring a summer vibe to our overall outfit. accessories to wear for picnic and beach fashion trends. It will get along well with our summer outfit.

5 Summer Style Trends That Are Comfortable Enough To Wear At Home

When we are at home, after the end of our endless routine, all we want is to be comfortable and light. After a winter season spent in our fleece pajamas under the blankets, now is the time to put them away, also making room in the drawers, and ask ourselves what we are going to wear at home for this summer season. So let’s take a look at 5 styles that are absolutely worth wearing during the summer!

Silky Pyjama Set

It is a flawless item of clothing: it is so nice to see because it gives us that Blair Waldorf air just got out of her bed on the weekend; it is sexy if we spend our night in the sweet company; it is light and comfy to wear at home. It is certainly the most expensive alternative among those on the list, but it is the one that more gives us a royal look!

Short and T-Shirt Pyjama Set

Some of us may not be totally into satin. Well, then we cannot renounce a classic style made of shorts and a t-shirt. They are available in all sizes in physical and online shops and in all possible and imaginable prints: flamingo, animal print and floral print are just some of the prints from which we can draw inspiration. A typical style we have practically worn during all summers.

Teddy Suits

Oh yes, this is dedicated to those of us who cannot give up being sexy at all, not even under our bed blankets, much less when we have to sleep alone. Well, I’m sorry for you if you can’t show off this suit to your “prey”, but know that as soon as he is at your house and he will see you with this super sexy style during the day, all he will do is wondering what will be there for dinner! To make you even more sexy, I would add a pair of fluffy slippers, they are so cute!


There are those of us who sleep completely naked in the summer or with only our underwear on because we cannot stand the heat or do without the blankets. What better garment to wear to go on all day if not a kimono? All we have to do is get up, put it on, and tighten the belt around our waist!

For those sensitive to cold

Yes, I also thought of those of us that are always cold at home even when it is 40 degrees outside and we cannot stand the air conditioning in our house. So here we can decide what type of style to wear depending on the part of our body where we suffer the cold the most: if we cannot endure the cold in our legs, here are the long pants and short sleeves; are we always cold in the arms? Long sleeves and shorts. If we are cold everywhere, here is the one-piece suit option for us!

It is up to you now to choose your favorite style to wear at home during the summer. There is a great number of options, you just have to decide which you think is most comfortable for you, but with special attention to a sexier look on certain occasions, are we clear on that?

5 Cute Bowknot Dresses Perfect for Special Occasion

I don’t know why and how such a thing is possible, but bowknot dresses are instantly more beautiful. I still remember that time when having to prepare for a wedding I had decided to wear a dress that I actually didn’t like at all until my mum came up with a great idea to add a giant bowknot made by the seamstress on the right shoulder’s dress. So that dress that backs at when I was 17 seemed so unremarkable and sad to me then became my favorite dress! In the end, we grew up with bows that surrounded us everywhere and, if we think about it, almost all of our panties, even those we wore during childhood, have a bowknot.

I don’t, therefore, know what is the secret behind the beauty of a bowknot, but the fact is that it can make unique even the most boring of clothes, like a sort of magic wand, and if you were thinking that you could do without bowknot dresses for this summer you were sorely mistaken: this is a garment that should not be missing in our wardrobe for any reason in the world. Let’s see now 5 cute bowknot dresses that you cannot renounce!

Bowknot In A Two-Shades Dress

A very lovely type of dress, as it is always practical and suitable for every type of event. Wearing this bowknot dress, we will look beautiful and sophisticated like never before. Finally, the details in the center of the bowknot are very well accepted as well, making it even more special and worthy of attention!

Bowknot Along The Waistband

Whatever the type of dress, the long bowknot on our waistband is a wonderful detail. Whether it is more moved to the left or more to the right, that belt effect looks really good, in addition to a more evident hourglass effect, a unique and simple appearance that fits in well with the whole dress.

A big bowknot placed on our back which then continues on the whole skirt is also very nice and delicate. This creates an elegant outfit, highlighting a beautiful and peculiar detail in a dress that is able to express ourselves. Kudos on this choice!

Bowknot Skirts

Very nice also to wear skater skirts with a few bowknots symmetrically placed between each other, so as not to create too much confusion, which is not beautiful to look at for such a simple element like the bowknot. The result is approved and we are ready to go to prom!

Bowknot In A Split Dress

This will probably remind you of what I wrote at the beginning of the article about the bowknot that my mum put on my shoulder in order to make my dress prettier, but a split dress where a bowknot is symmetrically placed on the high part is an absolute pleasure for our eyes!

Bowknot On The Breast

If we want to add a size to your breast, we can tighten this bowknot as long as we can breathe. Here, unlike the other types of dresses, it is the bowknot that is the main element of the dress, being in a central position that everyone cannot help noticing.

best waist trainer

There Are Best And Affordable Waist Cincher for Dress

A waist cincher is usually used by women to define a particular body shape they want. It helps women achieve a prominent figure of their abdomen. It will compress the core with a few inches of your body to get the desired shape from your waistline. It will accept your body shape and make you look slimmer when you wear it.

Maybe you are thinking of getting little slimmer; waist cincher is the best way to go and have an hourglass figure you have wanted all these while.

With our best waist cincher, you will get comfortable and gorgeous outfits that will make you look fantastic when you wear it.


Waist training was first introduced in the 16th century in France by Catherine de’Medici, wife of King Henry II. To effect the use of cinchers in court by women, she banned unsightly and thick waists in court, thereby making women adhere to finding slimming solutions.


Women began to wear it as the first effort to check or determine their waists. By the 19th century, this design has become full corsets. That is what gave birth to waist training and corset.

Corset has several years been in and out of style, but recently it has become famous by the celebrities who make use of it often. It is now gaining patronage as many women are using it to get natural solutions for an hourglass shape.

For several years back, the corset has been used by many women as a tool to get the desired shape. They also uses high waist shaping panty to look more attractive in their outfits.


The basic assumption behind the training of the waist is a simple technology. When you wear a waist trainer tightly and laced for a particular time, the compression in your abdomen will eventually reduce the size of your waist naturally over time.


Wearing a waist trainer will not hinder you from doing various exercises like pilates or stretching. It is flexible, smooth, and comfortable in the body. It will give you the hourglass figure within a short period.

\Majority of women that uses waist training does that to achieve flattering the abdomen and balance your body and give a better shape a woman desires.  

When you cinch your waist regularly, it will help promote your bustline and hips curves. And the best pair of waist cinchers for women is that which you can find at FeelinGirl online stores.


If you correctly train your waist, the positive result will manifest in a couple of weeks. You will achieve the hourglass figure you want when you do it always.

Top Trends in Midi Dresses Ideas 2020

Summer is the time when ladies leave no opportunity to show off their curves by dressing-up smartly. There are several style options that one can choose but if you are looking for a comfortable option then you can consider investing in midi dresses. You will get amazing designs in this dress style. From different necklines to sleeve designs like puff sleeve, thin strap, strapless, bottom slit, etc., there is so much to add to your wardrobe. You can match it with high heels or boots or any kind of shoes.

Mentioned below are some top trends midi dresses.

Watercolor Print Midi Dress

It is a great dress to wear in summers. It is a chiffon dress printed with soft watercolor patterns. It is featured with spaghetti straps and a V neck. It is made of 100% polyester. It reaches down the knees. It will look really great with thong sandals. It can be washed in a machine. It is very comfortable and lightweight.

Floral Print Dress

If you are looking for a midi that you can wear at a day party then your search could end here. It is a beautiful dress that comes in multi-colored pattern print. It is featured with a deep V neck so that you can show the cleavage. There is also a hidden zip closure at the back given to it that makes it easy to wear and undress.

Satin V-Neck Dress

This dress is simple yet beautiful.  The beautiful olive green color is a charm to the eyes. It is featured with V-neck and a flared skirt. This product looks cool which makes it a perfect wear for summers. It is lightweight and comfortable, made with polyester and lining. There is a tie closure waist attached to it making it great for you.

Pleated skirt dress

It is a shirt style midi dress which is wonderfully designed for you. It is made of cotton blend fabric and has a pleated skirt which looks fabulous. The button fastening at the front makes it easy to wear and take off. There is also a fitted waistline given in this dress which makes it a perfect fit.

Flowers cotton dress

The fabric used in this dress is sustainable so it is environment friendly also. It looks great with the floral pattern printed on it. It is long and has elastic cuffs. There is a button fastening given in the front. Frill bottom adds to the beauty of the dress.

6 Cute Summer Wear Outfits

As the summer season arrives, girls start looking for summer outfits that they can rock this season. With floral prints to solid colors and from mini to maxi dresses, there are several styles perfect for the summer season. You can choose a dress that suits your style and personality.

Front button dress

Front button dresses are becoming very popular nowadays. In this dress, the straps are thick and the dress front has a fine button detailing. You can select neutral colors like peach and brown as they look more chic and stylish. Pair the dress with the sneakers to complete the look. You can also tie headband if you like.

Button My Way Midi Dress
Button My Way Midi Dress

White embroidery dress

If you are looking for the perfect summer dress, you can never go wrong with the white cotton dresses. These cotton dresses often come with embroidery designs on them. These designs are very beautiful and make the dress more unique and attractive. Pair the dress with a simple neck chain to get an elegant look.

Loose Tunic Mini Dress In White
Loose Tunic Mini Dress In White

Loose t-shirt dress

Loose clothing styles are very trending nowadays. Many girls go with loose t-shirt dresses as they are very comfortable summer wear. You can wear waist belts on these dresses to give more structure to your body. Pair the dress with sports shoes for the perfect casual look.

Jersey Swing Dress for Women
Jersey Swing Dress for Women

Bandeau crop top and skirt

Bandeau crop tops are perfect for the summer vibes. You can buy a set of bandeau top with the mini skirt to match the look. You can select various prints in these outfits. Well, a fitted top and pencil skirt together makes a complete look.

Checker Shirred Bandeau Crop Top & Skirt Set
Checker Shirred Bandeau Crop Top & Skirt Set

Short romper

Rompers are an amazing outfit as you don’t have to decide the matching tops and bottom every time you look in your wardrobe. Tropical prints in these rompers are very trending nowadays. Sunflower prints are also beautiful if you want a bright popping look. Waist belts are usually attached to these rompers to make your waist smaller.

Sloane Blush Pink Floral Print Short Sleeve Romper
Sloane Blush Pink Floral Print Short Sleeve Romper

High low dress  

High low dresses are perfect for special occasions and day events. You can choose mesh bottoms in these dresses if you want some stylish look. Pair these dresses with high heels and matching statement neckpiece. Go with the bright colors if the dress has a halter neck.

Cocktail High Low Halter Top Red Dress
Cocktail High Low Halter Top Red Dress

Elegant Long Evening Dresses Plus Size

Do you have a date in the upcoming week? Well, if you have to look your best on this special occasion, you can prefer wearing a long dress for that purpose. The best thing about such dresses is that you can look great in it regardless of your healthy figure. The dress cover-ups all the awkward-looking areas of your body and it is also more comfortable than other dresses. You can wear a high heel and a necklace to add charm to your look. Some great choices mentioned below for you:

Double V-Neck Evening dress

This is something that can suit any woman of any figure and skin tone. It is available in several colors. There is zipper closure given at the back of it which makes it an easy wear. It is padded which means you can wear it without a bra. There are a double V neck and off shoulder which makes this dress more beautiful. This is perfect to wear for any special occasion.

Classic Glam Black Off-the-Shoulder Bodycon Dress
Classic Glam Black Off-the-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Empire Waist Evening Dress

This dress is mostly made of polyester. The bust region is padded so it can work without a bra. There is zipper closure given to it. You can get them in different neck styles but the V neck is the best to show off the cleavage. There is also a low back present. It is ideal to wear at parties and special evenings.

Vintage Long Sleeve evening dress

This is a dress that you surely want to give a try. It is featured with long sleeves and a beautiful silhouette fall. It looks awesome with high heels.

Boutique Sequin Long Sleeve Maxi Bridesmaid Dress
Boutique Sequin Long Sleeve Maxi Bridesmaid Dress

Sleeveless Vintage evening dress

It is simple yet perfect to wear on special evenings. The back of this dress is designed beautifully. There is stretchy lace present at the top and the waist of the dress. You can wear this on formal as well as casual events.

Designer Wrap Empire Waist Evening dress

If you are looking for a dress that is simple as well as complements your body then you can get a classic gown with empire waist. It is a beautiful dress that you can wear if you are a plus-size woman. This full-length gown when paired with a beautiful pearl necklace and high heels will make you look beautiful.

Trendy Dresses for Women 2020

There are many trendy dresses that you can go to for this year. You can shop through various categories based on your style and your body size. Most of the online stores have a good collection of latest fashion trends and you can check these sites to grab the best outfits. There are many girls who want to have a sexy curvy look. In this case, you can go with simple bodycon dresses. These dresses hug your body perfectly and enhance your natural curves effortlessly. If you want to go with the bodycon dresses but you are not sure about your body curves, you can go with the various types of body shapers to get the perfect hourglass figure. You can pair this dress with a cropped jacket if you want.

Like Minded Burgundy Bodycon Midi Dress
Like-Minded Burgundy Bodycon Midi Dress

If you want to have a perfect casual look, you can go with denim dresses. These are easily available online at affordable prices. Denim dresses come in various shades and you can go with the popular shade of washed denim. You can also go with the distressed patterns on your dress to make it more trendy and street style. These dresses are very comfortable and you can pair them with your comfy sneakers to get the complete look.

Pocket Side Split Back Dungaree Dress
Pocket Side Split Back Dungaree Dress

There are many girls who want to have a comfy and trendy look as well. If you are one of them then you can go with the t-shirt dresses. These dresses are having loose fitting to give you a comfy look. You can go with the oversized t-shirt look and pair it with white sneakers. These dresses are available in various shades and patterns. You can go with the striped patterns or you can choose the simple solid colors as per your preference.

Cafe Society Navy Blue Striped Shirt Dress
Cafe Society Navy Blue Striped Shirt Dress

Cape dresses are very trending nowadays and you can go with the various lengths of the capes. These capes look amazing when combined with the bodycon dresses. If you are going for the extra dramatic look, you can choose the full-length cape in your dress to stand out from the rest. Pair the dress with the dainty jewelry and you are good to go.

Boat Neck Chiffon Stretch Cape Gown
Boat Neck Chiffon Stretch Cape Gown

Backless dresses are available in various categories. You can go with the flowy dresses in the backless category if you want a comfortable look or you can also go with the skinny fit in the backless category. Choose different trendy back cutouts in your dress to get the amazing look instantly. Pair this dress with big hoop earrings.


Where to Find Best Shapewear for Plus Size?

When it comes to getting into a perfect shape, plus size women face a lot of difficulties. They don’t get fit into their favorite dresses. But not anymore. Well, there an ideal option for you to attain an attractive body shape within just a few minutes. All you need to buy the best shapewear for dress and you can again wear your favorite clothes and enjoy yourself with your friends confidently. Such products are designed to bring your body into a perfect shape by compressing the required areas. If you are looking for such products, there here are some that you can try out now.

  1. Adjustable crotch hooks body short shapewear

It is a classic designed plus size shapewear that is made of superior quality and durable material. The shapewear is intelligently designed to effectively train your waist. On the other hand, it offers a maximum level of compression to the tummy area. Besides, it lifts up the buttocks area and supports your thigh area to give you a perfect figure. You can wear it under your favorite clothes without any issues as it will remain completely invisible.

plus size shapewear

  1. Ultra-conceal compression shapewear

It’s time to bring your body into perfect shape with this ultra-compression garment. You will instantly lose a few inches after wearing this bodysuit. As it comes with removal and adjustable straps, you won’t face many issues while using it. With the open-bust design, you can now use your own bra. It compresses your tummy, lifts the butt and offers you a sexy waist curve. Try it out now.

plus size shapewear for women

Want to achieve a sexy and hourglass figure instantly for your party? Well, you can make it possible with this full-body shaper. It remains hidden under your pants, skirts, and dresses, as it has, reveres zipper design. You can comfortably use the restroom as the shaper comes with a crotch buckle. Its chest pressing dies have made it super comfortable for different chest sizes. The best body shaper for postpartum recovery.

body shaper for women


  1. Open chest bodysuit shaper

This bodysuit offers you an instant body transformation. You can also use it to attain better posture. It slims the waist line and provides you with an attractive waist curve. Besides, it also lifts the butt area.

plus size shapewear shorts

  1. Shapewear tummy control shorts

It comes with a braless design to give you the freedom to use your own bra. The shorts effectively reduce your waist and abdomen area. It is also quite effective in post-surgery recovery.

 best shapewar for women

No matter what is your size, budget, and requirements, you can always checkout the massive collections of Shapellx shapewear to get the right product for you. Visit now and grab the best one.