Laura Anderson of Love Island wears lace lingerie, sexy new shoot

The 29-year-old real star looks optimistic, far from being frustrated – just a few days later, her relationship with 31-year-old Paul Nopps is finally over.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Laura and Paul had spent their time on their romance.

Earlier this week, Laura opened up a fight about her overcoming the big British.

“I was a little shocked,” Scottish beauty told OK.

“I mean it’s hard. Any breakup is hard, but I think it’s harder in the spotlight. He is very respectful, you just need to keep going,” she continued.

From a good-looking point of view, she guessed: “Obviously this should not be the case.”

However, when she started taking photos on Friday, the blonde’s bomb looked far less frustrating because she was on the phone between shots.

Wearing lace, black bodice and black stockings, TV Baby looks very glowing when chatting.

She adjusted her hair jokingly and pushed the golden lock behind her ear as she spoke.

Her outfit shows her tattoo series – it spreads subtly around her side and her hips.

Although her clothes are clearly visible to everyone, Laura’s body is also very fit.

Of course, no one can have a firm body without a job – Laura often shares her formidable fitness on the Internet.

Martha Hunt talks about underwear and exercise equipment before Victoria’s secret fashion show

Artha Hunt is preparing to walk for the fifth time on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In 2013, Martha first participated in the T-shirts showcase (only two years later became an angel), Martha is one of the main models, and its brand has become synonymous. Although her appearance is easy to identify, many people are unaware that she has scoliosis and has two prominent surgical scars: one behind her and one on her stomach. “I have to use my scoliosis to deal with my insecurities, and I have to overcome a lot of this,” she told Teen Vogue. “I am very grateful to be able to set an example for young girls who are experiencing a scoliosis trip during my career and let them know that this will not prevent them from realizing whatever they want in life.”

Martha made strong recommendations for models looking for a career like her. “Be confident and stick to yourself,” she said. “You will get the job and the work you didn’t get, but stick to it. Continue to challenge yourself every day and have the strong women you expect.” She realized that the styling industry could be particularly cruel and suggested that young models be productive in a way. Respond to this pressure. She prefers exercise as a tool for treating anxiety. “I think people underestimate the importance of exercise to your mental health,” she muttered. “In terms of exercise, this is definitely my biggest motivation, because I know that I will feel better immediately afterwards.” Martha usually mixes Pilates, strength training and stretching exercises within a week before eating “carbohydrates”. Then, eat “protein like omelet”. “This is a way to deal with stress and anxiety. I travel a lot, sometimes I feel pressured because of travel and work, so I try to get used to the gym in an extra 30 minutes or an hour. This helps I release the pressure.”

This does not mean that Martha always has the motivation to go to the gym. In the days when she needed extra push, she relied on a “good playlist” and a stylish workout suit. “I have been loving Victoria’s Secret Incredible Knockout Ultra Max sports bra recently,” she said, with her predecessor fit and bra bra technology. Most women and women cringe at the idea of ​​sports bras, but they often feel uncomfortable because they can’t find a suitable body. “It’s so important,” Martha agreed. “Because [most] don’t realize how often they wear the wrong bra size.” She said that the biggest mistake I can make when buying a bra is that there are no regular accessories. “It is very important to feel comfortable and confident in your bra. Our body is always changing, so it is best to check your body every six months,” she advises. “Enter the fitting room, measure and pair with Victoria’s Secret Bra for experts to discuss your favorite lining levels. Once you know your size and lining level preferences, buying underwear is fun. There are many different laces and colors to play with.”

What are her current styles? “Absolutely animal print! I like all Victorian sports in animal prints. VS and my cute animal print bra and PJ!” As the season changes, she also incorporates autumn colors and materials into her bra. A loyal fan of the wardrobe. “I like to wear the new Dream Angels Demi Bra because it is very comfortable and has perfect autumn colors. In addition, the new collection has velvet textures and faux fur.” Faux fur feels like one of those lingerie trends, just needs to blend into you Ordinary wardrobes, perhaps under a pure shirt or a top with high waist pants. Whether it’s a faux fur bra or a tights, Martha is very fond of wearing underwear. “The leotard is always a way to show your underwear. You can wear a lot of bodysuits,” she shared. “I personally went to jeans and blazer. I think this is the perfect equipment for the fall.” We totally agree.

Kuod War: The Dutch army must buy winter underwear by itself before the main NATO exercises

The Dutch military experienced an embarrassing wardrobe failure, realizing that soldiers might need warm underwear to carry out the upcoming NATO exercises in Norway. The troops must now shop on their own.

Before the Norwegian Trident ended the 18th exercise, the Ministry of Defence failed to purchase winter coats for its soldiers. On Tuesday, Defense Minister Barbara Vesser admitted that about 1,000 Dutch soldiers preparing to participate in the exercise would have to shop on their own.

Vesser said that there is no shortage of uniforms, and soldiers only need to buy thermal underwear themselves. However, it seems that the department really cares about the quality of the underpants, as each cavalry will receive 1,000 euros ($1,167) to go shopping.

Dutch legislators are angry at this revelation and call it “super shackles” and “strange things.” Some have criticized the minister’s way of dealing with the underwear crisis and expressed doubts about whether these soldiers can buy the right clothes. have.

“Safety is primarily the responsibility of the employer. How does the Secretary of State know that soldiers will buy the right clothes?” said Dutch Congressman Andreas Bosman, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

The Ministry of Defence accused the shortage of “time is insufficient” and said that sending soldiers to shop is an “emergency” measure that will not be repeated.

Given the experience of the Dutch NATO forces in Lithuania, it is clear that warm underwear is unnecessary and the weather conditions in Norway have been ignored. When the top executives finally realized that the force might have to operate at sub-zero temperatures, it was too late for the military supplier to purchase the necessary amount of clothing in time.

It is unclear why the Dutch army “lack of time” finds obvious, because Oslo agreed to hold an exercise in early 2015. The 2011 Trident will be held in central and eastern Norway and the north and the Baltic Sea from October to November.

Bella Hadid looks spectacular in the transparent lingerie-style LBD because she is starting from the hotel

Bella Hadid looks spectacular in the transparent lingerie-style LBD because she is starting from the hotel

She has been conquering the most glamorous fashion show from New York to Milan.

On Tuesday night, Bella Hadid looked hot when he left at a luxury hotel in Paris, France.

The 21-year-old fashion queen tempted the spectator’s gaze and saw her bare skin beneath the underwear-style LBD, which had transparent panels.

With strapless and grazing her thigh tops, the vibrant pure ensemble shows the model’s rich chest and amazing legs.

Not only does it showcase the latest styles on the T-stage, Bella also keeps abreast of the trend of everyday wardrobes with leopard-print handbags.

The brunette’s blockbuster wore three metal necklaces on her neck, including a cross, to further focus on her cleavage in her strapless LBD.

The former manager settled the discrimination suit against the lingerie store

The former manager settled the discrimination suit against the underwear store

A former manager of Victoria’s Secret in Bangor Mall has settled her lawsuit against the company, claiming that she was fired for not conforming to the company’s image because her underwear is suitable for young and thin women.


Last year, Bradley’s 51-year-old Kelly businessman sued the company in federal court in Bangor. She claims that she was released in June 2015 because she is an XL woman and then she is in her 40s.

According to her lawyer, Brigant’s Brett Babel said she settled an undisclosed sum last week. A confidentiality agreement is a standard for discrimination proceedings against non-public employers.

“The parties have reached a solution that both parties are satisfied with,” Babel said in an e-mail on Wednesday that a notice of settlement has been filed in the US District Court in Bangor.

The company’s lawyer, Cory Catignani of Columbus, Ohio, did not respond to requests for comment on Friday afternoon or Monday morning.

In the answer to the complaint last year, Victoria’s secret denied the merchant’s allegations and claimed that she was fired for theft. In November, Baber denied the allegation, saying she used coupons to buy company policies.

The businessman said she was fired because she was not suitable for underwear.

The company’s sales model “is based on the concept of young, attractive and slim female body, [Victoria’s Secret] called “brand / company image”.

Victoria’s Secret does not have a plus line on its website. According to Business Insider, the company’s size does not exceed the DDD cup size bra size of 16 inches or more.

The merchant’s complaint alleges that Victoria’s secret violated the Maine Human Rights Act because she illegally terminated [businessmen] for age reasons and did not comply with the stereotype that [the company] did not allow women to be. “

The size of Gabi Fresh contains underwear that makes everyone feel gorgeous

The size of Gabi Fresh contains underwear that makes everyone feel gorgeous

Traditionally, the fashion industry is not friendly to women of a certain size. This is especially true in the underwear section. We say that women are more talented than other women and are often classified as boring, plain, thick grandma bras.

But more and more people, we are embracing bodies of all shapes and sizes, like the gorgeous pioneers of size influencer Gabi Fresh. Since everyone deserves the most gorgeous clothes, Fresh has just given up on a range of sizes of underwear, which is really worth a try.

Her collaboration with Playful Promises includes lingerie, bras, accessories, bows, pajamas, tights and more. It measures 24 and has a bust size of 36B-44I. Up to 26 pieces can be selected. All products are reasonably priced. All of this is very good.

If you haven’t taken your credit card and are ready to go shopping, I appreciate your self-control. Also, did you notice that Fresh himself simulated most of the appearance of the launch? Yes, she is the queen.

Fashion influencer GabiFresh her latest lingerie collection and body positivity

Fashion influencer GabiFresh her latest lingerie collection and body positivity

Sexy comes from the heart! Fashion influencer and designer GabiFresh launched her second exclusive lingerie collection, and Playful Promises opens a new window. , Monday, September 17th, London lingerie and swimwear brand. With the popularity of the first collaboration (the size is only 48 hours), it is best to start ordering your favorite work, stat.

What makes this release different? Fresh said that this time she tried to further promote her iconic works and styles. But before we used these cute suits to fill our carts, Gabi sat down and kept confident with stylish dishes, feeling the sexiest, even wearing bras and underwear. Scroll through what she wants to say!

The difference between this line and the first line
In order to work with Playful Promises for the second time, Gabi hopes to expand the iconic style of the first collection. “It’s similar in that I’m trying to create a fragment of a statement that’s hard to find in my size range, but I’m trying to push it further by including really unique details and fabrics like velvet and decoration. I’m so stuffy and fun I think we have achieved this goal,” she said. “I added new styles like bralettes and basques and made sure to inject more colors into the series.”

Rihanna plays a vulgar new lingerie show in Victoria’s Secret Crown.

Rihanna is paying Victoria’s secret.

On Wednesday, social media appeared at the fashion show in New York Fashion Week.

The singer turned to show her inclusive size Savage x Fenty, a model with a variety of shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds, including two pregnant women, one of whom was reportedly put into use after the show ended. jobs.

“I hope that every woman on the stage has different energies, different races, sizes, women at different stages, culture,” Rihanna said in an interview with Elle before the show. “I hope women can feel the celebration, we start to do this. We have this. This is our land because it does exist. Women are now running the world, too bad for men.”

Although it has a chic Victoria fashion show, there are even two so-called “angels”, sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid, whose focus is on body inclusiveness and acceptance, and Victoria’s secrets are accused of lacking in the past.

In April, Business Insider reported that data from the brand insight company YouGov showed that women’s perceptions of Victoria’s secrets have declined since 2013. The so-called “Buzz score” is based on the customer’s perception of what they see and hear, and rejects the customer’s perception of the brand. The secret of Victoria is because of women between the ages of 18 and 49.

According to YouGov, the brand has found itself struggling on #MeToo. Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show features its famous angels, which only aired for a month after allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein. YouGov researcher Paul Hiebert writes that the program’s TV ratings have dropped by 30%.

Strange and wonderful lingerie trends that women have experienced over the years

Lingerie- Unless you live in a naturalistic resort, you can’t do it easily. Of course, humans have been trying to make it more interesting, and a lot of experimentation has been done in the process.

If you have been involved in some strange and wonderful trends, they are likely to leave memories – good or bad! – It takes a long time. Whether you remember your mother is wearing a corset or belt for wrestling, or you have a silk shirt to match all your best dance costumes, or you have succumbed to the recent “control underwear” appeal, such as Spanx, This is not something you will soon forget.

Although you think that clothing with support, protection and coverage will remain the same, you are wrong. There are bodice, bustling and structured bras that are almost bulletproof, and almost no clothing, such as teddy bears and baby doll sets. Women wear ribbed corsets, pointed bras, padded bras, bloomers, thongs and even underwear as a jacket, the trendiest sportwear trend of the 1980s.

Wax pants are very popular, but they died in the 1950s and 1960s. Still, you may remember that older relatives tried to get you dressed, especially when you were young. Designed to be huge legs to protect your modest under floating clothes, they can become very hot and uncomfortable – and to be fair, they are not the most popular among teenagers.

However, they are significantly more comfortable than another early fashion trend – once again becoming the main content of the post-war women’s wardrobe until the 1960s and 1970s – corsets.

With Marilyn Monroe’s well-proportioned model, for many women, a bodice is the way a liar leads to an hourglass. However, in order to achieve this, you must squeeze into a whale skeleton. This device is designed to shape your torso into an unnatural little middle, increasing the side effects of breathing.

Sarah Jessica Park joins the new movement of the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi: ‘This is an exciting’

Sex and the City fans know that Carrie Bradshaw’s bra is as important to her wardrobe as her Manolos. She wore clothes, she wore sheer shirts, and even occasionally wore gorgeous bras to the streets of Manhattan. In essence, CB is O.G. underwear as a coat (sorry, Kim Kardashian West), this trend is very popular in 2018.

Although Sarah Jessica Parker usually likes to distinguish herself from her own role, she does think that wearing underwear outside the bedroom is the common thing for them.

At the international press conference, the 53-year-old Parker announced her brand ambassador for the new autumn event of Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi, telling PEOPLE the trend, “I have liberated it.” “I am very happy because I never stopped doing this. Do. We [in the program] did something that overlaps me and the character Carrie.”

Parker attributed his partnership with SATC’s iconic fashion designer Patricia Field to Bradshaw’s boundaries, underwear and avant-garde wardrobe.

“Patfield is our outstanding fashion designer, an extraordinary creative mind, and that’s how we do it,” Parker talked about the influence of the underwear in her character’s closet. “She is very happy, this is what I want to do, I am very excited, this is what she wants to do. But everyone has their own version. Everyone is different. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s The body is different, so people should do what they want.”

The fashion collection was held in Verona, Italy on Thursday to celebrate the new role of the actress in the brand and welcome her as an ambassador. She sat in the front row of the 2018 Fall/Winter fashion show, as well as fashion influencers Chiara Ferragni and Alexa Chung.

Top models Irina Shayk, Anne V and Isabeli Fontana lead the fashion show in sexy leotards, bras and cheeky thongs, from sparkling shawls to feather headdresses to over-the-knee boots