Rihanna brings her brutal x Fenty Lingerie Line to New York Fashion Week

After the break of the New York Fashion Week track, Rihanna returned to the biennial fashion event to unveil her lingerie collection Savage x Fenty’s 2018 Fall/Winter collection. Bajan singer will hold a fashion show on September 12th, dedicated to the lingerie brand developed in collaboration with California Techstyle Fashion Group.

Bajan singers will return to the fashion show and will be held in Brooklyn, while most of Manhattan’s fashion week collection will be on the runway from September 6th to September 14th. Recording artists and the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards for Fashion Idol Awards will be implemented as part of the opening ceremony of the series in New York, and now see the way to buy now. As a result, the work on Fashion Week will be released on Savagex.com immediately after the show, followed by pop-ups in the Mall of America in New York, Minnesota and two other cities.

Earlier this May – when the Savage x Fenty lingerie brand was announced – the company was praised for its efforts in marketing to be physically inclusive. Currently, Savage x Fenty offers bra sizes ranging from 70A to 100F. In addition to bras and briefs, Rihanna’s latest adventures include retail robes, corsets, handkerchiefs and whip.


In an interview with the May issue of Vogue, Caribbean pop singers were quoted as saying: “Savage really wants to take full control of your feelings and choices. Basically make sure everyone knows the ball is on your court. Women, we are seen as people in need, those who are jealous, and those who are heartbroken in love relationships. Savage is just the opposite. And you know, men don’t like to flip cards over and over.”

Rihanna’s recent New York Fashion Week debut marks her final Fenty x Puma collection, designed in collaboration with German sportswear manufacturers. The capsule line of fashion avant-garde sportswear is part of a two-year contract that calls itself a bad girl and a hummer. The co-branded project debuted at New York Fashion Week in September 2016. Following the debut of New York City, Fenty x Puma also held a fashion show in Paris to explore the theme from Marie Antoinette to motorsport.

Curved Darkness: Luxury lingerie brand, Cosabella adds new size!

One girl thinks that when she is the sexiest, she slips into some underwear, right? Or just we are here… Whether it’s lace or silk, nothing is more important than the tight-fitting material that embraces your curves, and emphasizes every sexy corner and crack in you. Even though the fashion industry has become better for many years, there are still some major breakthroughs in terms of large size. Thankfully, thanks to Cosabella, we have another positive baby step!

Luxury lingerie brand Cosabella is expanding to include more large-size underwear, underwear and casual wear options! According to In Style, Cosabella announced that they have expanded their options, and the entire advertising campaign includes the large model Olesya Raspanova!

We are here to launch… give us all the fancy panties…

The new addition to the product is Cosabella’s number one sale, Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider Thong and Hottie Lowrider Hotpant. These well-received best-selling products will be available in 1x-2X sizes for the first time, in addition to Extended Sweetie (based on the best-selling Sweetie Bralette), a new line of full lace lingerie. Each product uses the best-selling style of the same fabrics and colors in the Cosabella Basic and Fashion collections, enabling women of all shapes and sizes to mix Cosabella’s oversized products with our core collections.

With bold new colors and styles of trumpet, hot pants and regular pajamas, plus size underwear series can reach F-cup and 3X, extension cord prices range from $7 to $75. Don’t worry, plus the quality of the size series will not have any loss, and the fit is also correct!

Because, suitable, especially in underwear, is everything… right?

Underwear sports latest ban on airbrushes and celebration of models of various sizes

British lingerie giant Figleaves gave up the spray gun for his latest activity.

The online lingerie and swimwear brand launched Confidence Looks Great On You for AW18, showcasing models of different sizes, whose body shapes are not digitally modified.

The model’s stretch marks and curves are unedited, and the collection will be in dark-toned nude color to suit a variety of skin tones.

The plus size range will also be expanded for 28 yards back to 52 back, and AA cup to K cup, both depending on the range.

Khrystyana Kazakova, the next top model player and sports pictorial model in the United States, starred with the curved model Jennifer Atilemile and Zimbabwe-born Nyasha Matonhodze.

Born in Russia, Kazakova is a physically active activist and the founder of Real Catwalk, a guerrilla open-air fashion show that shows people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities and genders.

The three modes may be structured in the same way that the brand decides to use multiple models and avoid spraying.

Kazakova, Atilemile and Matonhodze did not consistently arrange classic underwear ad poses, making their limbs look longer and their stomachs flatter.

Instead, they stretch, rest and feel a sense of how the garment will move and sit on the real body.

Celebrating belly rolls instead of being stigmatized, the skin’s natural texture and texture can be removed rather than eradicated in Photoshop.

But they are by no means the first to stop spraying. People who were misled with BooHoo earlier this year chose similar activities. American Eagle did this in 2014.

British tabloid promotion “men’s lace lingerie” and reaction worthless

British tabloid promotion “men’s lace underwear” and reaction worthless

The “Daily Mirror” released a trend film on the weekend highlighting the men in “Lace Underwear”, causing anger, and the British tabloid claimed that it was “the present thing.”

“Ladies, if you’ve ever seen your man’s underwear and thought it’s a bit dull, then you’re not alone,” audience writer Courtney Pochin promoted a new company that produces clothing. “The company’s bras don’t have the actual cup size, but there are some padding options to choose from, ranging from small to large.”

“People on social media have different opinions about the idea of ​​a partner wearing underwear,” she added.

However, it doesn’t look very mixed on social media, many of which are triggered by the image of a headless man in a pink bra.

“Maybe on Halloween or the bet you lost is really bad… ah, I don’t even make a joke,” said Little Donald Trump. “Who is pushing the trash?”

Although the president’s son may be uncomfortable with this photo, it is not a big problem for his father, President Trump and current chief lawyer Rudy Giuliani. The former mayor of New York City was notorious for his efforts in the 2000 news baking sketches, including the elders of Trump who moved him.

“Oh Donald, I thought you were a gentleman,” Giuliani said before hitting him.

“Can’t say I haven’t tried it,” the real estate tycoon responded shyly.

DONALD TRUMP JR. Men wearing ‘LACY LINGERIE’ AMID instructions rumors

As the rest of the world absorbed the death of Senator John McCain and a series of scandals surrounding his father, Donald Trump spent allegations against men’s underwear on Sunday.

The president’s eldest son uploaded Twitter to share his contempt for an article in the British tabloid Daily Mirror, which highlighted the tendency of a man to wear “lace underwear” for his wife. Little Trump has long known himself as an outdoor athlete “S’mores by campire” wearing a baseball cap and a flannel shirt. For the executives of the Trump organization, this trend has gone too far, and his followers immediately began to ridicule the Australian clothing brand as part of a “feminine” of the “female” of American men.

“Maybe on Halloween or the bet you lost is really bad… Ah, I don’t even kidding. Who is pushing the trash?” 40-year-old Trump sent his nearly 3 million fans on Sunday afternoon. tweets.

The Daily Mirror article cites Homme Mystere, a lingerie brand based in Queensland, Australia, which offers men’s underwear, thongs, bras and a variety of other lace lingerie. Dozens of Trump fans combined the company’s men’s underwear with President Donald Trump’s 2016 general election, and one of the users commented: “Of course it is! There is nothing like a deliberate destruction in these days. The identity agenda drives MSM. Every day. That’s why [Trump] won.”

But other responses question why Trump, who is currently working with former Fox news person Kimberly Gil Foyer, is so concerned about lace men’s underwear, because Robert Mueller may further investigate his father’s rumors continue to grow loudly.

Let the author explain all the knowledge about lingerie

When Cora Harrington launched The Lingerie Addict ten years ago, the blog stood out from what she called a “fashion perspective,” rather than a website that aggregated PR releases or tended to be extremely sexy. Today, it has hundreds of thousands of monthly readers and feature reviews, magazine-style photo editorials, and a variety of methods for measuring your own underwear from measurement to performance. It’s also a very inclusive: As a black gay woman, Harrington knows not to think of himself as a mainstream intimate product, and uses her blog to make underwear available to everyone.

Her latest project is a book that she hopes to use when she first started buying underwear. Intimate Detail was released on August 28th to tell readers about underwear styles, pleasing cuts, when to wear underwear and how to take care of it, with beautiful watercolor illustrations. To celebrate this release, I talked to Harrington about her blog, her book, and her vision of the lingerie industry.

VICE: What motivates you to start underwear addiction?
Cora Harrington: I was dating someone at the time, I wanted to find something fun for them – I think this is a very common emotion. I searched online but I can’t find anything. I can’t find any advice, comments or suggestions about underwear. There were other underwear blogs at the time, but they were more focused on press releases and bras were suitable or editable. They don’t really focus on providing underwear advice – especially from a fashion standpoint, many fashion blogs are doing this. So I just looked around and see what I could find.

In my search, I met a pair of German branded thigh socks. They have embroidered peacocks, I have never seen such a thing before. I mean, I grew up in the South, so when I grow up, I go to church, you wear tights – you go to work, you must wear pantyhose. So I am familiar with the concept of socks, but I have never seen anything beautiful and decorative. And I feel that I have been deprived of the world because many people just buy underwear from what they see in Victoria’s secrets or what they see at Target or Wal-Mart. It feels like I found the world, almost another reality, the underwear is very beautiful.

Celina Kimelman brings sexual and physical enthusiasm back to the underwear industry

Celina Kimelman brings sexual and physical enthusiasm back to the underwear industry

Combining the delicate lace world of luxury lingerie with BDSM aesthetics should not break the rules, but it is not. Selling underwear using a wide variety of models and body types should not break the rules, but it is not. Combining all of this to create a name that draws inspiration from sex workers shouldn’t be breaking the rules, but – you got it. Underwear designers and Celina Kimelman are doing all of this, even though the social “rules” indicate that she should not do this.


Her brand, Belle De Nuit, has “multi-faceted lingerie for multifaceted women” and has a sense of authenticity and photography that is largely felt. The brand was launched only in October 2017 and has seen her single women work soaring. She even launched a limited edition swimwear collection this summer.

To learn more about Kimelman (one of Bustle’s 2018 saboteurs) and her success, we got her best friend (because they are 2 years old!), comedian Shana Gohd, to help us understand this certifiable rule. Destroyer.

Shana Gohd: As you grow up, you are surrounded by a group of engineers, scientists and lawyers. Do you expect your parents to pursue a similar career path and how do you manage these expectations?

Celina Kimelman: My mother is an immigrant from Iran; my father is the first generation. I think they are two. When they become parents, they deliberately don’t want to [stress] me. So they always push me to do what I like, and what I am good at. Interestingly, I am not so good at math. And I may be the only one – I am the black sheep of this family. I am more interested in art and visual things. … more right brain things. I am very grateful that they really support my journey. I want to be an actress, and once I start to enter the fashion world, they always support it.

From space-style sponges to lace underwear, this is what we are pursuing today…

Whether you want to transform your beauty system or just need an excuse to treat yourself, here are some fantastic beauty, fashion and household items to make a purchase… prepare a gang debit card.

It seems that we don’t have more makeup brushes than we want. Real Techniques has launched a gorgeous intergalactic inspiration series that we can’t resist.

Whether you’re a beauty fanatic or a newcomer to make-up games, just think of this new collection as your ultimate starter kit.

From super soft (and bright purple!) bristles to seamless finishes, these glamorous collections take our makeup games to the next level.

Fans of the best-selling Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge will no doubt like these two new round addends – just because they look like asteroids. Sam and Nick Chapman, we pay tribute to you.

Well, although we usually buy any glasses from IKEA, these colored glasses from Oliver Bonas are definitely beautiful.

These ultra-simple but effortless glasses are pink, green, blue and yellow in light tones, the easiest way to update kitchen cabinets.

This is a universally acknowledged truth, with underwear to prepare you for the world. Correct?

Whether it’s a “patchwork” feel or a cute lace finish, don’t underestimate the importance of a beautiful bra and underwear suit. Especially when it comes from the underwear brand Bluebella.

This stunning suit is a perfect combination of sexy and practical, comfortable and beautiful. If we can buy them in various shades, we will.

Emily Ratajkowski wears lace lingerie at the table

Emily Ratajkowski shared an Instagram photo of her own sheer and lace lingerie sitting at the table, which read “Friday night [spaghetti emoji].” Fans are very wild about this photo because many people can’t believe she looks How great. Others want them to have dinner with her.

The absolute part of the underwear does not leave any imagination, and the pink lace decoration adds extra feminine charm to the whole. She also wears multi-colored crocheted scarves, mostly in earthy tones, while her dress has super bright and fun colors.

This is not very serious, because Emily wears oven gloves in her right hand. In front of her is a bowl of food, one of which has a lot of pasta. The model actress once mentioned how much she likes cooking, which she thinks contributes to her rich physique, the detailed Harper’s Bazaar.

According to Just Jared, Emrata was seen hanging out in New York City yesterday and completed some shopping. She wore a cool white dress and some flat white sneakers. This dress and sneaker combination caused a sensation this summer, because she was wearing comfortable and sexy clothing again and again, detailed footwear news. While it may seem obvious for some people to wear high-heeled shoes or fancy sandals to match summer dresses, Emily has shown that you can take off some “dad shoes” with any type of dress. However, whenever she took off her appearance, she wore white sneakers. Sometimes they are cumbersome and large, and sometimes, as in this case, they are flatter and basic.

She wore a white dress on her left side but had sleeves on her right. The flowing skirt and the flowing skirt at the top give her a relaxed summer atmosphere. She also wore a pair of chic brown sunglasses with a $3,295 Prada bag and some stud detailing on the shoulder strap. Emily finished the look with some huge hoop earrings, while wearing a natural look and glossy lipstick.

Close range, very personal! Samantha Jade said she felt “powered” after divesting her new lingerie collection.

This is the first time in a year since Samantha Jade.

Not only is the 31-year-old pop star about to start her first national tour, she just released her first lingerie collection with Bras N Things.

Appearing on Friday’s ninth channel’s special show today, Samantha talks about her new lingerie collection and her decision on lingerie models.

The former X Factor winner said that the lingerie collection has been on her to-do list for a long time.

“For me, being an intimate range is really a dream. I made a small list after X Factor and it was included in my list,” she told today’s special issue.

But after the 2012 show, the Firestarter singer’s plan took six years to come.

“After I was 30, I had new confidence, I think,” it is time to do it,” she explained.

The petite star admits that he was deprived of everything for advertising campaigns, as terrible as you might think.

“I am home, my boyfriend is like,” are you okay? You look a bit strange, “Because I am quiet,” she said about what happened after the photo was taken.

“I thought,” I couldn’t believe I did it. “But I think I have conquered it.”

Samantha even described this experience as “empowerment”.

“We are all self-aware of certain things. She adds that this is a very powerful day when I finish it.

This is not the first time Samantha has opened her new lingerie collection.