Find Best Swimming Suits for Women 2020

Are you a lady looking for high quality and affordable swimming suits, visit HexinFashion  and get a chance to experience different varieties that suit you. Swim suits are an essential corset in a lady’s life, by wearing them, you are at less risk of contaminating the pool with waterborne diseases and contaminants. Most swimmers wear swimsuits because they help them glide through the water hence offering a speed advantage. Also, swimsuits help reduce friction while in water and also increase the efficiency of forward motion.

Summer Glow Lake Blue Cross Front High Cut Strap Tankini
Summer Glow Lake Blue Cross Front High Cut Strap Tankini

At HexinaFashion, we value our customers so much hence providing affordable and cheap tankinis. If you are not aware, a tankini is a lady’s two-piece swimsuit. It is designed in a way that its top half resembles a tank top and the other half has bikini bottoms. Tankinis are designed purposely to give the swimmer comfort and security when dressed in a one-piece swimsuit. Technically, tankinis are flattering. However, you need to get the right type of tankini that fits your body shape appropriately. This implies that you have to know your body shape and the favorable tankini for it.

According to experts, the body of a woman falls under different categories: hourglass, inverted triangle, oval, or pear. This calls for you to understand well your body shape and the type of silhouette that can flatter you.

Simply Chic Black Back Tie Keyhole Bathing Suit Halter Ultra Sexy
Simply Chic Black Back Tie Keyhole Bathing Suit Halter Ultra Sexy

This is a chic black back tie keyhole bathing suit that perfectly suits straight bodied ladies. It helps create an illusion of curves where there seems to be none and gives you an hourglass figure.

Popularity Plus Size Backless Tankini Strap Online Fashion
Popularity Plus Size Backless Tankini Strap Online Fashion

Have a look at the super faddish three-piece swimwear with a body short. This is a suitable swimwear pear bodied lady. It helps give you the appearance of smaller hips and a more ample bosom. For an hour glass shape, try experimenting it with patterns or vertical stripes.

HexinFashion offers a variety of wholesale plus size clothing. Among them is the Island paradise Yellow Queen Size Bell Sleeves Midi Dress

Island Paradise Yellow Queen Size Bell Sleeves Midi Dress
Island Paradise Yellow Queen Size Bell Sleeves Midi Dress

This dress costs $7.99 which is quite affordable. Before you buy it, you need to consider the following; bell sleeves, color, and the nature of the tie belt.

Extra Sexy White Sheer Mesh Babydoll Lace

At HexinFashion, it is available at an affordable price of $4.15. When choosing this clothing, consider the size, cost, its floral lace which give it that eye appeal, the neck plunge, adjustable straps, and the sheer mesh.

Extra Sexy White Sheer Mesh Babydoll Lace High Waist Leisure Fashion
Extra Sexy White Sheer Mesh Babydoll Lace High Waist Leisure Fashion

Unvarnished Dark Purple Plus Size Babydoll

The lingerie costs 5.17 US dollars. When buying it on wholesale, you need to consider the size, color, and some of the admirable features. Also, consider the body shape. Women have different type of body shapes; apple body shape, pear shapes, hourglass, and inverted pyramid shape to name a few.

What are the main tips you need to consider when purchasing the clothing in wholesale?

Online shopping is one of the tips. In online shopping, you will be able to get a variety of sizes by visiting store websites. All you need is to carry out enough research on the retailer’s sizing chart before making a purchase.

Secondly, check on discount stores. The stores often buy and sell the shapewear at an affordable cheaper price. In case you are in love and need clothing like shapewear, dresses, swimwear and plus size clothing then go for this. Have a look at the following plus size lingerie offered by HexinFashion.

Lingerie advert of women ‘squeezing’ boobs is banned by Facebook – can you see why?

In an age where some music videos look like x-rated porn flicks, you wouldn’t expect an underwear advert to be causing a stir.

But Berlei’s latest ad campaign has been banned on Facebook and Instagram deemed it as “offensive”, news.com.au reported.

The ad in question shows women facing everyday struggles as they try and squeeze their boobs into ill-fitting bras and fiddle with awkward straps.

In an age where some music videos look like x-rated porn flicks, you wouldn’t expect an underwear advert to be causing a stir.

But Berlei’s latest ad campaign has been banned on Facebook and Instagram deemed it as “offensive”, news.com.au reported.

The ad in question shows women facing everyday struggles as they try and squeeze their boobs into ill-fitting bras and fiddle with awkward straps.

Berlei added that Facebook banned the advert because of “the pixelated nudity, overt focus on bouncing breasts and overly zoomed images”.

A statement from the company added: “The ad highlights the daily realities women have with their breasts in an honest and authentic way.

“Like the bra itself, the ad was designed to empower women to care for and invest in themselves.

“Berlei believes this case highlights society’s issues where breasts are classed as sexual property.

“They also would like to change the narrative of how brands advertise to women and hope to be able to take their message to their online community without being suppressed.”

The ad – which promotes the brand’s new Womankind range – was also temporarily banned from Youtube but it has since been reinstated.

Before they made the advert, Berlei surveyed 500 women about the daily struggles they face with their bras.

While Facebook and other social media sites aren’t impressed with the ad, social media users are loving it.

One Youtube user said: “This ad is great, so emphatic and with a funny and legible message.”

While another added: “Best ad I’ve seen in my life”.

The reason the video got banned is that Facebook’s advert policy dictates that videos cannot focus on one body part, such as boobs.

And they’re not the only underwear brand to get an ad banned. Fellow Australian lingerie brand Honey Birdette recently had one of their images banned for being too racy.

The sexy photo drew complaints because the model’s nipple was on show through a sheer bra.

How to choose lingerie that suits your body type

When it comes to picking lingerie for your body type, it’s not about whether you’re pear shaped or hourglass. It’s about what feels good! Where do you begin? Read on for some tips on choosing the right naughty wear for you. Focus on your best assets (while hiding what you want to hide, of course). Because with lingerie, the real power play is the confidence and sexiness you exude. Draw attention to where you want it to go and keep in mind no matter what you choose, your man will think you look fabulous.

Rule number one of dressing for your body type is to focus on your best assets and hide the trouble spots. But the real foundation is in your inner confidence and sexiness. Your man will not likely notice that extra bit of jiggle on your thighs — in fact, seeing you obsess over it is a real buzzkill. Embrace your body and own it. That’s what every man wants to see. Here are some special tips for flaunting the most delicious parts of your body type… and hiding the ones that kill your confidence.


f you have a nice butt

Try boy shorts. Whether you opt for a boy-shorts-and-bra combination or boy-shorts-and-corset combo, there’s nothing like a pair of these male-inspired undies to accent that derriere. Don’t forget the heels, which will make your legs and butt look long, lean and more toned.

Beauty Tip: To really draw attention to your legs and butt, smooth on some baby oil or other leg shine lotion. It’ll really make you shimmer.


If you’re big busted

Look for support. There are plenty of teddies and bra-and-panty sets with built-in underwires. If you’re looking to show off that big bust, steer toward demi-cut bras. Conversely, if you’re big busted with a small waist, most built-in bra sets won’t work for you. Instead, look to a corset, which is much more customizable to your shape.


If you’re showing off cleavage

Try a corset. There’s nothing better to give the girls that extra lift. You can also draw attention to the area by experimenting with different colors, too. Black is a good contrast, if you’re fair skinned, while white is a good contrast if you are more tan. No matter what your skin tone, his heart will stop if you come out with something red.


Beauty Tip: Dust a bit of shimmer powder over your girls to draw even more attention. Look for scented versions that’ll smell oh-so-sexy.

If you’re hiding some tum or are modest

If the thought of parading around in not so much clothing gives you a small panic attack (or you’re looking to hide your tummy), there are plenty of sexy slips and modest teddies that are super flirty. A corset with boy short combination is somewhat modest and great for concealing a tummy. Even if you’re hesitant, just trust us and give it a try. Corsets can do wonders for trimming inches off the waist, and though seductive, they actually cover much more than you’d think.

If you’re leggy

Think high heels and high-cut. Look for slips that are slit up the thigh and a garter belt. Don’t forget our beauty tip for nice butts (above) and use lotions and shimmer for some extra shine.


Beauty Tip: You can always up your sex appeal when wearing something a bit more modest with bolder makeup and sky-high stilettos that are sure to make his heart throb.

Bridal lingerie for your wedding day

There is so much focus on choosing the perfect wedding dress for your big day, that many brides forget about what they are going to wear under the dress. Bridal lingerie is a crucial part of your outfit and can make a real difference to the way you look and feel throughout the day, so you should shop for your lingerie well in advance to be sure you have got it just right.

Should I aim for comfort or sex appeal?

When you think about bridal lingerie you might be more concerned with the groom’s reaction on the wedding night than with how comfortable it is going to be.  Don’t forget that you will have to wear it all day, however, so there are a few practicalities to consider. You can always buy a sexy night dress to slip into when you and your new husband get to the honeymoon suite.

Bridal lingerie materials

When you are deciding on the type of material for your bridal lingerie you will need to consider how warm it is going to be.  If you are having a mid summer wedding you will want to choose cotton or possibly silk, but synthetic fabrics such as nylon should be avoided. Corsets or bustiers are currently very fashionable wedding undergarments as they can give more definition to your waist and bust, and they are particularly popular in tapestry or satin fabrics.

What color underwear should I wear?

The color of your bridal lingerie will depend very much on the color and material of your wedding dress.  You should remember, however, that white underwear is not always the best option, even under a classic white dress, and can often show through.  Choosing off-white, ivory or flesh colored lingerie can prevent your perfect dress being spoiled by glaring underwear.

Where and when to buy your bridal lingerie

It is worth visiting a specialist retailer and having a professional fitting for your wedding underwear. A huge proportion of women regularly wear the wrong size bra and having a professional fitting to get the right size can improve your whole posture and body shape as well as the fit of your dress.

You will need to consider the style of your dress when choosing your underwear and an expert should be able to advise you on this. If you are wearing a strapless or backless dress you will need to find a supportive bra that fits under the dress, particularly if you are well endowed. Even a dress with sleeves may need a particular shape of bra to be sure that the straps do not show and spoil the look of the dress.


If possible you should buy your wedding lingerie in time to take to your dress fitting so you can make sure it doesn’t show.  Because you will be wearing your underwear to the fitting you might want to steer clear of anything too raunchy to avoid embarrassing the dress maker.


Bra Fitting and Lingerie Store Secrets Professional Bra Fitters Want You To Know

Ask any bra fitter about their favorite part of their job and they’ll likely say it’s the moment of joy that comes from helping a woman find a bra that truly fits. Bra fitting is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, but it does come with its own unique set of challenges.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of women visit lingerie stores for new bras. On any given day, you can find bra experts fitting women who have never been fit before and offering style and fit solutions for the most challenging bra problems.

It’s a bra fitter’s job to help women find the best bras for their body shape and budget. They spend countless hours learning the new products, memorizing the brands, size ranges, price points, and key differences between styles, and, most importantly, teaching women about bra fit and bra care.

While providing a fun and seamless shopping experience is near the top of their list, bra fitters also want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your lingerie. After all, lingerie stores are stocked with the prettiest bras and panties for a reason!

Whether you’re getting your first bra fitting or your twenty-fifth, here are 10 bra-fitting and lingerie store secrets professional bra fitters want you to know:

  1. Get to know the sales associates at your favorite lingerie store.2They’ll take note of your bra size, budget, and the brands you like and call you when a style goes on sale or when they get a new bra in that you’d absolutely love.sign up for the lingerie store’s email newsletter and be sure to follow them on social media.


    By subscribing to the email newsletter, you’ll be the first to find out about sales, store events, new shipments, and coupons and promotions. It’s also a good idea to follow the social media pages of your favorite specialty stores and department stores,

    3 Call ahead or check online for the store’s hours before visiting.

    Since the hours of operation can vary from store to store, you’ll be able to plan your day better if you know when they’re open. Many stores also offer extended hours during the holiday season, so it’s smart to plan ahead.

    4 Appointments for bra fittings aren’t mandatory, but they’re helpful if you’re shopping for a special occasion, bridal lingerie, or a new bra wardrobe.

    5 With an appointment, you’re guaranteed scheduled one-on-one time with a bra fitting professional. If you’re making plans to visit the store in a few days or weeks, why not call ahead and schedule an appointment?

    6 Pick clothes that are easy to take on and off (like t-shirts and leggings or a comfy dress and flats) so you won’t waste precious time adjusting your outfit in the fitting room.

    7 Not all stores sell t-shirts, so it’s best to bring your own. By trying on a potential bra under a t-shirt, you’ll be able to determine if you like the shape of the bra under the shirt and if the bra is seamless enough to wear underneath. If you’re shopping for an event, be sure to bring the top or dress that you plan on wearing. This quick tip helps a lot with reducing the number of bras you return!

    In addition to helping you find the best bras in the store, checking the fit of the bras you try on is a big part of a bra fitter’s job.

    8.  Bra fitters can help you find a replacement for a favorite worn-out bra.

    Don’t be afraid to bring a favorite old bra with you. Bra fitters will do their best to find a close match or introduce you to a new bra that’s even better.

    Ladies Night is a special event organized by lingerie specialty stores to educate and inspire. Most Ladies Nights take place after the store is closed, so you have the whole store to yourself.

    Just don’t forget to remove the store tags after purchase!

    Wear something comfortable for a day of shopping.Bring a favorite t-shirt with you on your next bra fitting or lingerie shopping trip.Don’t be shy in asking for a second opinion.Lingerie stores host the best Ladies Nights.Yes, you can absolutely wear your new bra out of the store!