5 Dresses to Upgrade Your Look

Most of you think that what to wear to look stylish. But, the first question that will come to your mind is about the budget? Many online stores offer you a wide range of collections at an affordable cost. If you want to look more stylish then a sturdy handbag is worth investment.

V-neck white dress

To make you look glamorous you can easily opt for this beautiful white dress. It will look good with matching earrings and nude make up.  If you are looking for something elegant for a party then you need to opt for a classic design. On the other hand, if you want to go to a wedding party then chase the same also. If you want to let your shoulders to get sun kiss then it is perfect for you.

Black maxi dress

Maxi dress looks good on every body type. If you can carry it confidently then you will look glamorous. So, if you prefer to wear black then this one is a must-have for you. Pair it with a white belt and sunglass to make your look sexy. Pair it with a white bag and ankle heel to look elegant.

Fall in love with a shift dress

You should definitely try for this keyhole shift dress. It will make you look sexy. The keyhole around your breast line perfectly highlights your feminine curves. To make your look super sexy you need to give a  touch of nude makeup and big earrings.

Its time for stripe lovers

If you are crazy about stripe print then you should opt for this nude embroidered shirt. It will make you look simply awesome. You can wear it for the casual day out, but you can put nude lipstick to create a cool vibe on your look.

Off shoulders

Off shoulders, lovers can surely buy this dress. The amazing color of this dress will make you fall in love with your own look. It will perfectly highlights your broad shoulders. To pep up your feminine charm you can pair it with some alluring earrings.


A great come back with bohemian chic

Bohemian chic is great comes back this season. To add a bohemian vibe on your look you can choose this one. Check out the style properly to look sexy. You can wear this printed outerwear in many different styles. If you want you can also wear it as a to spend you don’t have to spend much to have this.

Fashion Tips: Dressing for Shape

Women have various body shapes. It is for us to know our body types before choosing a dress. There are certain dresses that fit perfectly for women of certain body types. Therefore, it is important to what body type we belong to before we go on to choose clothes for ourselves.

If you are not aware of how your body type determines your choice of clothes, this article is for you. Here, you shall learn about the major body types that women have and also know about dressing for shape.

Different Types of Body Shapes for Women

Body type or body shape is the structure of the body. Knowing about which body shape you belong to is the best way to choose clothes so that they fit you better. You will also have to keep an eye on your body measurements so as to determine your body type.

Let’s learn more about the various body shapes.

The Apple

People who have a heavier upper body in comparison to the lower body have an apple-shaped body type. People with larger body types have broad shoulders and the bigger size of the bust can wear the most comfortable shapewear. The weight of the body gathers mostly around the midriff and therefore, women with this body type must-have dresses that highlight other parts of the body so that the midriff can be ignored.

Wear A-line dresses so that they highlight your shoulders. Perhaps, you can also wear a curve-hugging short midi dress that flaunts your legs. You should also have the right bra to wear underneath to support your curve.



If you are shaped like an hourglass, you must realize that you have the most desired figure of all. The hourglass body type is the one with a well-defined waistline and proportionate bottom and top part.

In fact, women with hourglass body type can wear what they want and still look great. But a V-shaped or a sweetheart’s neck will help you flaunt your upper body in the most attractive way. You can also add a belt to accentuate the waistline and make the curves look better.

Pear-shaped Body

Having a pear-shaped body implies that your lower body is much heavier than the upper part of your body. If you have an hourglass body, you must wear outfits that will be helpful for your lower belly shapewear. For instance, an A-lined skirt or ruffled pants look great on a pear-shaped body-type. Skinny and high-waist jeans, crop tops and scoop necks are something every person of this body type can wear.

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle body type means that you have your upper body in proportion to the lower body. The best thing for people of this body type to wear is ruffled pants, A-lined skirts, crop tops, long jackets, and blazers.


Those Cozy Sweaters Fit Both Casual and Formal Occasions

If you are looking forward to attending any special occasion in winter or fall then the major question that will come in your mind would be what to wear or what kind of dress would fit the occasion. Well, you should not think much as there are hosts of options as available.

Never say no to cardigans

When you are supposed to buy something for the winter fashion then you should get ahead with the sweaters that are good for the formal as well as casual occasions. So, keeping this in mind you should buy the best quality cardigan. This is because a good cardigan, when styled in a perfect way, can offer you the best level of style and look. A good long cardigan can save you every day. Like, if you are attending a casual or the formal occasion, such options would turn out to be too good.

The shawl cardigans are perfect to be snuggled around with

If you really love to be within the comfort of the sweaters then wearing the shawl sweater or the shawl cardigan can really give amazing results. You can pair this with good denim as well as a good t-shirt. You can check out the different color combinations available on the web. The classy color would be grey and black.

Wearing the button-up cardigan when with friends

If you are the lover of skirts or frocks the above that you should wear the best button-up cardigan. This will really look amazing and it can provide you with the best level of comfort as well. You can just experiment with the different colors and perhaps that would seem to be a good choice for you. In fact, you can just use your favorite color combinations and there are no rules over here.

The chunky cardigan for a cup of coffee with your lover

When you just wish to be within your comfort zone then a chunky sweater or a chunky cardigan would really look awesome. The bright colors and along with those amazing accessories and glasses and shoes! All these things would really look quite creative by all means.

You can select the sleeve style as per your liking. If you love the long-sleeved ones then you can go ahead with that and if you love the short ones then you can select the same.

The cropped sweater for a different look

If you give more priority to fashion than comfort then a perfect cropped sweater would give you a great look.  These are some of the ideas that you can check out for. The knitwear with a style would surely give you a new look.

Those Shapewear are Right for All Type of Dresses

If you love to wear shapewear then you should know that they are meant for daily life. So, if you choose a very comfortable choice then there is nothing to worry about how you wish to take things ahead. You should wear them on occasion so that your body looks perfect. We all have some imperfections and in order to get rid of them one might need a shapewear

Sophisticated Skin Butt Enhancer Shaper Plain High Rise Perfect-Fit
Sophisticated Skin Butt Enhancer Shaper Plain High Rise Perfect-Fit

How do you need to be clear about what would suit you the most?

If you are looking forward to buying Backless shapewear you should think that you are buying the same for the purpose. If that purpose is solved then things would be very much in your hands. So, keeping this in mind, you should begin the search for good shapewear and perhaps that will help you to get the right idea.

Durable Black V Neckline Stretch Slip Open Back Ultra Light
Durable Black V Neckline Stretch Slip Open Back Ultra Light

Choose the right size for your shapewear

If you are choosing the apt size then it will benefit you and there would be better options as such for the future. By choosing a thong body shaper you are actually trying to define the body well and this is where you can make a major difference. Today, more and more products are available on the web and so based on that you can take charge of things.

Breathe Freely Latex Three Steel Bones Plus Size Body Shaper Thong
Breathe Freely Latex Three Steel Bones Plus Size Body Shaper Thong

Wear the shapewear that would give you a new level of confidence

Having a better level of confidence while you have been looking for the best options in life, can provide you a new way to live. Like, if you are having flaws on the body and you wish to just look perfect. For that, a good body shaper would create miracles. Having a  good body would really mean a lot of things for people and so it would be better if you just approach things in the right fashion. Times have changed and women need revolutionary clothing and with a cool body shaper, all these things would be possible.

Streamlined Skin Zipper Hook Bodysuit Large Size Wide Straps Amazing Shape
Streamlined Skin Zipper Hook Bodysuit Large Size Wide Straps Amazing Shape

Body shapers would motivate you for better

If you have big bellies and when you feel that you really need to work hard over this then you can try your best to make your body look even. All these things will be possible when you are trying to make your body look perfect. Whether you wear minis or maxis, if you have worn a cool body shaper you will be able to create a self-image of your own.

Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression
Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression

It is important that you get an idea about what kind of body shapers are available and if you place an order for the same then too that should work well with you. The right decision to get a cool body shaper would give you the right direction. So, plan things in that fashion.



Cheap Plus Size Lingerie and Online Clothing Stores

When you are a plus size, the struggle to find the right piece of clothing is legit. You may come across a collection of cute dresses for you online but finding the right size is a tough nut to crack. Not only dresses but lingerie for plus size women are also hard to find. While it is always better to try out the dresses before finalizing the purchase, buying online from the comfort of your home is a benefit you might not want to miss out on. Lover-Beauty is the one-stop destination for women with plus size figures.

In this article, we list down some of the best dresses and clothes for plus size women that they must buy.

Plus Size Lingerie

You can buy cheap plus size lingerie wholesale on Lover-Beauty, the destination for all the latest trends in town.

Daring White Babydoll Tie Halter Neck Open Back Women's Essentials
Daring White Babydoll Tie Halter Neck Open Back Women’s Essentials


Ultra Hot Black Plunge Collar Queen Size Babydoll Night Time
Ultra Hot Black Plunge Collar Queen Size Babydoll Night-Time


Floral Wrap Silk Midi-dress

Who does not love florals? And florals are not just for spring and summers; you can wear floral all throughout the year. A floral wrap silk midi-dress is highlights your curves, it also makes you look taller. Plus size beauties can easily rock floral wrap silk midi-dresses.

In fact, floral wrap silk midi-dress suits every body type. It is a wardrobe staple for many women.

Effective Off The Shoulder Tight Floral Dress Sale Online
Effective Off The Shoulder Tight Floral Dress Sale Online

Sassy Wine Red Dot Pattern Midi Dress With Pockets 

Sassy wine red dot pattern midi dresses with pockets are worth throwing those bucks on. You can pair them up with white sandals and chic accessories. this red dot pattern midi dress is all you need to rock the formal look.

Sassy Wine Red Dot Pattern Midi Dress With Pockets Cheap Wholesale
Sassy Wine Red Dot Pattern Midi Dress With Pockets Cheap Wholesale

Laid-Back Orange High Waist Midi Dress Front Button Form Fit

A high waist mid-dress is the one you would want to wear on a date night. You can buy this midi dress on online clothes wholesale dresses at Lover-Beauty.

Laid-Back Orange High Waist Midi Dress Front Button Form Fit
Laid-Back Orange High Waist Midi Dress Front Button Form Fit