Underwear habits: To match or not to match?

The recent launch of Helena Christensen’s new lingerie collection for Triumph, the supermodel admitted that she doesn’t match her underwear. This is one of the most stylish women in the world, and one who has designed lingerie ranges no less, but she doesn’t feel the need to match knickers with a bra. Or sock with a sock, for that matter.


‘It would be great to have all my underwear washed at the same time but it just never is,’ she told The Telegraph. ‘So I end up with mismatched everything, even socks.’


We can relate to that. Well, some of us can, because Team Fashion Bust is split on this issue. We have a devoted matcher (who would not dream of leaving the house in mismatched smalls) and two others more or less of the Helena Christensen persuasion. And yes, we’d argue that it is perfectly possible to love lingerie and not always have to match it.


But because it is something we have debated between ourselves, we know that it is an underwear issue that divides people. Sure, there are those who match their underwear sometimes and others for whom it only happens by accident, but those who like to match, really like to match!


So that’s our starting point for this week’s look at UK women’s underwear buying habits. It’s a little more lighthearted than our last feature, which focused on discomfort caused by bras, but no less fascinating. After all, how do these preferences – to match or not to match – influence our buying habits? Do matches spend more or less than non-matches, do they fall into similar age or size brackets? How do they compare to the non-matches or women in general?


In our survey, 19% of women answered ‘always!’ to our question about matching underwear. That’s almost one in five. Around 55% said they sometimes match, and the rest – around a quarter – said they’re just not bothered.


One of the most obvious things that stand out about the ‘always!’ group is the how many bras they buy per year on average compared with the sample as a whole – 14 compared with nine – and half had bought a bra in the last month. In fact, 39% of our matches said they buy more than 20 bras a year. Only 18% of women, in general, buy this many bras, while 38% of those who aren’t bothered by only one to five bras per year.


And then there’s price. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that matches are prepared to spend more on their bras than non-matches. If the average maximum spends per bra across the whole sample is £38, matches are prepared to spend £44 (around a third said they would spend upwards of £60). Those who said they are really not bothered are prepared to spend up to £31, while our occasional matches are on a par with the overall average at £37.5 per bra.


Now, since we know it is perfectly possible to be lingerie obsessed and spend far too much on bras and still not worry about matching undies, is there anything else about our matches that could explain both their higher frequency of purchase and higher spend?


We looked at bra size to see whether that could give us a clue, but there’s little obvious difference statistically between this group and the whole sample. Just over a third of both groups fall into the A-D bracket, while the rest are DD plus. And this is very similar for those who aren’t bothered about matching. Clearly what size you have no bearing on the impulse to match or not.


We also looked at age, but again there was a fairly even spread across the age groups for both matches and none-matches, although matching does tend to tail off in the older age groups. Of those aged 56 and over, only 11% said they always had to match.


So then we looked at where they shop. Now, it’s interesting that 75% of those who match have a favorite brand or retailer – more than the sample as a whole – and 50% name one or more specific brands as opposed to general retailers or department stores. So there is clearly considerable brand loyalty among this group, but as we know from our previous feature, this can have an impact on how often women get fitted and also how comfortable they are, which is an interesting angle to bring into this. It begs the question – if you must match, is this more important than comfort?


Previously we noted that those with a favorite brand or retailer are less likely to have had a recent bra fitting, and that holds true for this group, as despite the importance of underwear in their lives, they are slightly less likely to have had a recent fitting than the sample as a whole. But where does that leave them on the comfort front? Are they suffering for the perfect look?


Our first assumption would be no. After all, these women are buying a lot of bras and they are prepared to spend more on them, so surely they wouldn’t spend all that money if they weren’t comfortable? Well, they do suffer a bit less discomfort than average, but only a bit. The majority still complain of occasional discomfort and a few from frequent discomfort, while those who say they never experience any discomfort are fairly evenly split between matches and non-matches. So if it is a matter of priorities, it would seem that it is more important for this group that their lingerie matches than that it is comfortable. Which, if you look at it from a certain point of view, makes perfect sense.


All that aside, however, whether you match or mismatch comes down largely to personality – and possibly budget. Matching sets can be expensive and one of the things that drive up the price is the knickers. If you’re serious about always wearing matching undies, you need at least two knickers per bra (or a very strict laundry regime). And this is one reason why a lot of women don’t bother – we had several comments to this effect. When you can, for example, buy a five pack of cotton knickers from M&S for £7, why would you spend twice that or more on one pair to match your bra if it’s not important to you?


But for some people it is. Their lingerie is as much a part of their outfit as what goes over it. Some people say they just don’t feel properly dressed if their underwear doesn’t match, while for others it’s all about how it makes them feel – that inner confidence that comes from knowing they’re wearing nice underwear. Since the majority of women are occasional matches, that’s probably a feeling most of us can relate to. How far we take it really just depends on how important it is to our daily lives. For some, the answer is not very. For others it’s significant.


So you tell us. Do you match? Must you match? Or are you baffled by the whole concept? We’d love to know.

Tips to choose the right figure-matching underwear

PEOPLE often think that it’s the right handbag or a pair of killer heels that can make or break a look. However, it’s actually what is underneath that counts. The truth is that good underwear is essential if you want to look your best in your clothes.

After all, you wouldn’t build a house without laying the right foundations. Yet it is estimated that 80 per cent of British women are wearing the wrong size bra and if you haven’t been measured in the past six months, the chances are you could be one of them. Give your lingerie drawer a makeover with our easy-to-follow advice.

Above, from left:

You want… A CLEAVAGE A plunge bra is perfect if you are wearing a deep or V-neck top or dress. This bra is designed so the cups are joined together at a lower point with a smaller centre piece to show off maximum cleavage.

You want… GOOD COVERAGE A full-cup bra might not be the most glamorous of options but you won’t regret its practicality. If you are worried about overspill or want a smooth fi nish under a high round-neck jumper, a bra that provides maximum coverage is just what you need.

You want… TUMMY CONTROL Control pants and shapewear are a wardrobe essential, especially under knitted or jersey dresses. Look for styles that offer to sculpt and smooth. This isn’t about squeezing you in but creating a streamlined silhouette so clothes glide over your body.

Above, from left, clockwise:


You want… A SMOOTH FINISH If you want a smooth, rounded fi nish than a moulded cup bra or T-shirt bra will do the job. Perfect for wearing under close-fi thing fabrics such as cotton jerseys or T-shirts, this seamless bra is lightly padded and moulded into shape.


You want… AN INSTANT BOOST If you want an instant boost, a push-up bra is the answer. The carefully placed padding creates an immediate cleavage as soon as you put it on. The padding is often removable so you can choose the level of fullness you require depending on what you’re wearing.


You want… A DESIGNER TOUCH While functional basics are good for every day, designer lingerie brands offer something more sumptuous and sophisticated. Treat yourself to something beautiful for those days when you need a little pick me up.


You want… TO WORK OUT Want to join a gym? Before you grab your trainers, make sure to get fi fitted with a supportive sports bra. The larger your cup size, the more important it is to have proper support while you’re working out to minimise bounce and maximise comfort.


You want… A BIGGER CUP SIZE Much like the plus-size market, the demand for larger cup sizes has grown signify scantly with the average UK woman now wearing a 34DD bra. The larger your cup size, the more support you need so it is worth looking for brands that specialise in lingerie above a D cup.


You want… TO LOOK STREAMLINED A body can be an effective and comfortable way to contour your silhouette. With a built-in bra, the full body looks a bit like a swimsuit and ensures that there are no lumps and bumps under a slinky dress. The seamless and smooth fi nish will keep everything in check.


You want… STRAPLESS People often think that you can’t wear a strapless bra if you’re above a B cup but this simply isn’t the case. This gravity-defying style is a miracle of engineering and is available up to a J cup. Look for silicone trim on the inside edges that will prevent the bra from slipping.

How To Pair Your Lingerie With Your Outfits

You all know that the right kind of innerwear is equally as important (sometimes, even more) as the clothes you sport every day. If you don’t know which lingerie to wear with which outfit, you might end up getting stares for more wrong reasons than right ones. So, it’s very important to match the right kind of lingerie with your clothes, in order to grab eyeballs for all the right reasons!

By Color

It’s always advisable to match your lingerie color to your clothes, especially when flaunting light colored or sheer garments. Nude or skin-colored lingerie goes well with all kinds of clothes, and black is a universal choice to wear underneath dark-hued outfits. But, special care must be taken when wearing whites – white innerwear can be starkly visible when worn under white clothes, like a white shirt for work, or a white dress for brunch; hence, the proper color to wear under whites is always skin tones for both bra and panty.

By style

Once you know the color of bra or panty that’ll suit your clothes, it’s time to choose the right style of lingerie to wear according to your outfit. Take care to choose the bra according to the kind of outfit you’ll be flaunting – a t-shirt calls for a bra with molded cups, a tube dress demands a strapless bra, so on & so forth. Pick your bra depending upon how deep your neckline is or whether you are sporting something sleeveless or strappy. Similarly, fitted bottoms should be worn with seamless panties and low waist pants should be paired with bikini style panties rather than regular ones.

By design

Yes, your printed bras and your lacey bras are meant to be worn underneath different types of clothes and the sooner you realize the right pairing, the better. Avoid wearing printed lingerie under light-colored garments, as the prints might be visible, especially if the fabric is semi-sheer or thin. Also, with dresses or tops that might allow a bit of inner to show or peep out, wear lacey ones, so that they look ornamental. So, take care and get dressed well in advance, so that you can check if your lingerie complements your outfit and change them into proper ones if necessary.

By fit

Who said you should only buy clothes with the right fit? Your lingerie has to be the proper fit too if you want to steer clear of any fashion faux pas. With figure-hugging pants or skirts, wear thongs, boxer shorts or seamless panties to avoid visible panty lines. When flaunting bodycon dresses or skirts, you can even go for shapewear like tummy-tucker panties or corsets. Similarly, bras with molded cups are preferable for wearing underneath very fitted tops or dresses. So, while buying lingerie, make sure the fit is right for you.

Now that you know how important it is to pair the right kind of lingerie with your clothes, give it some attention and avoid making any kind of fashion faux pas! After all, you need to feel beautiful & confident inside-out every day!

3 Ways to Coordinate Your Lingerie

Few things are sexier than a well-fitting bra and matching briefs on a woman’s silhouette. It has been revealed that most women, especially those in the dating pool with a great sense of fashion, love to coordinate their lingerie. It’s commonly accepted that wearing matching lingerie is a fantastic way to start the day, boosting your confidence and making you feel super sexy! The average woman owns about 3 to 4 times as many panties as she does bras and takes special care to wash them after each use. Hence, matching your lingerie every day can seem almost impossible but with these steps below, life would sure be a whole lot easier! 1. The 3-1 ratio rule:  Generally, it is Okay to wear your bra at most 3 times before washing. This means that you need a minimum of 3 matching panties to see you through till the next wash; hence the 3-1 ratio. Tip: When shopping, for each bra you purchase you can also buy multiple panties in the same or in a similar style, to ensure that you will always have a bottom to match.


  1. Launder in sets: Always wash your matches (coordinating lingerie sets) together. This way you avoid creating an annoying selection of mismatched bras and briefs.
  2. Coordinate:

–  Colours: Go for colours that can easily be matched to each other simply by sharing the same colour shade. If like me, you own mostly black bras, chances are you’ll have an easy time finding an array of black panties to your liking.

– Solids & patterns: Pair a natural-coloured print pattern with bras in colours that compliment them. For example, mix a leopard print pant with a brown-coloured bra or vice versa

. – Textures & Colours: Stay creative – pair similar fabrics and colours together. For instance, mix sheer/lace pieces together even in different colours or hues.

– Keep the panties plain: To make life simple, especially if you don’t know how to colour block (and couldn’t care less) wear your pants in a neutral colour (beige, brown, grey, black and white) to avoid clashes.



How to Make Mismatched Underwear Still Look Sexy

Few things are sexier than a well-fitting bra and matching briefs on a woman’s silhouette. The expansion of the lingerie design and manufacturing industries has ensured that many bras and other lingerie items come with matching accessories that women can wear together to create eye-catching outcomes.

Wearing matching lingerie is a fantastic way to start the day, boosting your confidence and making you feel sexy, Yet, research from last year suggests that less than ten per cent of British women were wearing matching undies daily.

Despite her view that matching lingerie can be a good way for a woman to inject self-confidence into her day, Kendall’s response to this question is more appealing.

“I don’t believe that it is essential to wear matching lingerie every day, and there can even be a good reason for not doing so,” says Kendall.

“I personally believe that most women mismatch their lingerie for functional purposes.” Kendall explains that a woman’s choice to wear mismatched pieces might simply be based on what is practical at the time, depending on her outerwear and therefore comes down to, “whatever the outfit requires creating a polished, finished look.”

Whatever the reason for not wearing matching underwear, it doesn’t mean that we should just throw any old pieces together and pray that there’s no situation in which we have to expose the unlikely pair. Lingerie is our foundation for how we dress ourselves to face the world and it should make us feel sexy and confident whether it’s an obvious match or not.

Mismatched Lingerie Tips

So here are some tips for putting your mismatched bits and bobs together to still produce an attention-grabbing outcome.

Keep the pieces clean and tidy

Holes and stains in your bra and briefs do not count as a match. Mismatched doesn’t have to mean mistreated.

Make sure the pieces are the right size

Ill-fitting underwear detracts from its appeal. Have a professional fit if you don’t know how to fit yourself into a good bra. Try briefs, if possible, before you leave the shop to ensure they fit. You don’t want to be stuck wearing briefs that are too big or too small because you couldn’t return them.

Consider Sexy Shapes

You don’t have to change the shapes and styles of your underwear if you are comfortable with them but choosing sexier styles can add some oomph to your mismatched goodies. Plunge, demi cup and balconette bras can show off your best assets and give a good shape to your bust. Shorts and thongs can look playful down below (but only if you can carry off these styles). Even if you need control pants, some do come as things.

Play with themes if you know how to do so sensibly

If you know how to work fashion trends and themes play around with them when putting your underwear together.

“From an editorial and personal point of view I find that mismatched lingerie can really work provide you stick to certain rules,” advises lingerie stylist, Tamar Kendall. “For example, I always stick to a key look or theme. If I am colour blocking my lingerie I may choose a cerise knicker [party] and a turquoise bra for a jewel hue effect. I may also go for a nautical ‘spots and stripes’ theme in a navy sailor stripe bra and navy polka dot brief.”

Pay attention to colours and textures

If you keep similar fabrics and colours together you can still look as though you put some thought into making your underwear look coordinated and sexy. “You can keep it really simple by teaming all sheer blacks or all powder pink pretties together. It’s quite a fun way to style your lingerie and a great opportunity to get creative,” says Kendall.

Identify colour trends when working with multi-coloured pieces

If you have the odd pair of multicoloured briefs, try to find a bra in your drawer that closely matches a colour (preferably the dominant colour) in that pair of briefs (and vice versa). This is quite a playful option and can bring many odd bits in your drawer back into circulation.

Keep your bottom in neutral gear

To make life simple, especially if you don’t know how to colour block (and couldn’t care less) wear your bottoms in a neutral colour (a colour that would hardly clash with a brighter one). Neutral colours include beige, brown, grey, black and white. Although research suggests that the majority of British women prefer white briefs, neutral panties that are a close match to your skin colour should better complement a more colourful bra. Maybe you might want to do the reverse and make your bra neutral depending on your outfit but beware that colourful bottoms can show through your skirt or trousers. Keeping the briefs neutral might be the safer option.

So there you have it. No excuses for wearing unattractive underwear because you might not have a matching pair. While nothing beats a sexy lingerie set, creatively paired mismatches are a close second. Why don’t you use these rules to create your own sexy pick ‘n’ mix?

Ladies, How Can You Keep Your Daily Lingerie Coordinated

It’s an annoyance many a friend has lamented: It’s nearly impossible to wear matching underwear on a daily basis. The average woman owns about three to four times as many panties as she does bras and takes special care to wash them after each use, while alternately, bras can usually go two to four years before requiring laundering. With these statistics, it’s easy to see how tricky it can be for a lady to coordinate her undies each day. Yet the satisfaction that we often feel from donning a well-coordinated set under our clothes can help make the difference in our mood for the day and inspire us to feel more confident, often encouraging us to show off our impeccable taste to a good friend or significant other.

Ever since I joined the dating world, I’ve felt the pressure too. As a lingerie designer, I also feel it’s my duty to wear the very best undergarments each day with matching sets that let my personal style shine through. So the pressure I’ve put on myself to coordinate my underthings before a big date has been weighing on me more and more as I realize how mismatched my lingerie wardrobe is. Which bottoms do I have to match this bra? Which undies haven’t I worn yet this week? Will my date notice if my bra and panties don’t match?

The truth is that once you get to the point of undress with another person, chances are that the last thing on their mind is whether your bra and panties match or not. But while we tend to be our own harshest critic, it still remains that we just feel better about ourselves when we know we’re sufficiently put together and well-kept underneath it all.

The problem many of us encounter is that it can be expensive to develop a lingerie wardrobe full of all coordinating pieces. When we shop for underwear we often stock up on panty deals, purchasing multiple pairs based on comfort, price, and color. Bra shopping tends to be more calculated, expensive, and time consuming, resulting in relatively few purchases in comparison. The modern woman doesn’t have the time or the budget to purchase exclusively matching sets all the time, so why not work with what you already have in your wardrobe or invest in a few inexpensive pieces that can easily be mixed and matched in a multitude of fashion combinations?

Furthermore, I believe we can all benefit from a little bit of anti-fashion. Who says your clothes have to match in order to look good? Look at the success of tween retailer Little Miss Matched, encouraging kids to have fun with their collection of bold clashing prints and daring colors, guaranteed to lighten the mood and eschew the traditional fashion etiquette. Consider your underwear as your own private medium where you can have fun, express yourself in any way you see fit, and decide when and with whom you want to share it.

While this declaration may not be for everybody, there are still ways you can minimize the mismatched-ness in your wardrobe and stretch your lingerie further. Here are seven tactics you can use to help alleviate some of the stress of coordinating your undies. After all, we wear this stuff closest to our bodies and deserve to have them make us feel as comfortable and confident as possible each and every day

How to choose lingerie that suits your body type

When it comes to picking lingerie for your body type, it’s not about whether you’re pear shaped or hourglass. It’s about what feels good! Where do you begin? Read on for some tips on choosing the right naughty wear for you. Focus on your best assets (while hiding what you want to hide, of course). Because with lingerie, the real power play is the confidence and sexiness you exude. Draw attention to where you want it to go and keep in mind no matter what you choose, your man will think you look fabulous.

Rule number one of dressing for your body type is to focus on your best assets and hide the trouble spots. But the real foundation is in your inner confidence and sexiness. Your man will not likely notice that extra bit of jiggle on your thighs — in fact, seeing you obsess over it is a real buzzkill. Embrace your body and own it. That’s what every man wants to see. Here are some special tips for flaunting the most delicious parts of your body type… and hiding the ones that kill your confidence.


f you have a nice butt

Try boy shorts. Whether you opt for a boy-shorts-and-bra combination or boy-shorts-and-corset combo, there’s nothing like a pair of these male-inspired undies to accent that derriere. Don’t forget the heels, which will make your legs and butt look long, lean and more toned.

Beauty Tip: To really draw attention to your legs and butt, smooth on some baby oil or other leg shine lotion. It’ll really make you shimmer.


If you’re big busted

Look for support. There are plenty of teddies and bra-and-panty sets with built-in underwires. If you’re looking to show off that big bust, steer toward demi-cut bras. Conversely, if you’re big busted with a small waist, most built-in bra sets won’t work for you. Instead, look to a corset, which is much more customizable to your shape.


If you’re showing off cleavage

Try a corset. There’s nothing better to give the girls that extra lift. You can also draw attention to the area by experimenting with different colors, too. Black is a good contrast, if you’re fair skinned, while white is a good contrast if you are more tan. No matter what your skin tone, his heart will stop if you come out with something red.


Beauty Tip: Dust a bit of shimmer powder over your girls to draw even more attention. Look for scented versions that’ll smell oh-so-sexy.

If you’re hiding some tum or are modest

If the thought of parading around in not so much clothing gives you a small panic attack (or you’re looking to hide your tummy), there are plenty of sexy slips and modest teddies that are super flirty. A corset with boy short combination is somewhat modest and great for concealing a tummy. Even if you’re hesitant, just trust us and give it a try. Corsets can do wonders for trimming inches off the waist, and though seductive, they actually cover much more than you’d think.

If you’re leggy

Think high heels and high-cut. Look for slips that are slit up the thigh and a garter belt. Don’t forget our beauty tip for nice butts (above) and use lotions and shimmer for some extra shine.


Beauty Tip: You can always up your sex appeal when wearing something a bit more modest with bolder makeup and sky-high stilettos that are sure to make his heart throb.

Lingerie for your body type

Find lingerie for your shape

Buying lingerie can be a scary prospect for some women. Skimpy may often equal sexy, and this can lead to thoughts of body issues. That’s certainly not sexy! With Relax: Choose the right lingerie look for your body can be simple with our guide below!

Choosing the right lingerie

The first thing to remember is that no matter your body type, never buy anything that accentuates your problem areas. If you have issues with your stomach, try to find a piece of lingerie that is less tight and more flowing in this area. If you like your chest, choose something that is tighter and offers more cleavage, making that the focus of the outfit.

If you are worried about your weight, choose darker colors because they have a more slimming effect. (They also can be used to promote that “bad girl” image that many men find sexy, so choosing black or a dark color could have a twofold benefit for you!)


The goal: You want your lover’s eyes to drift to your sexiest areas…

not the ones you are uncomfortable with.

Not all lingerie in every fabric is going to look good on every woman. (If that were the case, there would not be so many types on the market!) So here’s a guide to choosing the most flattering lingerie for you:

Tall women

If you are tall, you are going to look best in the traditional bra, panties, and garter belt look (shown above). This will show off your long legs, and offer a classic beauty that most men find incredibly sexy. If you are going shopping, look for sets that contain all of the items mentioned above to save some money and forgo the hassle of trying to put a new outfit together by matching separate pieces.


Athletic women

Boy shorts are made for you! This is actually the case for most women who have a nice butt — regardless of their athletic prowess. These are hot because you can go topless and have your man begging for your attention, or you can opt for more of a tease and add anything from a bra to a slinky robe that only shows off your shorts when you are ready.


Check out this great ruffled mesh boy shorts from Fredericks of Hollywood — they may call it a boyshort, but it’s as girlie as girlie can be!


Petite women

Go with something that has a long slit along the leg. This slit, whether it is a long, silky gown or some other form of lingerie, will cause your lover’s eyes to roam up the slot and will make you seem much taller than you are.

Plus-size women

If you are full-figured or overweight, you have many of the same options as women who wear smaller sizes. Many women, especially those with a bigger chest, prefer corsets because this gives them a chance to show off their chest and to make some curves when the corset sucks in the waist, giving you that voluptuous look.


Teddy and one piece negligee sets also work well. Go with dark, rich colors that work well with your skin tone for an added effect. This curve-enhancing corset from Lingerie Diva is soft-boned and adjustable, making it a great option for lots of us — petite or fuller figured!


If you’re a bigger woman, there are many shops that deal with just the type of things you will be looking to purchase. One of the best I have found is called Hips and Curves. They offer a selection of lingerie for all different types of women. Frederick’s of Hollywood is another excellent choice for all types of women, plus size or not.


Meanwhile, if you are of a smaller size, it offers a wide selection of apparel that you will look absolutely delicious in for Valentine’s Day — or any day of the week!

How to Choose That Perfect Baby Doll Lingerie


Although the baby doll style of lingerie has been around for years, the designs have changed quite a lot during that time. If you are new to buying baby doll lingerie, there are a few things you should know before making your purchase.

Which baby doll is right for you?

– The Color: At first glance, color seems like the easiest choice to make, but there are some factors you should consider. For starters, what type of look are you going for? For an elegant look, deep jewel colors are an ideal choice. For an innocent look, pastel colors do the trick. For a pure look, white is the best baby doll color to choose. For a more dominating look, red or black are the colors to choose. On that same note, you can mix up colors; for example, opt for a solid-color baby doll with colored trim.

– The Fabrics: As with colors, you have many different fabrics to choose from. Also, consider use. There is sheer, printed, silk, and velvet baby dolls available, just to name a few. Moreover, you can get varying trims and embellishments; examples include fur, feathers, or beads. However, caution is advised when buying these lingerie pieces. Too many embellishments may take away from your original goal; to highlight your body’s beauty. For that seductive look, use detailing to your advantage; use detailing to strategically draw attention to specific parts of the body. This approach is best for full-figured women who have the goal of hiding larger parts of the body and bring attention to the smaller ones.

– The Skirt: As you know, a trademark of the baby doll is the skirt. You can play around with the style of the skirt to find that perfect fit. Varying skirt lengths make finding that perfect fit for body and shape easier. If you have long legs that you want to show off, opt for a skirt that stops in the middle of the butt region. If you have short legs you may think a longer skirt is best, but it can also make you appear too thick and stocky.

– The Bodice: Choosing a baby doll based on the bodice is easy; it all depends on your breast size. If large breasted, you want a bodice that has underwire and added support. If small breasted, you want one with a padded cup; this padded cup will enhance cleavage. Detailing in the breast area can also help to create an attractive look and shape.

In short, the baby doll has been around for a while now. Although it has evolved slightly over the years, it is still a favorite among women. The simple design creates the desired effect; it draws attention to desired and specific areas. Whether you want to spice up life in the bedroom or just feel sexy for yourself, a good babydoll can do that for you. While the styles are very similar, the designs do vary drastically; choose the design that best compliments your body and brings out the inner goddess in you.

Does Wearing Red Make You Sexy?

It is well known that people stereotype others based on their skin color, but did you know that people also stereotype colors themselves? The best example of this is the long-held association that black is bad and white is good. Just watch an old Western movie and you can immediately tell who the good guys and bad guys are by the color of their cowboy hats. This example shows that colors contribute more than just aesthetics. Colors also carry specific meanings, such as good or bad, that likely have important influences on psychological functioning.

So when you think about sexiness, what color first comes to mind?

If you are like most Americans, you thought of the color red. Red means different things to different cultures-in Chinese culture it represents good luck and prosperity, which is why people often paint their front doors red-but in American culture, red often means sex. If you think about it, most of the images that represent passionate love are red: Red roses, red lipstick, red lingerie, red heart boxes of candy on Valentine’s, even the “red light district.”

If red is typically associated with sex, then does wearing red make a woman sexier? If you take a look at our movies, the answer would seem to be an unequivocal yes. Remember the scene from the first Matrix movie, where Neo is distracted during a simulation by a beautiful woman in the red dress? Or how about the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts, dressed in a sexy red dress, is given a ruby and diamond necklace? Or who can forget the scene from American Beauty where red Rose petals rain down on a naked Mena Suvari. Clearly Hollywood thinks red makes women sexy but does the empirical research support this assumption?

Daniela Niesta with study materials

To test this idea, Elliot and Niesta showed me a photograph of a moderately attractive woman and asked them to rate her attractiveness. For some, the woman in the photo was wearing a red shirt. For others, the same woman was wearing a blue shirt. The results showed that men rated the woman in red as more attractive and more sexually desirable than the same woman in blue. They were also more interested in dating the woman and indicated they would be willing to spend more money on her when she was dressed in red.

So men find women who wear red more attractive, but maybe this result is because we have a stereotype about women who choose to wear red. Perhaps these men assumed that women who wear red are more promiscuous, and that is why they were more interested in dating her. To address this possibility, these researchers conducted another study. This time, the woman in the photo wore the same outfit but stood in front of a red, white, gray or green background.