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Choose These Full Body Shapewear And Lingerie at Price under $30

Shapewear bodysuits and lingerie can be easily defined as two pieces that we women keep very secretly hidden under our outfits: we remove the first at the end of the day and show off the second at the end of the evening… We understand each other! It is always very pleasant to wear the correct garments of these two products, especially in terms of comfort with regard to shapewear bodysuits and of beauty with regard to lingerie. Today we will take a look at the HexinFashion website to find out the existence of products under 30 dollars and that retain these qualities!

Full Body Shapewear at Price under $30

When you want to choose the perfect full-body shapewear, the first aspect to pay attention to is definitely your height. So be careful not to choose shapewear that is too long if you do not want to have the problem of body parts such as breasts or hips that are not well contained, a problem that may be caused by the fact that the shapewear you have purchased is either too long or too short, going both ways create sore in the crotch area, by being too tight or too loose. But let’s see the best full body shapewear that I recommend you choose!

1. Zipper Midi Length Full Body Shaper

It is absolutely the most covering product you can find, giving you a total sensation on the whole body. Unlike others, a positive side is certainly the possibility of being able to wear any bra you want!

Comfortable Skin Color Zipper Midi Length Full Body Shaper Fashion
Comfortable Skin Color Zipper Midi Length Full Body Shaper Fashion

2. Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shaper Stretch

It is the shaper to choose if you want to make improvements to your booty but not only. This shaper makes your legs slimmer but especially your arms thanks to its specially designed half sleeves.

Sexy Black Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shaper Stretch
Sexy Black Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shaper Stretch

3. Full Body Shaper Midsection Compression

This shaper is the perfect middle ground between the two listed above, as it heavily focuses on the central part of your body, i.e. belly and hips.

Perfect Black 3 Layers Adjustable Strap Full Body Shaper Midsection Compression
Perfect Black 3 Layers Adjustable Strap Full Body Shaper Midsection Compression

Lingerie at Price under $30

Now the time has come to write about what normally happens when we remove these shapers and wear our sexiest lingerie! I am talking about that moment when you have a bit of fun with your partner that, if done in the right style, makes everything even spicier than Mexican chili peppers! So without any ifs or buts, let’s see three types of the best cheap lingerie that we can buy and that I recommend having in your secrets drawer!

1. Bodystocking with Hold-Ups

Hold-up tights and, above all, a corset-like this that has a pair of hold-ups integrated should not be missing in your drawer of secrets. An awesome effect, don’t you think?

Ultra Skin Bodystocking Lace Patchwork Mesh Push Up High Quality Fabric
Ultra Skin Bodystocking Lace Patchwork Mesh Push Up High Quality Fabric

2. Just a Bodysuit

You must always have a bodysuit within reach, and I would recommend a red bodysuit, which is always useful for Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. An ulterior great aspect is definitely the peek-a-boo effect that is always intriguing.

Valentine Red Open Back Lace Teddy Slender Strap Online Affordable
Valentine Red Open Back Lace Teddy Slender Strap Online Affordable

3. Matching Bra and Panty Set

Who said you should always rely on the heavy armory? A set like this of your favorite color may also suffice to make sure everyone falls head over heels over you!

Daring White Hollow Out Slender Strap Bralette Set Slim Fit Style
Daring White Hollow Out Slender Strap Bralette Set Slim Fit Style


Find Best Swimming Suits for Women 2020

Are you a lady looking for high quality and affordable swimming suits, visit HexinFashion  and get a chance to experience different varieties that suit you. Swim suits are an essential corset in a lady’s life, by wearing them, you are at less risk of contaminating the pool with waterborne diseases and contaminants. Most swimmers wear swimsuits because they help them glide through the water hence offering a speed advantage. Also, swimsuits help reduce friction while in water and also increase the efficiency of forward motion.

Summer Glow Lake Blue Cross Front High Cut Strap Tankini
Summer Glow Lake Blue Cross Front High Cut Strap Tankini

At HexinaFashion, we value our customers so much hence providing affordable and cheap tankinis. If you are not aware, a tankini is a lady’s two-piece swimsuit. It is designed in a way that its top half resembles a tank top and the other half has bikini bottoms. Tankinis are designed purposely to give the swimmer comfort and security when dressed in a one-piece swimsuit. Technically, tankinis are flattering. However, you need to get the right type of tankini that fits your body shape appropriately. This implies that you have to know your body shape and the favorable tankini for it.

According to experts, the body of a woman falls under different categories: hourglass, inverted triangle, oval, or pear. This calls for you to understand well your body shape and the type of silhouette that can flatter you.

Simply Chic Black Back Tie Keyhole Bathing Suit Halter Ultra Sexy
Simply Chic Black Back Tie Keyhole Bathing Suit Halter Ultra Sexy

This is a chic black back tie keyhole bathing suit that perfectly suits straight bodied ladies. It helps create an illusion of curves where there seems to be none and gives you an hourglass figure.

Popularity Plus Size Backless Tankini Strap Online Fashion
Popularity Plus Size Backless Tankini Strap Online Fashion

Have a look at the super faddish three-piece swimwear with a body short. This is a suitable swimwear pear bodied lady. It helps give you the appearance of smaller hips and a more ample bosom. For an hour glass shape, try experimenting it with patterns or vertical stripes.

HexinFashion offers a variety of wholesale plus size clothing. Among them is the Island paradise Yellow Queen Size Bell Sleeves Midi Dress

Island Paradise Yellow Queen Size Bell Sleeves Midi Dress
Island Paradise Yellow Queen Size Bell Sleeves Midi Dress

This dress costs $7.99 which is quite affordable. Before you buy it, you need to consider the following; bell sleeves, color, and the nature of the tie belt.

Extra Sexy White Sheer Mesh Babydoll Lace

At HexinFashion, it is available at an affordable price of $4.15. When choosing this clothing, consider the size, cost, its floral lace which give it that eye appeal, the neck plunge, adjustable straps, and the sheer mesh.

Extra Sexy White Sheer Mesh Babydoll Lace High Waist Leisure Fashion
Extra Sexy White Sheer Mesh Babydoll Lace High Waist Leisure Fashion

Unvarnished Dark Purple Plus Size Babydoll

The lingerie costs 5.17 US dollars. When buying it on wholesale, you need to consider the size, color, and some of the admirable features. Also, consider the body shape. Women have different type of body shapes; apple body shape, pear shapes, hourglass, and inverted pyramid shape to name a few.

What are the main tips you need to consider when purchasing the clothing in wholesale?

Online shopping is one of the tips. In online shopping, you will be able to get a variety of sizes by visiting store websites. All you need is to carry out enough research on the retailer’s sizing chart before making a purchase.

Secondly, check on discount stores. The stores often buy and sell the shapewear at an affordable cheaper price. In case you are in love and need clothing like shapewear, dresses, swimwear and plus size clothing then go for this. Have a look at the following plus size lingerie offered by HexinFashion.

Cheap Plus Size Lingerie and Online Clothing Stores

When you are a plus size, the struggle to find the right piece of clothing is legit. You may come across a collection of cute dresses for you online but finding the right size is a tough nut to crack. Not only dresses but lingerie for plus size women are also hard to find. While it is always better to try out the dresses before finalizing the purchase, buying online from the comfort of your home is a benefit you might not want to miss out on. Lover-Beauty is the one-stop destination for women with plus size figures.

In this article, we list down some of the best dresses and clothes for plus size women that they must buy.

Plus Size Lingerie

You can buy cheap plus size lingerie wholesale on Lover-Beauty, the destination for all the latest trends in town.

Daring White Babydoll Tie Halter Neck Open Back Women's Essentials
Daring White Babydoll Tie Halter Neck Open Back Women’s Essentials


Ultra Hot Black Plunge Collar Queen Size Babydoll Night Time
Ultra Hot Black Plunge Collar Queen Size Babydoll Night-Time


Floral Wrap Silk Midi-dress

Who does not love florals? And florals are not just for spring and summers; you can wear floral all throughout the year. A floral wrap silk midi-dress is highlights your curves, it also makes you look taller. Plus size beauties can easily rock floral wrap silk midi-dresses.

In fact, floral wrap silk midi-dress suits every body type. It is a wardrobe staple for many women.

Effective Off The Shoulder Tight Floral Dress Sale Online
Effective Off The Shoulder Tight Floral Dress Sale Online

Sassy Wine Red Dot Pattern Midi Dress With Pockets 

Sassy wine red dot pattern midi dresses with pockets are worth throwing those bucks on. You can pair them up with white sandals and chic accessories. this red dot pattern midi dress is all you need to rock the formal look.

Sassy Wine Red Dot Pattern Midi Dress With Pockets Cheap Wholesale
Sassy Wine Red Dot Pattern Midi Dress With Pockets Cheap Wholesale

Laid-Back Orange High Waist Midi Dress Front Button Form Fit

A high waist mid-dress is the one you would want to wear on a date night. You can buy this midi dress on online clothes wholesale dresses at Lover-Beauty.

Laid-Back Orange High Waist Midi Dress Front Button Form Fit
Laid-Back Orange High Waist Midi Dress Front Button Form Fit




Women Wearing That Perfect Lingerie

There are some properties that there may be regulations against serving alcohol. The causes why persons experience this action of bikini area hair removal may be as versatile as the solutions. As in any other field, in this field too, experience is of utmost importance. Once upon a time, plus size bras meant only one thing – sheer ugliness. There is no need to feel down as you can also play a seductress by wearing plus size crotchless panties or plus size corsets. If you and your man find that you enjoy fantasing role-playing, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. When you find something that is exceptionally well made and considered, you needn’t worry about anything. Most are of a shorter length, although you are able to also find some good robes that are longer. A good hot bath or hot tub is always nice. Looking great and feel comfortable in your designer lingerie is important, and if we can save a couple bucks in the process that is not a bad thing either. One shoe designer that hasn’t forgotten women is Clarks. The mission of the company is to “shape the mind and body of women.” With over 140 years of luxury lingerie behind these bras, they will not disappoint.

As it is, they feel conscious about their body. Thigh-shaper briefs were just made for your body shape, trimming hips and thighs for a more svelte outline. Make sure that you only get quality products and be aware that you will be paying more money than you will for cheaper made garments made in other countries. All the major manufacturers of lingerie like to propagate their products using lingerie models. Miss were encircling them, with a courteous bow and a smile.11 After him was Shammah; for nothing of that sort is matter of science.15 What I am saying is for wise men:assuredly not leave to a new-comer like Javert. It was nothing but a small radio which told her exactly what she wanted. And I have noticed as well many people just do absolutely nothing about their suspicions. Perhaps this is due to training received as children, when your parents would just pick anything that looked comfortable for you to wear, and nothing else really mattered.

Anyone doubting this should hang their Thai Silk robe on one end of the clothesline. Each Jane Woolrich garment is individually made in the UK by one seamstress dedicated to making the perfect lingerie creation in silk and lace. The hottest one is the one that will give a lady the perfect fit. Lingerie for brides are the perfect gift for your favorite bride and we have curated a collection of tasteful lingerie like wedding bras and bridal underwear that she will surely adore. They just did not treat me like I wanted to be treated. Publisher: Eli Bergeron Forgotten the birthday of your closest friend or loved one? The adult web cam market is one of the most lucrative possibilities you’ll come across everywhere online today. Obtain Our Bitdefender Coupon For Discount 2014 allows you save a great deal of money on Bitdefender. Victoria’s Secret- the reputed lingerie trademark in the world has unveiled the list of “What Is Sexy” 2010 winners. Many retail stores carry large selections of lingerie for full-figured women. Of course not. But women do. However figuring out a gift for a woman of your life can be really tough.

Laguna village offers you with awesome ocean views and you can opt for it if you are planning for a beach wedding party. It is critical to try and get it right and unlike buying from a shop – when you get from the world-wide-web definitely you are not able to try it on beforehand. Now, females can commit their revenue on furthermore measurement garments as they are coming with beautiful fashion and style that could be a well-fit on them. They can not really enjoy it and learn it from the show. Sometimes it is helpful to bring along photos of the gown, which can help you more accurately remember such details as neckline and waist cinching. However, for a special event such as Prom or Homecoming, they will often put on more makeup than usual to look extraordinary for the big night! A trousseau, for instance, will be so incomplete without the right inner clothes.

Women’s Underwear & Lingerie Store Online

It’s called cell phone tracking software, and it’s extremely stealthy. SpyBubble. I know, unusual title, but it is Really a cell phone tracking software that is able of performing all 3 of these techniques and 1 more. Featuring more than 500 cities, automatic DST calculation and time sync, multiple skins, multiple color schemes. Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop! This is seemingly inconvenient and it consumed your quality time with family and friends. BigGalsLingerie is a leading retailing store for plus sized lingerie, and featuring a number of brands to provide the best quality lingerie to its customers. Lingerie is always a welcome surprise for any woman especially when her partner puts a little though into the buying process. Again, it could be his woman and he is just embarrassed to speak to her in entrance of you! Other classic collections like Sambal, offer support for the full figured woman.

If you take a full figured woman into a lingerie store, all the clerks will nod and smile at you, acknowledging the fact that you’re one lucky man. Luxury lingerie is available in push-up bras, g-strings, bodysuits, chemise, corsets and silk sleepwear. Satin nightgowns are a glamorous ladies sleepwear option with so much more appeal than their intimate apparel cousin, the cotton nightgown. Victorian cotton nightgowns are hand sewn one hundred percent combed cotton batiste sleepwear in traditional Victorian inspired styling and it truly brings out your femininity. If you are like many of us, you didn’t always read Elle and Vogue but wish to look better. The lingerie will support highlight those functions that are most important, with out overemphasizing curves. The most famous makes are Playtex and Miss Mary of Sweden, but you will also find girdles from more contemporary lingerie brands and retro lingerie boutiques. There they find a large collection of expensive lingerie. If you’re usually a sensible, cotton undies type of girl, why not let your lover undress you one night only to find a shiny thong?

You’re a brave person, daring to go where most men’s knees tremble and palms sweat with pure anxiety. She believed she could get away with dishonest, and by no means even knew he had place the phone surveillance teachnology software program on her phone. With this software program it will less than a minute to install. Your first determination will probably be whether to buy a baby bed. The first thing that I want to point out about plus size corsets and busters is that you have just as many options in plus sizes as you do in other sizes. Publisher: fashionshopsonline Here are the first photo stills of the video Exotic Burberry Spring Summer 2011Signature Christopher Bailey. Here are some excellent pointers to finding that perfect dress with the style and price you want. So, if you want to learn how you can monitor all the activity on a Blackberry, I will show you a couple of issues to get started. Here are some wonderful tips to finding that good gown with the model and value you want.

You will be able to see what textual content messages have been despatched or obtained, what pictures are heading back and forth, and also what web sites have been accessed utilizing the mobile telephones’ browser. See for yourself what they have to say by reading some testimonials. More women today work long hours so its chiefly critical for these working women to have coziness and support. If you are going to be wearing boy shorts all day, try choosing something made of microfiber, while slightly more expensive it’s more comfortable, durable and long lasting. You are too cute. The best component is that you can verify the messages that the telephone is getting and sending on-line. Additionally, Schiesser panties can vary in accordance with design, suit and manufacture, making certain each probable frame will be catered regarding. The good news is sufficient, Schiesser underclothing can be found in numerous merchants equally real world and online.

At long last, come up with to flummox as closely with your personal taste perceptions as they possibly can. Used for disguise,you can switch whatever roles easily by these costume Cosplay/party,such as pirates,wizard,nurse,etc. Check out our Bikini Gallery as well! The sale of apparels and accessories, including online shopping for bra has gone up 30Percent over the last year. This is to a slim new year! Getting measured for a well-fitting bra isn’t embarrassing. BrasGenie Bra Review : As Seen On T.V. But there is a solution. Leaving space for your clothing and detergent to move freely in the machine ensures that stains and soil will be removed from your garments. Rest assured, Mariah herself will blast through your backyard. With prices as eye-catching as the pieces themselves, our ladies’ loungewear will keep you comfortable and looking drop dead gorgeous. Consider the dollars grow to be placed about or trains lasts, otherwise those people extremely expensive car charges. Some people equate the body stocking to a kind-of cat suit because it is so skintight.

Womens Lingerie – A Brief Overview

Like the slim rectangle, your secret is to try and soften that shape by adding curves. You can try to find your desired bras by entering into different online stores, and soon you obtain the one you want best. Sexy dresses: You can go for sexy dresses with low cut and deep neck. Additionally, the low rates offered here give them the opportunity to save money on the same big brands sold in other retail stores. Many women are regular and loyal shoppers at Ross, and love the collections offered. Many savvy Internet shoppers are easily able to buy beautiful clothes and other items for pennies on the dollar. Take advantage of this opportunity, and allow yourself to consider new and unusual items. To make sure there is actually a little bit of cross-over amongst the 2 however there is still really a difference. With Baby Phat style lingerie, you will still look attractive however you will be saving money whereas doing so. Publisher: sdfwre When you begin any investigate bustier via the internet, you will not regret come to be very difficult, to see by means of one simple look aided by the key “sexy lingerie” you should experience various consequences.

At Essili you can see all the colour options and many designs that are not available elsewhere. You will see there are actually a good amount of them and they are all accessible in your case. Lower Gill Moor that we must hope for results, She’sAnd Amory will have no other adventure like me. Maintain this your primary focus and you’ll have no difficulty making lots of cash. Why can women choose between practical and sexy, feminine, beautiful, and noble panties/lingerie while men only have practical stuff to choose from? A modern and intimate notion of lingerie, however, dictates that it is an intimate undergarment that can be paired with words a lot of women strive for, such as sensual, sexy and seductive. The very nature of the tropical themed club dresses and sexy satin cocktail dresses adapt themselves to the creativity of modern dress designers. In this hub I will go over some tips on how to make and maintain healthy lifestyle choices while stressed.

Topless barmaids would make your strippers bachelor party Minneapolis a complete success with your visitors looking forward to your next party. Sounds like a pajama party! When shopping for lingerie, it is best to do so online. Shop our women’s online boutique to buy supreme quality lingerie sets at the best affordable prices. Do shop with us, check out our online store for further enquiries! A woman checks the lot of considerations while buying the lingerie from any shop. Use Your Lingerie To Send Your Partner Into A Frenzy! If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to spice up your love life or just stand out from the crowd, look no further than slipping on some sexy vinyl lingerie. Very fun hub Princessa. They are finally appealing and will provide you with a form by which you’ll utterly look sensuous. Such is the flexibility of vinyl, you will soon discover that vinyl has evolved in uses – from electricity, construction work, auto manufacturing and packaging. Some companies on the Internet will provide sizing charts that allow conversion from say continental Europe to UK, to Australian sizes. Generally they will sit next to you and behave as though they are your girlfriend.

Already searches of toga costumes are found on the rise, due to the film’s advertising. It is a very well-known selection for bridal gifts, due to the fact several girls associate it with romance. It is not only perfect for your wedding night, but is likely to turn out to be a favorite form of sleepwear. She tells you everything about her day – even when she went out to buy new lingerie. There are many reasons to purchase and there are huge brands of sizzling lingerie on sale. These are pretty standard panties. Most panties are really not that expensive. If you are one of those women who has a voluptuously sexy body, you’ll know how hard it is to find the right clothes for you. Many men find the garter strap and the flash of bare thigh very exciting and the long leg panty girdle, although practical, has often been described (along with pantyhose) as a “passion killer”.

The gist of the story is a group of men living in a country without waves, throw a bundle of dynamite into a lake, the explosions caused waves that they were then able to surf. It runs silently in the track record, by no means alerting the consumer to its presence. Some online plus size women’s clothing stores carry a limited line. I packed good outside clothing – comfy, sturdy, and compact. But this dependence on mobile phones is precisely what makes phone surveillance teachnology software program so good at catching cheating husbands. Wives lie to their husband and husbands do the exact same as correctly to their wives. Other than Flexispy there are no other free deals accessible. The prices are very affordable. Figleaves are one of the market leaders in ladies underwear, so it makes sense for them to focus on this area. Do you want to discover how to start tracking and checking Blackberry action? Of course the primary cause of wrinkles and other harm to the skin is brought on by the sun. Essili sells the Diki designs to customer all over the world. ALL is equipped to produce a wide range of styles and designs using a variety of fabrics, lace and accessories based on customer’s requirement.

Margot Robbie donned a goth lingerie top on the red carpet

The lingerie, let us count the ways we love thee. Under clothes for no one but us, or under clothes for a lover we want to surprise. Under sweaters and blazers, paired with jeans. Paired with nothing at all when we’re lounging at home like queens. Nothing makes our souls happier than when we get to wear a sexy piece of lingerie out and about, and Margot Robbie’s gothic lingerie top perfectly illustrates our point.

Paired with a high-waisted skirt, this look is reminding us that the lingerie trend is here to stay, even through autumn.

Margot wore a simple lingerie-style top that featured spaghetti straps and plenty of lace trim. And while she could have gone down the expected path of pairing a look like this with some silk trousers or pants, we love that she chose a patterned Zimmermann skirt instead. Margot specifically wore a maroon and black full-length skirt with a cut-out and the result was striking.

In true Margot fashion, the actress paired the ensemble with a dark red lip that matched her skirt. With her short blonde hair in beachy waves and her neck adorned with a simple choker, this ensemble could go from the red carpet to the dance floor in no time.

Next time you’re worried about being “too much” in your lingerie top, just take a cue from Margot and wear a full skirt on the bottom to balance it all you.

Chance to work with lingerie as family-run business is looking to hire

A family-run lingerie business is looking for individuals to help grow its small team. Camille Lingerie is looking for people to join them in Derbyshire to help process orders.

The position involves picking and packing orders of underwear and nightwear for online sales and shops. All training will be provided, no experience is necessary.

A spokesman for Camille Lingerie said: “The individual just needs to be hardworking and conscientious.”

On its website, Camille bosses state that they were committed to offering a diverse and high quality range of lingerie, shapewear and nightwear for women of all shapes and sizes with a focus on bright colours, bold patterns and designer style.

The company has been built upon two generations of manufacturing, wholesale and retail experience, which has resulted in the creation of the Camille brand. From the very start, the focus has been to provide a blend of classic quality and feminine style at sensible prices.

Michelle Mone’s ex-husband’s rival lingerie firm goes bust

A RIVAL lingerie firm set up by Michelle Mone’s ex husband has gone into liquidation after suffering losses of more than £600,000.


Michael Mone set up Pendulum Apparel in 2011 after Michelle, 45, bought out his share in their Ultimo firm following their acrimonious split.


He set up the rival underwear firm in partnership with the designer at the centre of the couple’s split. Samantha Bunn, 32, held a similar role to the one she had at Ultimo, The Mone’s divorced after Michelle accused Michael of having an affair with Miss Bunn, a successful lingerie designer who made her name working for Ultimo.

Ms Bunn was sacked by Mrs Mone over her alleged relationship with Michael but received a £10,000 pay off after threatening legal action.


Michael and Samantha were married at St Palladius Church near Auchenblae, Aberdeenshire in 2015.


Shortly before Pendulum entered liquidation he set up firm Muse 88 which is officially listed as “Non-specialised wholesale trade”.


Mr Mone said: “Due to margin pressures, retail nervousness and the hugely weakened Pound, it was decided to wind up the company.


“A sad reality in btoday’s political climate.”


Michelle and Michael co-founded Ultimo in 1996 and they quickly turned it into a global brand by using a host of top famous models including Penny Lancaster and Rachel Hunter.


But in 2014 Michelle announced she’d “hung up her bra” and sold most of her shares in Ultimo.


The following year the costumer designer for the movie Erin Brockovich rubbished her claims that she designed the bra Julia Roberts wore in the film.


Michael and Michelle split in 2011. She accused him of having an affair with 37-year-old Samantha – something he has always denied.


After Michelle made the accusation in her autobiography he said: “The book is a work of total fiction, easily disproved by simple facts and is full of accusations about me which I refute entirely.”


The entrepreneur recently tied the business knot with Glaswegian business man Douglas Barrowman.

The pair recently launched their first venture MMI Global Limited, with Lady Mone owns 49 per cent of shares.


She recently revealed that she was planning to slim down for her new partner -by embarking on a zero-carbs diet.


Ultimo’s first bra went on sale in 1999 and the design sold out instantly and Ultimo is now one of the biggest lingerie companies in the UK.


A string of famous faces have fronted the brand’s campaigns, beginning with Rod Stewart’s statuesque wife, Penny Lancaster.


Stewart’s former wife, Rachel Hunter, and daughter Kimberley have also appeared in Ultimo campaigns, as has Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

Lonely Lingerie Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month With This Empowering Portrait Series

If you’re sick of the typical pinkwashing that comes with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is the reframing you need. Lonely Lingerie is combining powerful photography with incredible women for a celebration of life that goes way beyond your typical pink-splattered beauty product. The Lonely Girls Project, a photo-based effort created by the lingerie brand, is teaming up with cancer nonprofit Sweet Louise to release a photo series that perfectly encompasses what Breast Cancer Awareness Month is all about. There’s even a way for you to get involved, too.

When the Lonely Girls Project started, it was a way for Lonely Lingerie to feature women of all sizes and experiences wearing lingerie their way. While the idea of this breast cancer-focused series is still the same, the Lonely Girls Project is getting a very special upgrade in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.

For October, the Lonely Girls Project features three women living with incurable cancer in New Zealand in unretouched lingerie shots. The spread is in partnership with Sweet Louise, a charitable organization dedicated to providing support and resources to women living with incurable types of cancer in New Zealand.

Each woman chose her own lingerie outfit for the shoot and got to experience a day to celebrate their bodies and spread a message of positivity.

“I thought I would be self-conscious and embarrassed on the day, but not at all,” Marian, one of the women photographed, said in a press release. “I loved the day and I love the lingerie. The sets make me feel special when I wear them… It is fantastic to have such beautiful pieces that actually fit a larger frame — and an older one.”

Through the moving photo series, Lonely Lingerie reminds us of those often forgotten in the conversation around breast cancer — those who are unlikely to survive their diagnosis.

The powerful photo series is incredible, to say the least. The women look stunning and show that the brand’s clothing is for women of all sizes, ages, and experiences. But the cause doesn’t stop with mere photos.

Lonely Lingerie also commissioned local New Zealand artist Ophelia Mikkelson to design a top for the cause, too. The plain white T-shirt features a minimalist silhouette of a body that’s perfect for spreading an empowering message — and keeping breast cancer awareness and prevention on the brain — far beyond October.

You can shop the gorgeous design for $80 on Lonely Lingeries’s website right now through the rest of the month.

The shirt might be pricey, but it’s all for good reason. The brand will be donating 100 percent of proceeds from the tee to the Breast Cancer Foundation in New Zealand. The organization uses donations to funding research, education, and prevention initiatives, and support for those going through their breast cancer journey, according to the website.

“It is coming up 10 years now since I was diagnosed, and I think about it every day,” Maggie, one of the women photographed, said in the release. “The day my husband and I were told at best I had a 10 percent chance of survival was an absolute nightmare.

“I was and am not ready to give up on that 10 percent. My family means the world to me, and I have not yet seen enough of what my two fantastic children will achieve in their lives to stop watching.”