How to Choose A Hat in Autumn and Winter?

Straw hats and visors are warm-weather hats that are great for summer vacations but come fall and winter, you will need a different kind of headwear.  When the temperature drops, we tend to focus our shopping on cozy sweaters, new coats or ankle boots.  But it is the hat accessory that can take a fall or winter outfit to the next level.  We lose a significant amount of heat through our heads and this is the reason why it is important to wear a hat in the colder months.  Not only does this accessory keep our heads warm, it is the perfect and practical accessory to dress up our winter outfits. Do not underestimate the power of a good hat. 

The selection of hats for fall and winter in the market is wide ranging.  There are chic fedoras, slim berets, and cozy beanies that offer more opportunities to hide bad hair days and also elevate your any outfit.  Whether you are searching for beanies with pom poms or warm winter hats  to keep you cozier than a jacket, look out for caps made of wool and fleece to keep you toasty.   Read on to find out how to choose the best cool-weather headwear that you want to wear to keep you snug and stylish in fall and winter.


A fedora is both stylish and classic.  Get one that is made of wool to keep you warm on the chilliest days. Choose one that is lined with satin to reduce hair friction and lock in moisture.


The beret is one of the most popular hats that has truly stood the test of time.  Celebrities in the past and present have been accessorizing with the beret.  A felted wool beret is an ideal choice that is super chic and will add a touch of Parisian to your fall outfit.


The knit beanie is definitely a winter style staple for everyone. Many may prefer a sleek style in neutral color palette such as black or gray but getting one with a different color would bring the perfect amount of joyous street-style chic to any drab winter look.  For those who love the ski fashion look, get one with a floppy, fluffy pom-pom. 

Bucket Hat

The bucket hat was once a summer staple but now, it has gone beyond that season.  This headgear is perfect for transitioning into fall.

Baseball Cap

An athleisure staple, a baseball cap lined with shearling is great for a quick and easy grocery store runs.

Choosing a hat that is best for fall and winter is more than just finding one that fits. It is important to look for hats with the right fabric.  Luxe fabrics such as cashmere, wool, faux fur lining will keep you warm and looking glamourous.  Do not be afraid to try something new.  If you have been wearing a close-fitting beaning covering your ears, you may want to try on a slouchy beanie worn above the ears.    You may also want to consider wearing hats with colors if you have always been opting for basic black or neutrals.  This will add a pop of color to a monochromatic look.

Essential Hats for Girls in Winter

It is essential to wear hats during the winter season because it helps protect your hair from the cold weather. It is also an accessory that will look fabulous and fashionable with many of your winter outfits. Hats in the winter season are popular because they’re necessary for keeping your head warm and your hair from being damaged. Here are some of the most winter-appropriate and trendiest hats you can try this season:


The bucket hat is one of the most popular hats this year because of its chic and versatile style. The faux shearling bucket hat is the best for the winter season because it can match winter outfits so well and give more personality to your overall style. Not to mention, faux fur adds thickness to the hat to contribute to keeping your head warm.

One of the best features of a bucket hat is that it keeps your styled hair in place. Unlike other headwear, which tends to constrict or push your head of hair inwards, a bucket hat can still show off your carefully styled locks.


A cabbie hat looks casual and straightforward but also very stylish, which can make your outfit look chic and voguish. This houndstooth cabbie hat can be worn in a variety of ways. If you want to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt, you can add a cabbie hat, and you’ll instantly look more put together.

This season, it’s highly recommended to pair a cabbie hat with faux fur or leather clothing items for that preppy yet edgy look. For accessories, a pair of boots would look so good with a cabbie hat!


Beanies is a must-have in a women’s wardrobe this winter season because of how it can protect your head from the cold. It is also very stylish and famous in the winter and fall because of how it can get along with casual wear that gives you a street look vibe.

With what’s going on in the world, the fashion industry is continuously changing to meet the daily demands of fashionistas who want to stay chic yet safe. This knitted beanie with a built-in mask is a timely fashion accessory that will not only keep you safe but will also keep you warm yet still on-trend.


Bonnet is one of the best hats to wear for casual wear because of its versatile look that can match any outfit. Wearing a bonnet in the winter season cover your hair and can also protect your ears from freezing. Isn’t that little furry pom-poms look so adorable on top of your head?

Knitted hats are the perfect accessory for this winter season because it feels comfortable and will keep your body warm. It is good to match with a coat, sweaters, and scarves that will look stylish and keep you warm.  

Look elegant, wearing a beret this winter to keep your head warm. Did you know that berets have been around since the 1700s? No wonder this style looks so classy and posh! Who wouldn’t want to feel like you’re wearing a million dollars worth of outfit? Even though a cashmere beret isn’t worth this much, the vibe of grace a beret gives your look makes it feel like you’re wearing an expensive one.

Don’t be afraid to try out newly returned trendy hats to keep you warm and feeling wonderful styled so nicely this winter season. Match these hats into your winter outfits to look more modern and well put together. Wearing the perfect winter cap that fits your style, and the season will be like a newly found gem.  

Modern Ways to Wear a Hoodies: Style It with a Skirt

One of the most comfortable and practical items that you should not be missing in your wardrobe is a hoodie. The warm, comfy garment is a modern ladieswear that is perfect for just hanging around the house, going to groceries with a friend, or a casual weekend outfit. The hoodie is typically partnered with sweatpants, but have you considered pairing it with skirts? Before you go out to find the skirt perfect for your style, be sure to read this guide. I have listed the type of skirts you can wear with a hoodie for a look as stylish as you would have wanted them to.

Big Girls Velour Pullover Hoodie and Button Fly Denim Skirt

Take out your favorite hoodie and have it paired with this high waist denim skirt to have that simple look that you could wear any time of the day. This comfy look would be perfect for those who just want to feel relaxed but at the same time fashionable.

Big Girls Velour Pullover Hoodie   Button-Fly Denim Skirt

Cropped Velvet Half-Zip Hoodie and A-Line Maxi Skirt

Ever imagined that a cropped hoodie would be perfect with a maxi skirt? Black hoodies in the present time are so unique and extremely popular. And these black hoodies look great with darker pants and jeans, and also definitely with skirts. Black hoodies and skirts also look good with anyone because black is one of the basic colors that would make anyone look good, elegant, as well as thin. This is what makes me understand that this style will not lose its popularity anytime soon.


Cropped Velvet Half-Zip Hoodie  A-Line Maxi Skirt

INC Shadow-Stripe Front-Zip Hoodie and Dotted Ruffle-Trim Skirt

Who would not love striped hoodies? This type of hoodie is in a shadow-stripe design where you could partner it with any top of your liking. It would also look good with this black dotted ruffle-trim skirt and accessorize a little bit to enhance the look. White and black definitely looks good together.  

INC Shadow-Stripe Front-Zip Hoodie  Dotted Ruffle-Trim Skirt

Basic Half-Zip Hoodie and Utility Cargo Mini Skirt

Let’s go away with white and black and try out colorful combinations. This half-zip hoodie looks and feels very comfortable and is perfect during the winter season. Pairing it with another skirt fairly similar to its color gives more fun and attraction. Don’t be afraid to try out different color combinations and find what best suits your personality.

Basic Half-Zip Hoodie  Utility Cargo Mini Skirt   

Carla Tie-Dye Hooded Sweatshirt + Croc Embossed Mini-Skirt

This tie-dye hooded sweatshirt with its beautiful pink designs looks very vibrant and relaxing to the eye. This would give you an elegant but simple look especially if paired with a mini-skirt. This is perfect for meeting with friends or going out for a date.

Carla Tie-Dye Hooded Sweatshirt  Croc Embossed Mini-Skirt 

All hoodies are made to keep you warm and they all come with hundreds of design and styles. Since they are usually made from cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, hoodies are extremely comfortable. They could also be used for all seasons. What is also amazing is you could pair them with anything and astonishingly even with different style of skirts.

Fashion Style: 6 Knitwear Styles for This Autumn

Brown, beige, khaki, and nude color can quickly target the autumn trend. Knitwear in this color will draw a lot of attention and popularity in fall 2020. With the knitwear fashion style in autumn colors, you can definitely enjoy fashion during this autumn season. You can enjoy the different taste of dressing by putting casual items and giving accents with simple accessories.

In the autumn, you can wear knitwear to get trendy and chic with one tone autumn outfit. This year, the elegant fashion style is likely to be the mainstream, so it is best to choose a longer length and get a feminine look with knitwear.

1. Knitwear dress

This is the perfect staple piece for everyone to have in their closet! The knitted dress with patterns allows you to enjoy the changing seasons together from warm summer to autumn. You still can wear this dress in autumn as the color represents that season itself. It has a high quality knitted material and comfy so it can be matched with basically anything and will look great. I definitely recommend adding this knit dress to your wardrobe.

This knitwear dress is absolutely stunning. You can dress up or down which makes it an ideal fit for any occasion. This looks super cute, vintage, and elegant at the same time. It gives you 80s and 90s vibes as the dress are pretty simple. It is easy to style together or with other pieces. The buttons are also adjustable to be more or less revealing. Love how you can do or undo the buttons depending on your style, however.

2. Knitwear top / cardigan

I will also highly recommend this knitwear top for your autumn staple outfit. It looks so comfy and can literally go with anything, this is such a versatile piece for any bottom.

Material is so soft, stretchy, and great quality, the sleeves are the perfect length and it is a beautiful fit. The puff sleeves add a feminine and elegant look to this top.

The Verone Cardigan is made of mottled alpaca knit. It’s designed with a v neckline and dropping shoulder. The cardigan looks so warm and pretty comfy to wear in the autumn when the weather is starting a bit cool. Such a staple basic everyone needs in their wardrobe. So easy to style with any outfit.

3. Knitwear skirt

This knitwear pleated skirt can be a new trend for the autumn outfit. It’s pretty comfortable and looks trendy to be worn everywhere and on any casual occasion. You can think of several ways to style this skirt. You can wear them casually with sneakers and a t-shirt or you can dress it up with boots or heels to get a chic look. This also looks adorable with a tee or crop top and sandals.

Strike in your staple silhouettes with the Lola Midi Skirt. It accentuates your curves perfectly and beautifully. It definitely hugs all your curves as it fits well on your body. It’s easy to dress it up with heels or wear with sneakers for a casual day look.

sexy sweater dress

Sexy Sweater Dress and Enduring Fashion

A sweater dress is a knitted dress made to suit your body and keep you warm during the cold weather. You can also wear it as a casual dress for business meetings.  

When you wear an elegant sweater dress, your peers will see you as a highly influential, ambitious, dedicated, and serious woman. Wearing a sexy sweater dress to the office will enable you to attract more attention from your colleagues and clients. A sweater dress is a fashionable dress that will make a statement any day.

The soft knit material used in making a sweater dress will give you comfort and emotional security. The sweat dress made up of soft knit material is comfortable to wear to work, and you will look more trustworthy in the dress. It is an excellent office wears.

To ensure you look cute and chic, wear a sweater dress with undergarments made of spandex-like materials that will keep the knit flat in your body. Also choose, thin flat knit and non-itchy sweater dresses that will make you comfortable.

There are several ways to keep yourself warm during the winter without you wearing pajamas. One such favorite stay-in-warm style is a sweater dress. The dress is chic, smooth, and will keep you warm. Another way to stay warm in winter is to pair your sweater by combining the sweater dress with tight knits and high-quality boots. 

The simple look is cute in design and cut, with little accessories added to it. It comes in variety, which will be an addition to your wardrobe.

There are several sweater dress colors, designs, and styles that will make you look stunning, beautiful, and irresistible. 

One of the favorite women dresses during the cold weather is a sweater dress. It is easy and comfy to wear and is relaxed in the body. You can add accessories to it to make it unique. 

You can style sweat dress in these three ways.

Combine sweater dress with Leggings 

You can wear a short sweater dress over black leggings to complete your outfit uniquely. When you put on leggings with a sweater dress, it will make the dress looks longer over the leggings making your hips to get noticed.

As beautiful as the knit is, so also the sweater dress when you wear it. The wholesale bodysuit and cashmere sweater will give the stunning, chic, and gorgeous look you desire.

Combine with other dresses

You can combine your sweat dress directly with other dresses to make a complete outfit. You can wear shorts or extra curved to support your waistline. Ensure fastening your knitted sweater dress and get dressed using a pleasing belt to complement your outfit. If the strap is busy, the extra-large and extensive your belt will be. Fancifully wear it around your waistline or a much loosely wider belt around your waist to complete a perfect look.

Add a headband

Add a headband for visible interest with a pair of bags and boots, and you are done. You will appear splendid on this sweater when you get to dress up; however, it will fit well with HexinFashion coupled with the whole thing on your wardrobe.

Shoes Every Women Should Have in Her Closet

If you are fashionable women, you should stick to shoes that boost and flatter your style more. On the other hand, you tend to choose all-purpose and basic shoes to suit a wide range of your outfits. Today’s trend is that you want to enjoy fashion while spending yourself comfortably, rather than being fashionable for someone. When choosing shoes, the best condition is that they are easy on your feet and easy to walk.

This time, I would like to introduce women’s coordination of sandals, mules, pumps, and sneakers that suits every style, and of course, it’s comfy to wear in long time usage. You can expect a style up because it looks fine.

These are shoes that every woman should have in her closet. They will give you a gorgeous look regardless of the style of the clothes you wear.

This shoe is a total showstopper, this style can easily be fancy or casual. The heels are super high but surprisingly comfortable. I have read many reviews saying how comfortable the shoes are. You will receive so many compliments when you wore these shoes. They fit perfectly, and they are easy to walk. You can dress them up with a skirt or dress, or they look amazing with only jeans and a top. However, these shoes will glow up any outfit. 

Another must-have item is flat shoes with a square toe that makes your legs look beautiful. It’s easy to put on your feet and you can wear it daily because it doesn’t have heels, but it’s a beautiful item so it’s recommended for women! They are comfortable to walk in and does not get tired when worn for a long time.

The basic and simple black color makes it easy to incorporate into your casual outfit and it is also delivered feminine touch. A simple flat shoes that are good in any clothes, it is good if you have one pair in your wardrobe.

Square toe boots are the one you need to look fashionable this season. These boots have a croc pattern that is neat and elegant to suit any coordinates. It’s made so that it can be worn by every woman and doesn’t look too cheap or too casual because the high-quality material is like genuine leather.
If you combine short boots with pants, it will make it look chic and trendy. These also featuring feminine designs which are pointed toe for a refreshing touch, just show your ankle for a fashionable look.

For those who want to heel up firmly but are worried about tired legs, these chuncky heel is recommended. This pair is perfect for daily use with a timeless and simple design. The strap design and the moderately high heel create a feminine step, and the nude color adds a sense of luxury and elegance. The middle heel is easy to walk, so it is recommended for those who are not familiar with heels. It goes well with jeans and wide trousers, and it will give you a presence and update your style as well. These strap heels makes your legs look thin and beautiful as you can show nailart.

This lightweight platform sneaker from Zara is perfect for every day and casual coordinate. The platform sole adds a casual feel, making it easy to incorporate into your casual style. The all-white color is feminine, and of course you can wear it all season as well.

Hoodies Time: Find the Latest Hoodies Fashion Now

Fall is here so it is kind of logical to talk about this fashion item. You could probably  guess by the title what are we goin to talk ( or better to say write about ) and yes hoodies are our main topic today.

Elegance and fashion are great but every fashion diva has to have a sporty part of the closet as well, right? When you are getting ready to dress up with the intention to go somewhere the first thing you ask yourself is: ” What is the occasion? “ The second thing is regarding weather but let’s face it – you can wear hoodies even during summer ( they are that type of clothing you can wear throughout the whole year but rainy weather is usually associated with them).

Now that we have mentioned weather the positive things about hoodies is that you don’t have to wear an umbrella when you have a hoodie ( some people hate umbrellas from an unkown reason ). And what is the best way to warm up than throw on a cozy warm hoodie over your sporty outfit.

If it interests you ( and it probably does consider that you clicked on this title ) we gathered a couple of our favorite example hoodies. The choice online is wide, and so are the prices. There are hoodies for everyone’s budget. All you need to do is sit, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy the shopping.

adidas Training logo hoodie in black


There are three simple but yet so beautiful hoodies that we found on Asos. We tried to pick out a different brand so you have an opportunity to experience different price ranges and styles. In the photos above you could see one Nike hoodie ( click HERE to check it out). This is a simple zip-up hoodie that you can pair with track pants as well. This is a pricier hoodie but Nike has proven over the years to have a great quality. The second type of hoodie is a classic Adidas hoodie. If you throw on this cutie you will be noticed for sure. Click HERE to check it out. And the last hoodie we found on Asos is from a brand called Missguided. Who could resist this gorgeous all-white hoodie? If you want to take a closer look click HERE.

Missguided basic co-ord in white



We featured one from Urban outfiters and New Look as well. So what do you guys think?

Latest Fashion Looks You Need to Know All for This Season

Autumn is all about transitioning to a different season and weather. From the scorching heat of the sun to the ice crisp cold of the winter, fall is the perfect season to experiment with your style because you can wear a mix of clothes from both summer and winter depending on where you live.

This fall comes new fashion looks you need to know to look amazingly prepped for the cool season!

1.Bright Colored Suits

Double Breasted Suit Jacket
Double Breasted Suit Jacket

Bright colored suits are your go-to style if you want to look professional yet stylishly colorful in suits. You can wear a pair of the bright-colored suit with a pair of strappy heels and a silver clutch. You`ll not only look business-line but modernly unique and bold.

2. Metallic

Metallic outfit is very trendy during the fall season and there`s a wonderful reason why! Those icy aura metallic clothes give looks cool yet super cute! You can wear a metallic denim jacket and skirt with plain clothes and accessories to highlight the hip look you`re rocking!

3. Puff Sleeves

Puffy sleeves had been a trend during summer season most commonly seen with crop tops but this fall, puff sleeves are wonderful to be a part of your dress or blouses. Puffy sleeves will definitely give your entire look a classic highlight.

You can definitely wear puff sleeves with any pastel colored clothing and accessories.

4. Fringes

Fringes in tops, dresses, cardigans and even bags has been increasingly popular. These fringes give the entire look a unique and casual twist to your outfit.  You can wear these fringes in any way possible but the most popular way to wear them is with a fringed cardigan since the fall season can be quite chilly.

You can wear fringe from top to toe and simply wear plain jewelries like pearls to not look too over the top.

5. Over-sized Cardigan

Wearing over-sized cardigan is like a more dressed up way of wearing sweaters. Cardigans not only keep you warm but are very stylish as well. There are a ton of cardigan styles you can choose from but an over-sized cardigan with excellent fabric will keep you comfortable this season!

You can simply wear a collared blouse, a pair of high waist pants, and boots with your over-sized cardigan. You can also accessorize with a pair of dangling earrings and bucket bag.

6. Argyle

Clothes with an Argyle print immediately makes the entire look pretty and preppy. The great thing about this print is it`s quite common so it`s easy to spot a clothing with this print. You might even have one in your closet! Now is the right time to take out those Argyle-printed clothes and wear them this fall.

You can wear a matching cardigan and skirt with Argyle print, pair with brown boots with printed or dolly socks showing, add a bucket bag, and you`ll instantly look in style this season!

7. Plaids

Plaids are the ultimate go-to for an easy chic and classy look. You can wear a simple over-sized shirt, a plaid blazer, and pointed kitten heels. Accessorize with a hard case cross body purse and you`ll immediately look chic without trying too hard.

8. Bow Style

Saul Cropped Bow-Detail Shirt
Saul Cropped Bow-Detail Shirt

Outfits with a plain bow style add a cute twist to your look. A simple bow on your blouse, skirt, pants, shoes or bag can immediately show your charming and approachable personality.

Some of the best clothes with bows are the ones on formal blouses, preppy skirts or heels.

The fall season has definitely brought some cool fashion trends which you can incorporate in both your casual and formal wear. This season is all about dressing up comfortably while staying chic with simple statement and cool clothing pieces which are very popular right now.

How to Style a Trench Coat: 5 Tips to Make it Really Easy

Trench coats is not only helps in protecting you in winters but also enhances your look to a great extent. You can find plenty of options in the market in these coats. But the main problem occurs when it comes to pair it with your outfit. It is because it is not possible that your coat goes with any outfit you wear. Some are perfect for short dresses while others are good for jeans and trousers. If you are getting confused then given below are some options for you:

Big notch lapel with single breasted coat

This classic notch lapel coat with long sleeves is the best option if you are looking for official use. The front button and upper closure allow you to wear and take off easily. Its breasted pocket gives a sophisticated look to the piece. The mid-length of the coat allows you to pair it with your long boots and short dresses. 2 hand pockets on the sides allow you to keep your daily stuff without any problem.

Water repellant surface trench coat

This type of trench coat is made of high-quality cotton that has water repellant properties. This timeless double-breasted coat has a contrasting button that offers a toned look to the piece. The removable waist belt and adjustable clips at sleeves allow you to make the changes according to your comfort level.

Detailed trench coat

This is the best option if you are looking for a party to wear a trench coat. The traditional tailoring details make it more attractive while its peak lapels add a charm to your personality. The belted cuff protects your sleeves from getting wet in winters and its welted front pockets allow you to keep your daily stuff easily.

Stone woven trench coat

It’s time to update your look with this stone woven trench coat. The button fastening feature allows you to wear and take off easily. You can easily pair it with any dress in your wardrobe no matter its midi dress or maxi dress.

Double-breasted trench coat

This is the best option for the winter season. Its contrast lining and removable belt make it the perfect piece in terms of looks and comfortability. The length of the coat is pretty less in comparison to others that allow you to pair it with your jeans or trousers easily.

New Fall Looks and Fashion Trends – Knitwear Styles

It is that time of the year finally! Time to pull your perfect knitwear out of your closet, time to pull out your favorite trench coat, time to wear your precious boots. Yes, it is finally autumn! Many of you may not be so excited about this season but all of the fashion freaks love fall, isn’t that right?

It is that time of the season when you can do the layering as much as you want! Layers and layers of clothing are sometimes necessary to keep you warm during cold autumnal and winter days.

The reason why we love this period of the year ( besides holiday, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, and in general cozying up ) are many choices we have to make regarding our daily outfits. Many layers demand that you wear more clothing than you usually do and that means that you need to shop more and for every shopaholic out there those are golden words. I mean who loves fashion but does not love shopping? Let’s be real, everyone loves shopping.

Now during these pandemic times, we might be a bit limited regarding where you are based in this crazy world but we can all go online shopping, right? Shopping for knitwear is the most popular kind of shopping currently.

Everyone wears knitwear. It is a piece of clothing that will never go out of style and that will always keep us warm during long and cold winter days. It is upon you just to decide what type of knitwear suits you best, what type of knitwear goes with your style. The choice is very wide because there is something new out there every year. Just remember that pom knitwear trend.

Literally, everything came and went out of fashion in the last couple of years, The most important rule when you shop for knitwear is to choose fabrics. Well, it is not a rule, some people don’t care about fabrics obviously ( because polyester sweaters are being sold as well ) but is a smart thing to do! It is as simple as that. Why would you want to boil in an uncomfortable polyester if you could warm yourself up in a natural material like wool or cashmere? Here are some knits we found online. Feel free to tell us your opinion because we are eager to hear what you think