If you are looking for something to renew your closet with this season than you are on the right place because we want to suggest you looking at Nordstrom dresses.

A good dress is something every woman should have. A dress is considered to be the most feminine item a woman should wear and especially if you pair it with pumps. There are all sorts of dresses out there for everyone’s taste so we assure you that there is something for you as well. While surfing on Nordstrom website we noticed that there is wide price range for dresses. You could easily find a beautiful affordable dress but there are also the ones you should really invest in.

Those are usually the formal ones. Price range goes from   10$ to even 10500 $ so you can see what we mean. Many of famous influencers display Nordstrom products on their social and they usually give them a positive impression so it is definitely a store you should try. Remember that dress is the easiest thing to throw on when you are in the hurry.

You don’t have to combine much and yet you will look absolutely gorgeous. Down below we wanted to show you a couple of dresses which we liked so take a look and feel free to tell us your opinion:

SQUARE NECK CAMI MINI DRESS – Here is an example of the cheapest dress on their website. The positive thing about all of you plus size ladies is that they have a range of plus size dresses as well.

TIE NECK LONG SLEEVE SEQUIN MIDI DRESS – Considering that we have shown you the cheapest dress on Nordstrom website we also wanted to show you the most expensive one. As we have already said the most expensive ones are usually formal dresses. This one is from Yves Saint Laurent.

EMBROIDERED A- LINE MIDI DRESS – If you want a dress that will make you feel like you are in a fairytale than this soft pink dress should be your choice.

PALMARA SLEEVELESS LEATHER DRESS – If you are a true fashion lover and you know all the current trends out there than you know that leather is an absolute must this season.

SMOCKED LONG SLEEVE DRESS – Here is one more trend that should definitely hit your radar. Everyone knows how popular puff sleeves are this season.

Yes, Ladies of Every Shape can Wear a Bodycon Dress

Body-conscious dresses or in short ‘’body con’’ are dresses that flatter sexy curves and amplifies woman’s body shape, it is known for its different styles and unique patterns. Body con dresses are known as a hugging figure type of dress especially with girls that has a perfect body figure, however body con dresses are also perfect for a plus-size woman.

Fashion has no sizes or shapes it always depends on how you see yourself wearing your own style. Knowing your body shape is essential in accepting and knowing your own fashion and helps you to determine what you like and what you don’t.  

There are so many personal testimonies of bodycon dresses users that this dress does not require any type of body figure, but it requires confidence in wearing it.

Well! Body con dresses are known for their versatility that’s why it is popular among women. It is also a lover-beauty and an ideal dress for everyone.

Despite having huge figures bodycon dresses become one of plus size woman choice on finding perfect dresses. Below are tips that can help you.

Know your own body figure

Some people are asking why it is important that and the individual must know their own body figure and body shapes, in reality knowing it will help you to find perfect clothes and dresses for you. It is also necessary because it shows balance. Your body shape is your silhouette or your outline which helps you to look for flattering clothes just for you. Of course, it is important to love your own body and show some confidence. Any skin color is also good on a bodycon dress.

Learn to use a body waist trainer

Waist trainer for bodycon dresses is one of the greatest thing ever invented that helps to shape women’s body figure, some corsets also will help. In addition, some adults or even teens use shape wears for lessening some visible tummy fats. Waist trainers are popular to use by plus size body people on the other hand some petite girls also choose to wear this for adding sexy curves.

Finding a perfect style for body con dresses

Looking at an apt style of dresses that fits your body is difficult and takes time for a person to choose.

Bodycon dresses bring beauty and chic vibe to people who wear it. There are simply designed body con dresses but other styles of it will give more reasons to love it! Body con dresses can have different styles one of the most popular styles it has are the spaghetti strap, it can be on different lengths such as what we called the maxi and the mini dresses.  Some style represents different cultures. Others may choose the conservative style of body-con dresses and others wanted the revealing one.

Adding more clothes and accessories will make it more stunning.

Different types of dresses will look pretty if you know how to appreciate it.

Trendy Dresses for Women 2020

There are many trendy dresses that you can go to for this year. You can shop through various categories based on your style and your body size. Most of the online stores have a good collection of latest fashion trends and you can check these sites to grab the best outfits. There are many girls who want to have a sexy curvy look. In this case, you can go with simple bodycon dresses. These dresses hug your body perfectly and enhance your natural curves effortlessly. If you want to go with the bodycon dresses but you are not sure about your body curves, you can go with the various types of body shapers to get the perfect hourglass figure. You can pair this dress with a cropped jacket if you want.

Like Minded Burgundy Bodycon Midi Dress
Like-Minded Burgundy Bodycon Midi Dress

If you want to have a perfect casual look, you can go with denim dresses. These are easily available online at affordable prices. Denim dresses come in various shades and you can go with the popular shade of washed denim. You can also go with the distressed patterns on your dress to make it more trendy and street style. These dresses are very comfortable and you can pair them with your comfy sneakers to get the complete look.

Pocket Side Split Back Dungaree Dress
Pocket Side Split Back Dungaree Dress

There are many girls who want to have a comfy and trendy look as well. If you are one of them then you can go with the t-shirt dresses. These dresses are having loose fitting to give you a comfy look. You can go with the oversized t-shirt look and pair it with white sneakers. These dresses are available in various shades and patterns. You can go with the striped patterns or you can choose the simple solid colors as per your preference.

Cafe Society Navy Blue Striped Shirt Dress
Cafe Society Navy Blue Striped Shirt Dress

Cape dresses are very trending nowadays and you can go with the various lengths of the capes. These capes look amazing when combined with the bodycon dresses. If you are going for the extra dramatic look, you can choose the full-length cape in your dress to stand out from the rest. Pair the dress with the dainty jewelry and you are good to go.

Boat Neck Chiffon Stretch Cape Gown
Boat Neck Chiffon Stretch Cape Gown

Backless dresses are available in various categories. You can go with the flowy dresses in the backless category if you want a comfortable look or you can also go with the skinny fit in the backless category. Choose different trendy back cutouts in your dress to get the amazing look instantly. Pair this dress with big hoop earrings.


Bodycon Dress for Plus Size 2020

Bodycon dresses are typically worn by the ladies with flawless figures. However, that doesn’t mean a plus-size cannot wear them. This is where society should prevent making a decision about others from their appearances. Nobody has a right to discourage somebody what to wear and what not to wear. A young lady should wear what she feels like, regardless of her size.

There is no standard in a fashion that says that only a slim young lady can wear a bodycon dress. Plus size ladies can as well rock this amazing fashion trend.

Bodycon dresses are made to flatter your curves. It’s a dress sticking to your figure and showing your shape. That is the motivation behind a vast majority of plus size ladies avoiding such body embracing dresses.

Tips for Plus Size Women Wearing Bodycon Dresses

  • When you have made a determination about wearing it, stick to that! Accept that you can pull it off.
  • Pick the correct shapewear to straighten any uneven fleshy parts of your body.
  • Select a bodycon dress of your own size.
  • For an ideal look, consistent seamless shapewear and bra must not be overlooked.

Most ideal Ways to Wear Bodycon Dresses

Here we have arranged the most appropriate methods for wearing bodycon dresses for plus size ladies.

Printed Bodycon dresses

At the point when you are plus size, the best activity is to disguise those bends. What’s more, a printed outfit would be an incredible assistance in that. With a plus-size body, don’t select prints that are excessively enormous. Large prints will, in general, make you look heavier.

Plus Size Floral Print Mini Dress
Plus Size Floral Print Mini Dress

Disguise the Abdominal Area

In the event that you are not happy about your stomach region to be the focal point, there are ways to cover up. A wide belt around your waistline offers a thinning impact. This makes the belt, the point of attention, rather than the stomach. A peplum style outfit on the waistline is one more good thought for veiling this overwhelming region.

Fashion Women Plus Size V-Neck Overlay Sequin Bodycon Asymmetric Party Dress_Black_XXXXXL
Fashion Women Plus Size V-Neck Overlay Sequin Bodycon Asymmetric Party Dress_Black_XXXXXL

Wear a Layered Top

Those who would prefer not to uncover your body spread it up under certain layers. It would give you an increasingly adjusted and proportionate look. This could be in any way similar to a well-cut jacket, a cardigan, or a larger than average pullover. Indeed, even a denim coat sits well with a printed dress.

Plus Size Ribbed Sweater Dress
Plus Size Ribbed Sweater Dress

Pick the Best Fabric

Keeping in mind your weight, settle on fabrics that are firm. Strong fabric to give you smooth curves without showing off additional bumps. Choosing sheer dress would make every single detail of your body openly obvious, including the private zones, particularly your underwear line.

SHEIN Plus Puff Sleeve Sweetheart Neck Bodycon Dress
SHEIN Plus Puff Sleeve Sweetheart Neck Bodycon Dress

Bodycon with a Crop Top

Individuals, who don’t want to go out wearing an all-out bodycon dress, why not wear it in another tasteful way. A crop top and a knee-length pencil skirt, all would make the equivalent bodycon impact in a more tasteful manner.


Being a plus-size woman, if wearing bodycon dresses have been your greatest fear, it shouldn’t be, any longer. You have this gorgeous body. Be appreciative of it. For whatever length of time that you are feeling lovely, accept that, more than anything. You have such a great amount to do and explore different avenues regarding dressing. Feel confident and quit feeling timid. We are hopeful the motivation and styles given here would be useful for you.