Lingerie, a barista in a bikini is controversial at a coffee shop near Redwood City

A new coffee shop may come to the Redwoods district of Old Capino Drive in El Camino Real south of Woodside Road. However, the new Pink Pantherz espresso looks a lot different, with a little pink and more skin.

“This is a coffee owl,” said James Rundell, who is in the coffee business.

Rundell is not happy to hear about lingerie and bikini women offering caffeinated beverages under the names “Wet Kiss Mocha” and “Birthday Sex” as shown on the menu at Fremont’s location. “It’s bad for coffee, it’s very bad for women.” Rundell said, “I don’t know. There is a bubble coffee shop in Redwood City, it’s just a strange feeling.”

San Mateo County is still reviewing Pink Pantherz’s application for ownership change. If the barista’s clothing does not meet the specific county code, and the body parts are covered, then the coffee shop will be considered an adult business, which is not allowed in the partition.

“A lot of people have this shame, but when you actually get there, the girls are really good and there are no inappropriate things,” says Thuc Nguyen. Nguyen has never been to Pink Pantherz, but she says she knows a few women who have worked in the Orange County lingerie cafe. “One of my friends is doing this because her mother has cancer, which is a good way to make money. I don’t judge, I think it’s cool.”

Pink Pantherz currently has three locations in Fresno, Modesto and Fremont stores, which looks very popular and has a series of cars on the driveway on Monday afternoon.

Officials in San Mateo County said it is unclear when this fourth location will be open.

Halsey squeaks in the underwear of the Playboy Party

The new single’s pop singer Halsey hosted a Playboy party in sexy black lingerie on Saturday night, showing her boyfriend G-Eazy what he lacked.

The 23-year-old founder of Closer performed at a sold-out show in Las Vegas and celebrated at a party at the Marquee nightclub in Cosmopolitan, where she performed the Midsummer Night’s Dream of Playboy magazine.

The theme of the event was lingerie and pajamas, and the singer slammed the fans on the red carpet in a lively bodice and thong ensemble. She revealed her behind her back. She finished the rough look with garters, stockings and high heels, and decorated her blonde hair with a black bow.

After she announced that she had broken up online from rapper G-Eazy, Halsey’s shots took nearly four weeks.

The couple had been dating for a year when she suddenly wiped out all the photos in the photos from the Instagram page and confirmed that the stars had been separated.

“I usually keep this kind of thing secret, but I offer an open nature, I think I need to notify my fans,” she said in an Instagram story post on July 3. “G-Eazy and I are separating.

“I am eager to continue to use my art and career for a while, and my tour time. I wish him all the best. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

The news shocked the fans, because Halsey had been lingering for her man for months—and in an interview shortly before breaking up, she said, “I like everything about him.”

“I can’t find someone matching each of my versions until he,” she continued. “Like, he is my left sneaker. For each of his versions, there is a version I can match.”

Halsey and G-Eazy have not commented on the reasons for their breakup, but the rumors at the time indicated that the singers had been unfaithful during the European tour.

Lady Gaga was clasped by waves while doing underwear on the beach in Malibu

The 32-year-old woman was wearing huge high-heeled boots, underwear and berets on the beach, and then turned into a light white dress.

She ran into the surf from the crew and fell into the waves, completely submerged.

Crawling on the shoal, her thong is visible through her soaked clothes.

When the photographer entered the water with her, they were soaked and looking for the perfect shot.

Gaga’s entourage tried to protect them from the beach, but the singer’s eye-catching costumes made it impossible to miss her.

Earlier today, Gaga sent his thoughts to fellow singer Demi Lovato, who was hospitalized for taking too much medication.

She wrote: “We should all surround our love around Demi Lovato. I am very happy that you are alive. Thank God. If I know my monsters and I believe that I do, we all want your self-sympathy and inner peace.

“Maybe you will receive a lot of people’s love for you. #ImConfidentInDemi Demi, I love you.”

Yesterday it was reported that glutinous rice was awake and in a stable state.

The source told TMZ that the 25-year-old glutinous rice was found unconscious on Tuesday and was taken to a medical center in Los Angeles.

The representative of the pop star told the website that Demi is now awake and has the support of her loved ones.

The spokesman said: “The glutinous rice is awake, and her family wants to thank everyone for their love, prayer and support.

“Some of the information reported is incorrect and they respectfully ask for privacy.”

According to reports, Demi’s aunt Karissa Dunn revealed that the star was “awake and sensitive” in a deleted social media post, and her mother Dianna De La Garzia was at her bedside.

Claudia Schiffer joins Instagram with sexy bikini and lingerie lens

Just looking at Claudia Schiffer is hard to believe she is now 47 years old. These days, she did not participate in fashion shows almost every month, or high-profile shooting around the world almost every month, the German-born supermodel can still use the camera, as she can see on the Instagram account. That way, like a bikini in a professional game, it looks great in underwear. For those fans who missed the old days, she also added lustre to her account. After working in the modeling industry for 30 years, Schiffer can still strike all poses from any angle and looks good.

Since her modeling career has slowed down, Schiffer started a new life after divorcing the magician David Copperfield and started a new career in various products she worked with. Of course she said she was most satisfied. Work, a mom

According to the Vanity Fair, she was 17 when she was discovered in the discotheque in Dusseldorf. In those days, she was known as the Ice Queen and even followed her after she left the world of high fashion models. However, Schiff said in her interview that she never intended to be too cold or think so; she was actually very shy because she was involved in InStyle in an interview.

“I always think this is very interesting. I am like this. In real life, I want to be Superman. I am Clark Kent. When I told my friends, when I moved to Paris to do a model, they smiled and said: “This is very Interesting, you will never live,” because I am too shy. But I realized that when I make up a makeshift, I don’t like shy Claudia from a small town, I can make a horrible Things.”

Summer bride’s most romantic underwear

From your wedding dress to bridal accessories such as shoes, jewellery and veil, there seems to be a lot of questions to consider on the wedding day. But a piece of puzzle that can immediately put you in a romantic mood (well, maybe more like a vibrant person) is underwear. No bride should have no sexy little things on her wedding night and her honeymoon (basically one of the most romantic trips you will take!) Whether it’s a gorgeous bra panties, lace bodysuit or silky The petticoat (or one of them!).
If you are a summer bride or plan to hold a wedding or honeymoon in a warm weather destination, then this is the perfect time to enjoy the cheerful colors and prints as well as the various bride white items. When you are in a sunny state, the faint tones, such as lavender, pink and pale pink, are incredibly feminine and enjoyable. The same applies to bright colors such as magenta, yellow or orange, floral patterns, stripes and dot patterns. Another lively way to increase calories is animal printing! Everything from leopard to zebra stripes can solve the problem, and now it is also fashionable. Of course, whether you choose a soft powder shade or something a little unexpected like aqua, underwear is the perfect way to rock your stuff. For those who use the traditional wedding palette, there are almost no nude colors, creams and bright white cute and super classics (which look great on sunny kissing skin).

Underwear lovers may want to refuel on the bride’s underwear, make bras, thongs and sling suits, fully transparent petticoats, or super lace bodysuits is a perfect choice. If you are the type of female underwear that feels a little scared or uncomfortable to show off your anger, start slowly trying a tight-fitting camisole and shorts suit, silk jumpsuit or petticoat, or coordinating bra and skirt. You can even choose a tailored cutout or mesh panel for a skin that is not too barely exposed. With the changes in lace, bow or satin details, these gentle pieces will still make your partner feel incredible.
Whether it’s wearing your wedding dress, sexy looking for the second time, or your honeymoon, you definitely don’t want to skip some sexy pieces for your wedding. From sensuality to sophistication and sweetness, we gather to provide you with a range of perfect summer bridal lingerie for all tastes and budgets. This is a sexy moment.

Listen, the future is reflective lingerie


Reflective clothing has long been hoarded by safety equipment, but Los Angeles underwear series Ozcult has other ideas. The series reimagined the use of materials and brought them where they were most needed: bras and underwear sets. Designed by designer and artist Mei Shi, the Glo Up set is made of reflective nylon and cotton lining, so all you need to do is apply a flashlight to the material and you will shine. Unbelievers can go to Ozcult’s online store, where it presents a very important question about this collection: “If they can’t see you, how can they find you in the club?” The problem is solved.

South Texas lingerie store appeals to women to steal underwear

South Texas lingerie store appeals to women to steal underwear

Employees at the South Texas lingerie store are taking their own shoplifting issues in their hands.

Cloud 9 Lingerie Boutique posted a video on the July 17th Facebook page calling on a woman to steal surveillance videos from the Corpus Christi store.

A seven-second video shows a woman talking on the phone wearing a colorful skirt and high heels. Seeing that she lifted her clothes and pushed the items below.

“Well, friends of Cloud 9… We have a young lady who forgot to pay before she suddenly left,” Facebook wrote. It would be great if she came back to pay for the items she took. ”

The post has more than 11,000 views and has shared more than 190 times.

The store even had a conversation with the comments left on the video post.

As of 10 am on Thursday, the post was deleted and the store posted an update related to the video.

“Everything is forgiven. We all make mistakes. Love makes the world a better place,” wrote this article. “I hope everyone has a good day!”

There are no calls and messages that return to the store immediately.

The bride is coming! We found the sexiest wedding night lingerie

The bride is coming! We found the sexiest wedding night lingerie







You should feel like a princess on the wedding day, we mean the whole 24 hours. For all expectations of the wedding night, the underwear you choose should make you feel beautiful and powerful. Whether you choose a simple bra or a complete babydoll, we will find a gorgeous choice for you and your new spouse, and they are all from Nordstrom. Think of garters, hem and many laces. In addition, white underwear is super versatile, so you can wear it for a long time after the honeymoon. Just keep reading to buy our selection!

AMERICAN EAGLE prepares for the Lingerie CAMPAIGN model with DISA

American Eagle has earned acclaim for its latest brand of lingerie, Aerie, which features female models with disabilities and chronic conditions.

One of the models included in the Aerie Real event was wearing a colonic ostomy pouch, another model was taking pictures with her arm crutch, and a woman was posing in her wheelchair.

Each piece is worn by popular brands, including its signature bandeaus and lace.


One model has type 1 diabetes and wears her insulin pump on the website.


Model Abby Sams. Who is using a wheelchair, I am happy to be included in the event, wrote on Twitter: @Aerie secretly released some of my photos!
Look at this disabled representative!!! Also look at me because I don’t believe it is actually me, so yes. ”


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Aerie’s campaign image has been widely distributed on social media, and fans praised the brand’s forward-thinking plans and commitment to various representations, including various body types.

“One looks like my model!” one person wrote on Twitter, next to a model, an insulin pump filled with a bra.


“@Aerie is doing something so special! I have never seen the true diversity of the age, race, abilities and scale of the company in my life! This is the representative!

“When I saw this today, I really cried. Thanks to @Aerie for letting my daughter not be self-aware about her diabetes #realpeople #tidlookslikeme” added another person and talked about the same image.

While this popular American brand is known for its inclusive advertising, it is arguably the most diverse.


“Now, more than ever, we are more than willing to encourage women around the world to feel the true self that embraces their unique qualities and beauty,” said Jennifer Foyle, president of Aerie’s global brand, on the brand’s commitment to physical diversity.

The new campaign also includes sexual abuse survivor Aly Raisman, who told people: “I am proud to be involved in this sport, able to put on bras, underwear and swimwear because I want to control with me – I can do whatever I want to do Things.”

Sarah Jessica Parker is sexy and cool in the new lingerie brand

Sarah Jessica Parker provided us with the main Carrie Bradshaw atmosphere in her new advertising and Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi commercial.

As the face of its 2018 fall/winter collection and the new hooded bra, the former Sex and the City star wears a sexy lace bra, sparkling under a luxurious black silk pajama set, with a shiny clutch and jewellery. She supported the streets of New York.

The 53-year-old actress proved that when there is an elevated ensemble, you can wear underwear. It strikes the perfect balance between boldness and polish, and the style star always pursues aesthetics with confidence – this is the core theme of what Parker can’t.

So what is her opinion about self-confidence and handling judgment?

She told Intimissimi, “I tried, but I think that the crisis of trust from time to time is not so unhealthy.” “Feeling challenges, tension, uncertainty is a good thing. Confidence and insecurity can be a productive combination. ”

As the mother of three children, actresses and businesswomen, SJP is the epitome of women who have it all. However, she is frank about the difficulty of balance.

“It’s challenging. But it’s even more so for women who work in two or three jobs and don’t have the support I have,” Parker shared. “I like to work from home, but being a mother is a kind of happiness that I can’t describe. I will say, I think that for many mothers, those working inside and outside the home, balance is the goal we can achieve, but It is often elusive.”

What is the underwear piece that Bradshaw and Parker will never have? “Black bra!!!” she exclaimed.

A quick understanding of future activities will begin to decline in the fall.