Are you one of those girls who do not carry a lot of things in her bag and usually opts for mini bags? Than this article is what you should definitely continue reading. We absolutely understand if you are a business woman who spends whole day outside and has to have all the different things in her bag, but we also understand you if you like to keep it minimal and you can’t imagine your life without mini bags.

Mini bags turned out to be actually more practical than tote bags in some situations. Sometimes you simply want to have free hands and that is not possible when you are wearing a tote bag. Also, if you are amongst those travel lovers than you definitely understand that mini bag is much more practical in those situations. Not only is a mini bag a bit more practical in some situations but it can also look a bit more fashionable. Just think about that belt bag trend that was popular not so long ago. Belt bags are mini bags actually so you see how they can really affect your outfit. Mini bags also look great when you wear them as a cross- body bag over a winter coat. Should we even mention how important it is to have an evening mini bag? You can’t imagine any formal event without wearing a clutch bag. Down below we wanted to show you a couple of our favorite mini bags:

SHOPBOP CHANEL BAG – Is there a better mini bag to invest in than a classic Chanel bag. It is that kind of bag that you will pass on to future generations so it is definitely worth it.

MICHAEL KORS MINI BAG – If you are looking for an affordable designer mini bag which is definitely of high quality than you should take a look on this cute beige logo bag. There are plenty of them who tick quality category on Michael Kors website.

FURLA MINI BAG –  Here is another example of an interesting mini bag. This one is quite unusual and statement bag. We love those logo straps that come with this type of bag.

MONA RED BAG – Pop a bit of color into your closet with this irresistible cutie. From time to time everyone needs a bit of color.

FENDI MINI BAG – Here is a logo that is known to every fashion diva who likes fashion. Why not add this cute logo bag to your collection?

Must-Have: Fashion Tote Bags

Tote bags are usually large bags that are known for being sturdy. They`re perfect to use for shopping or when carrying a lot of items.

Tote bags are often popular because they`re used for shopping as a more economically and environmentally friendly option compared to plastic bags. Most people think that tote bags are made of heavy canvass only but there are actually a lot of types of tote bags available in the market. Here are some fashionable tote bags you can check out:

1. Leather Tote Bags

Leather tote bags are excellent to use for work or business-related activities because you can put a lot of things in your bag like a laptop, tablet, journals, make-up kit and a lot more without looking like you brought your whole house to the office.

Using a leather tote bag can help you carry a lot of items to work or school in style. Most leather tote bags come in different styles. You can also look for bags with studs at the bottom because this helps prevent most dirt and stains from sticking to the bottom of your bag.

2. Woven and Straw Tote Bags

Woven and straw bags have been rising more in popularity because most of these bags are economically and environmentally friendly. These have timeless looks and high quality which makes them a perfect investment.

A lot of these bags are made by local communities which help them with their livelihood. A woven or straw tote bag is trendy, stylish at the same time eco-friendly which is why this is one of the best bags you can get.

Trendy and Printed Tote Bags

You can also opt for a more casual design with printed canvas tote bags. You can even have some tote bags printed with your own design especially since a lot of shops offer this type of service. Just make sure that your tote bag uses high quality and heavy canvas to make sure that despite carrying heavy items in your bag, it won`t break easily and fail you. If you want a cuter tote bag, you can also check out Cath Kidston polka dots tote bags.

Tote bags are easily available almost anywhere so choosing one which matches your style, and needs aren`t impossible. Most of these bags are also reasonably priced.

Focusing on the quality, design, and materials of the tote bag is especially important to make sure you can invest in the right tote bag.