The secret of the underwear giant Victoria opened the first comprehensive Australian store in Melbourne

After years of admiring bras and shorts from overseas stores, Victoria’s secret has finally opened its doors to Australia’s first flagship store.

The American lingerie giant launched its own store at Chadstone Mall, showcasing all the VS logos – sexy lingerie, pink and black tones, pink and pink striped bags, wardrobe displays, and Victoria’s Secret Angels walking on the runway The big screen on the lens.

Chadstone’s vast space is similar in design and layout to the retailer’s iconic location on Fifth Avenue in New York, with an in-store display that claims to hold 12,000 pairs of lace and cotton shorts.

Today there are about 1,000 customers in front of the store opened in Chadstone.

Premium retail space includes VS’s main product line, including the best-selling Bombshel l bra series, Body by Victoria, Very Sexy, Dream Angels and Victoria’s Secret Pink – a young sportswear brand.

The price is comparable to that of the US (considering currency exchange and taxation), and the best-selling blockbuster bra is famous for adding a full cup size to the wearer’s bust for $105.

Other benefits include a three-piece lace shorts for $55, a free tote for over $100 (limited time and stock availability) and 20% pajamas.

How to properly wash lingerie

We usually can’t see what we wear under the clothes, so there is no doubt that taking care of bras and panties is usually eliminated. However, the most enduring love-hate relationship in our lives also requires TLC. You may not like to wear a bra or wear underwear at all times, but you can take care of them so that they last for as long as possible – without them getting worn, discolored underwear you would rather die than lie.

Our cooked food requires a special kind of care, but most of us don’t have time to wash our underwear. If you do this, that’s fine. But for the rest of us, there are some machine basics that can make your life easier. After all, it’s better to make some effort on your underwear for as long as possible, than to use last year’s swimsuit pants, right?

Sarah Michelle Gellar apologizes for the Thanksgiving lingerie post

After Sarah Michelle Gellar used a sexy photo to photograph the overeating during Thanksgiving, some fans came back.

The star of “Buffy the Vampire Hunter Buffy” shared some professionally photographed photos, in which she was exposed and joked that she liked to indulge her vacation.

The title reads: “I just fixed them all on my house to remind Sunday not to overeat #thanksgivingprep.”

For those who expressed disappointment with the comments, the situation is not going well.

One person wrote: “The idea that we should limit ourselves to eating food so that we lose weight is a dangerous and destructive mentality that clearly plagues many people’s minds, including celebrities, because it is obvious here.”

Some people even accuse the “obese and humiliating” actress, but Galla said “can not exceed my intentions.”

“I like Thanksgiving, unfortunately my eyes are often bigger than my eyes, and I tend to eat too much, I make myself sick,” Gualal wrote. “This is a joke reminding me not to do this.”

She apologized for this misunderstanding.

Galla wrote: “I am very sorry that people have been offended by my humorous attempt.” “Anyone who knows me knows that I will never deliberately” humiliate “anyone. I am the champion of everyone.”


Emily Ratajkowski teasing lingerie series

As more than 2,000 Instagram fans of Emily Ratajkowski can prove, the bomber brunette doesn’t like to wear a lot of clothes.

So, the 27-year-old music video – the Vixen model turned into an actress is now entering the lingerie arena, following the footsteps of Rihanna and her successful Savage x Fenty series, which is not surprising.

On Friday, Ratajkowski shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a burgundy bra with high-waisted thongs hanging on a seemingly wine cellar snack and eating a bag of mini fritters.

“I did something more for you,” the newly born lingerie designer originally added to the short film. “Linked Bio. Released 11.22.18.”

Ratajkowksi made a second shot of her back, marking her new series of Instagram handles: @mrata.

The star later deleted both posts and @mrata as a private account – but the M/RATA website is online and lingerie enthusiasts can sign up to post updates.

At the same time, fans can continue to buy Ratajkowski’s swimwear brand Inamorata – the promotion seems to be swimming.

Meet your business: Grass Valley’s adult and lingerie stores have been a cautious follower for more than 15 years

When Sharon Haddy’s two daughters finally got to middle school and high school, Sharon was ready to do something beyond daily housework.

She wants to start a business, the first step is market research. Is her business feasible? Is there a need? Is there a similar business nearby that will affect sales? When all the answers seemed to line up, she developed a business plan and approached Grass Valley City officials.

What do they think of downtown stores with underwear and bedroom toys? Sharon said that as long as it is very tasteful, there is no problem in this city. Then she asked the same question to the landlord at the East Street store – a former antique shop – she wanted to rent. She got the same response.

In 2003, Sharon opened Behind Closed Doors Fantasy Boutique between North Auburn and Steward Street. Although one daughter seemed to be striding forward, the other daughter was angered.

“She told me, ‘Mother, why is this all done?'” Sharon said with a smile. “I told her, ‘because it is necessary.’ Nothing else is 40 miles, and the nearest convenience store is in Yuba City. Many Americans are quite nervous when it comes to sex, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Most people Have had sex.”

The salon’s start-up stocks mostly include underwear, socks, bras, panties, massage oils, lubricants and adult bedroom toys. It is very popular and the business was active in the first five years – until two things happened.

After the resignation of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie CEO, the brand faces a rebound in anti-pass and oversize comments

Jan Singer, the chief executive of lingerie, resigned from the brand a week after chief marketing officer Ed Razek made a controversial statement on transgender and super-large models.
Hollywood reports confirm that Victoria Ss Secret’s underwear CEO Jan Singer is resigning. The news was released a week after the brand’s chief marketing officer Ed Razek published a statement about the problem of denaturation and oversize.

Singer joined the L Brands Inc. division in September 2016 after serving as the head of Spanx. Singer tried to compete for the growing underwear business by adopting fast-fashioned panties models, which are cheaper and more new. Despite her efforts, Victoria’s secrets have faced commercial struggles in recent years, with same-store sales falling by 5% in 2018.

At the same time as the rise of lingerie brands, celebrate large and gender-qualified customers – such as Third Love and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty series – Victoria’s secrets are increasingly criticized for their lack of inclusiveness. The brand’s chief record officer, Ed Razek, recently explained in an interview with Vogue why he did not perform trans or large-size models in Victoria’s secret fashion show. (The annual landscape of last week was taken in 2018 iterations and will be aired on December 2nd.)

According to Razek – his response includes the use of outdated and offensive words “transgender” – trans and large women do not represent the “fantasy” that Victoria’s secret attempts to sell.

“Don’t you have transgender people on the show? No, I don’t think we should do this. Well, why not? Because the show is fantasy,” he said. “This is a 42-minute entertainment special show. That’s it.”

Razek added: “If you ask if we have considered placing a transgender model in the show, or considering adding a plus size model to the show, we have it. We invented an oversize in our sister. Model show Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant still sells large size underwear, but it sells in a specific range, just like every professional retailer in the world sells a variety of clothing. Like us. We market the products we sell. We don’t do what we try to do for the whole world. We try to make a TV special for the oversized size of 2000. No one has any interest in it, but it still doesn’t.”

Razek later apologized for his comments in a statement issued in Victoria’s secret Twitter account. “The statement about adding a transgender model to Victoria’s secret fashion show is not sensitive,” he said to some extent, not acknowledging his views on the XL model.

Despite Razek’s apology, notable LGBTQ and plus size models – including Gigi Gorgeous, Carmen Carrera and Tess Holliday, etc. – continue to publicly condemn Victoria’s secrets.

On Monday morning, online audience Gorgeous shared a YouTube video entitled “The Secret of Shame Victoria”, which describes what the brand meant to her in the early days of her first transition to underwear. “I just want to say this is the last time I wore Victoria’s secret bra,” she said in a video after picking up the pink bra. “They must have lost a customer in me.”

Charlotte McKinney has found the perfect lingerie feel

Feel sexy on her skin! Charlotte McKinney is on the beach of the beach ambulance, supporting her in the seductive GUESS ad, dancing in the dance hall with the stars, but the 25-year-old model faces us every day. The same struggle.

Best Celebrity Beach Body in 2018: Stars Work in Bikini and Swimwear

Part of her self-love journey is to find not only beautiful underwear, but also the right fit for her. “I have been paying attention to underwear for years and it has been difficult to find the underwear that best fits the chest,” she told Stylish. In order to combat her limited choices, McKinney decided to work with Wolf & Whistle to launch an affordable series for today’s tight women on November 13.

“Confidence is something I have been working on. I hope that through this route, I can help support any other girl who has experienced the same thing. … I want women to be able to put on their own things and feel when they leave home. Good, whether they are wearing T-shirts, working, or being in other important people,” she explained.

There is a fall theme calendar with sex as the theme, underwear, handkerchiefs and eye masks… but it is not cheap

If your Christmas pre-Christmas period is fairly dull or stressful, then you may need to count down during the entire holiday season.

Bijoux Indiscrets claims to have created the “world’s first” sexy advent calendar, which is “a commitment to women’s happiness.”

Known as 12 Sexy Days, people plan to launch a new toy, accessory or experience every other day.

It is designed for women, allowing women to “enjoy their body” and feel “strong sexy”.

But the creators assured us that they can also explore the advent calendar with their partners.

These 12 items come from the brand’s most iconic accessories, including underwear, garters, nipple pies and other emotional products such as bracelets and handcuffs.

Behind each door is an accessory and product guide detailing how to use the item.

Marta Aguiar, CEO of Bijoux Indiscrets, said: “We want to commemorate our 12th anniversary by celebrating women and their sensuality, collecting our 12 most representative products to help them feel unstoppable for 12 consecutive days. Sexy.”

But the alternative price cut calendar is not cheap, letting you go back to £194.95, but it’s still around 40% of retail value.

If you are looking for more sex-themed good things, the same company will also sell sex toy-themed sex toys.

It really looks like wearing lingerie as a dress

It’s hard to believe that underwear has been worn for a while, but it can’t be seen anywhere outside the bedroom. Although we like to think of underwear and pajamas as the ultimate lazy girl, creative director, model and influencer Michaéla Verrelien proves that you can definitely perform and enhance this look. “Like any other equipment design style,” she told the refinery29. “Slip is now a dress, PJ is now a two-piece suit.”

But Verrelien has a very important professional tip: if you are wearing something pure, please keep your assets. “Please make sure that if you bend over, no one shows that you don’t want to show it,” she warned. “You really wear underwear, but no one actually knows it’s underwear. It’s not what you wear, it’s the way you wear it.”

Verrelien especially likes to wear Savage x Fenty because it is particularly soft and cuts in a way that she thinks fits the female body. “As a curvy girl, I hate wearing certain types of underwear,” she said, adding that some intimate brands would irritate her skin. Then, she really appreciates the various sizes offered in the Rihanna collection. “When I was wearing Savage x Fenty, I felt very sexy, and I knew it would be great this day,” as Rihanna expected.

If you have difficulty getting into your sexiness, we will get a tip directly from Bad Gal RiRi: “All you need to do is find it. If you don’t feel sexy, then there will be a bit of gravel. You need to clear the dog. Hey. Get your sexiness and have it. Anyway, it’s all yours.”

After boycotting Victoria’s secret fashion show, Robyn Lawley participated in a simple lingerie show

While many fashion brands – and even some high-end designers like Christian Siriano – have begun to offer women larger options, finding large size underwear is still a constant struggle. Fortunately, online fashion retailer Simply Be is working hard to make the difference.

Hosted this morning in London, this popular brand hosted a lingerie fashion show called “We are all Angels.” The show was hosted by supermodel and big-code advocate Robyn Lawley, who joined other models between the ages of 10 and 22. Robin created an online petition to boycott Victoria’s secret fashion show, again not including women of any size.

The petition says that for every photo with the “#WeAreAllAngels” label, ThirdLove will donate a bra to a non-profit organization support girl (a bra for homeless women across the country). The event spread quickly and caught the attention of many people, including Simply Be.

Walking with Robyn is the large model Hayley Hasselhoff, Ashley James and Felicity Hayward. According to a press release issued by Simply Be, “We Were All Angels event showcased the brand’s AW18 underwear offer, including snake prints, chain necklace details, romantic lace, glitter tights and rivet straps, up to bust 48, K cups and Shorts 32, proving that everyone can look and feel amazing in the underwear.”

Fans participated in the brand’s social media account to express appreciation for a user’s efforts to make underwear more inclusive. “I like this! Simple beauty!! #morethanourbodies #allsizesmatter #worthy.” Another The fan commented, “I have no words to express this and make me happy!”

Ann Steer, N Brown Group’s chief customer officer, said: “Our ‘all of us angels’ programs celebrate women and their identity, eliminating the notions defined by our bodies. At Simply Be, we believe that women should be able to wear whatever they want. “Victoria’s secret, it’s time to catch up.