Must-Have: Fashion Tote Bags

Tote bags are usually large bags that are known for being sturdy. They`re perfect to use for shopping or when carrying a lot of items.

Tote bags are often popular because they`re used for shopping as a more economically and environmentally friendly option compared to plastic bags. Most people think that tote bags are made of heavy canvass only but there are actually a lot of types of tote bags available in the market. Here are some fashionable tote bags you can check out:

1. Leather Tote Bags

Leather tote bags are excellent to use for work or business-related activities because you can put a lot of things in your bag like a laptop, tablet, journals, make-up kit and a lot more without looking like you brought your whole house to the office.

Using a leather tote bag can help you carry a lot of items to work or school in style. Most leather tote bags come in different styles. You can also look for bags with studs at the bottom because this helps prevent most dirt and stains from sticking to the bottom of your bag.

2. Woven and Straw Tote Bags

Woven and straw bags have been rising more in popularity because most of these bags are economically and environmentally friendly. These have timeless looks and high quality which makes them a perfect investment.

A lot of these bags are made by local communities which help them with their livelihood. A woven or straw tote bag is trendy, stylish at the same time eco-friendly which is why this is one of the best bags you can get.

Trendy and Printed Tote Bags

You can also opt for a more casual design with printed canvas tote bags. You can even have some tote bags printed with your own design especially since a lot of shops offer this type of service. Just make sure that your tote bag uses high quality and heavy canvas to make sure that despite carrying heavy items in your bag, it won`t break easily and fail you. If you want a cuter tote bag, you can also check out Cath Kidston polka dots tote bags.

Tote bags are easily available almost anywhere so choosing one which matches your style, and needs aren`t impossible. Most of these bags are also reasonably priced.

Focusing on the quality, design, and materials of the tote bag is especially important to make sure you can invest in the right tote bag.

Feelingirldress – The Cheapest Women Clothing Store You Should Know

You want to look fabulous, but your budget is too tight. Worry no more. We have fashionable women’s clothing at the best rate. All our trendy clothes are attractive and unique. Shop with our online clothing store and search through our vast collection of high-quality dresses, shapewear, shirt, sweaters, and lingerie. Meanwhile, check out some of our fashionable clothes.

Cute Shirts and blouses

Women can never have enough of these clothing. We have them in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and styles. At times you need to change your shirt, and your entire outfit becomes unique. For instance, you can wear a silk blouse under your neat silk sweater and leave the collar on the outside for contrast.

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Waist trainers

You want to wear your fitting dress, but your belly can’t let you. A feelingirldress waist trainer is what you need. It is discreet and comfortable slimming shapewear that helps reduce your midsection size.

waist trainer wholesale

Sexy lingerie

We have sexy lingerie that ranges from lace bras and thongs to contour bras and boy shorts. You can wear them when you want to set a scene for a night of luxurious comfort. Get yourself a sexy lingerie wholesale too to spice up your love life.

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Jackets and coats

Have a look at our new jackets and coats if you want something sleeker, a structured trench, a wool coat, or blazer. Every single one gives the nod to the timeless looks and consistent quality. Have your lightweight jacket, particularly the denim, which is always on-trend.

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Women suits

For the businesswoman, we have irresistible suits of different colors and styles. We also have the mix and match suit that enables you to create an outfit of your dreams. That includes women’s suit pants, blazers, skirts, and much more.

wholesale jumpsuits

Feelingirldress is an online clothing store that specializes in cheap trendy women clothing. From small size to plus size. Our prices are also amazing, so there’s no excuse for you not to be in style. When you want your outfit to match your personality, come to us, we have unlimited options for you.

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Are You Looking for the Best Shapewear for 2020

Shapewear is an undergarment made with non-flexible and elastic materials. They will make women have a flattering tummy, create a good posture, hide sags, and remold the shape of the body.

If you ever think of an hourglass figure, then you need body shapewear to achieve it. It has features that make you look chic, reduce, flatten your midsection, and make you look irresistible. The best bodysuit shapewear is the ultimate solution, and the best way to remove the bulge, make your body smooth, make your tummy flat, and make you look attractive.


Every woman desires an hourglass-shape for a specific event. When you wear shapewear, you will get an excellent figure that will make you look flawless. You will get a beautiful silhouette when you put on shapewear.  


In recent times, demand for shapewear has been on the increase side due to technology development. The need for more shapewear was a result of flexibility, simplicity, comfort, and easy reshaping of the body. Shapewear will be famous as lots of women have started wearing it daily as part of their dressing. The booty sculptor thigh trimmers will accentuate every element of your body like thighs, chest, tummy, hips, and waistline.


Shapewear supports and compresses your back. It will make your body firm and straight. It also reduces pains at the lower part of your return. You can wear it under your dress without anyone noticing it. It will have a positive impact on walking and sitting attitude.

New look

Whether you plan to put on shapewear to a casual or official event, the most important thing is that the dress will change your total look and give you confidence. There are numerous gains of putting on shapewear because it will help to reshape your body, remove the bulge, and make you wear a new look. The best gift a woman can give herself is a perfect hourglass. When you get the right shaper, it will complement the dress you wear and give you the desired silhouette.


In conclusion, shapewear has tremendously affected the fashion world positively in recent times. The journey all began with just a simple slim dress, but as of today, we have various colors, patterns, and shapes. Shapewear has become famous and essential wardrobe garments. Every woman wants to look stunning, admirable, and irresistible.


The good news is that most women underwear usually has breathable material such as silicone or Lycra which is available online at FeelinGirl.

Some Comfy Sleepwear and Lingerie for Women

Want to get a sexy look at night? Try buying some attractive sleepwear. Short dresses are more preferable for women as it allows free body movement and comfort. Gone are the days when sleepwear was boring. Today, there are a number of designs and patterns available. Also, there are some very sexy pieces also available that will blow your mind. Sleepwear these days is made to keep the comfort level in mind. So, just check your size and feel free to get the best one from the market. You can get them in lingerie style or a crop top and shorts form as well.

Here are a few nightwear dresses for your comfort and convenience.

Blackish Green Patchwork Sleepwear Mini Length Silk Imitation Heartbreaker

The lace detail enhances your cuteness. After wearing it, you will look charming and sexy. The silk-like fabric ensures you’ll be comfortable while wearing it. This sexy lingerie for women is one of the most breathable sleepwear and offers a high level of comfort during sleep.

Satin bra and thong set

If you are looking for sexy lingerie to catch the attention of your partner, this one can be an option. The bra comes with triangle cups and along with straps. The V neck design allows you to show off your bust region. The thongs are high cut allowing you to show off your sexy legs and butts.

 ASOS DESIGN Saskia printed satin triangle bra and thong set
ASOS DESIGN Saskia printed satin triangle bra and thong set

Satin Sleepwear Pajama Set

This girly pink color satin nightwear will offer you a good night’s sleep. As the material is satin, it is very soft to the skin. The set comprises of a camisole top which adjustable strings and shorts with elasticized waist. You just need to select the right size for your comfort.

Snake Lace Triangle Teddy

This uniquely designed sleepwear showcases snake inspired lace with gold hardware. It is beautifully complemented with the architectural straps which make triangular accents at the chest. The straps are adjustable thus you can fit it as per comfort. There are hooks at the back. The thong enhances the sexy looks.

Babydoll Sexy Satin Sleepwear

Show your sexy side with this sensual lingerie set. This sexy red gown comes with strappy shoulders allowing you to show off your back and shoulders. It also comes with a robe with mesh and riffles detailing. You can get it to surprise your partner on anniversary or you can get it to your best friend on her birthday.

 Bondy Lingerie Babydoll Sexy Satin Sleepwear with Embroidery and Fringe Detail
Bondy Lingerie Babydoll Sexy Satin Sleepwear with Embroidery and Fringe Detail

Yes, Ladies of Every Shape can Wear a Bodycon Dress

Body-conscious dresses or in short ‘’body con’’ are dresses that flatter sexy curves and amplifies woman’s body shape, it is known for its different styles and unique patterns. Body con dresses are known as a hugging figure type of dress especially with girls that has a perfect body figure, however body con dresses are also perfect for a plus-size woman.

Fashion has no sizes or shapes it always depends on how you see yourself wearing your own style. Knowing your body shape is essential in accepting and knowing your own fashion and helps you to determine what you like and what you don’t.  

There are so many personal testimonies of bodycon dresses users that this dress does not require any type of body figure, but it requires confidence in wearing it.

Well! Body con dresses are known for their versatility that’s why it is popular among women. It is also a lover-beauty and an ideal dress for everyone.

Despite having huge figures bodycon dresses become one of plus size woman choice on finding perfect dresses. Below are tips that can help you.

Know your own body figure

Some people are asking why it is important that and the individual must know their own body figure and body shapes, in reality knowing it will help you to find perfect clothes and dresses for you. It is also necessary because it shows balance. Your body shape is your silhouette or your outline which helps you to look for flattering clothes just for you. Of course, it is important to love your own body and show some confidence. Any skin color is also good on a bodycon dress.

Learn to use a body waist trainer

Waist trainer for bodycon dresses is one of the greatest thing ever invented that helps to shape women’s body figure, some corsets also will help. In addition, some adults or even teens use shape wears for lessening some visible tummy fats. Waist trainers are popular to use by plus size body people on the other hand some petite girls also choose to wear this for adding sexy curves.

Finding a perfect style for body con dresses

Looking at an apt style of dresses that fits your body is difficult and takes time for a person to choose.

Bodycon dresses bring beauty and chic vibe to people who wear it. There are simply designed body con dresses but other styles of it will give more reasons to love it! Body con dresses can have different styles one of the most popular styles it has are the spaghetti strap, it can be on different lengths such as what we called the maxi and the mini dresses.  Some style represents different cultures. Others may choose the conservative style of body-con dresses and others wanted the revealing one.

Adding more clothes and accessories will make it more stunning.

Different types of dresses will look pretty if you know how to appreciate it.

latex waist trainer for women

You Cannot Miss Workout Vest Waist Trainer

During the quarantine period, we have all been forced to do our usual workouts at home, giving up all the various equipment in the gym. However, I was personally lucky to have with me, during my workouts, the FeelinGirl products, carefully designed for every type of sport and which have the aim of making each exercise more effective, thus giving the desired body shape and favoring weight loss in the shortest possible time. I used these products a lot during the lockdown months while I trained at home with my roommates, and I am fully satisfied with the result. I’m ready to wear my favourite bikini!

But the beauty of the FeelinGirl products is the fact that they can be used not only at home while cleaning or working from home, but also in the gym or for a pleasant run in the park. In fact, they are not seen under clothes and are extremely comfortable. Now then, when we are slowly getting back to normal and it is possible to go out and go to the gym after many long months indoors, it will be even more pleasant to be able to stay outdoors, wearing these adorable latex waist trainer for women, who will be our faithful allies at all times of the day, without giving any kind of discomfort to our skin and our body. The compression of these trainers, combined with the latex, will be perfectly able to contain the belly, flattening it and putting the curves in their place.


The material of which these corsets are composed is neoprene, a real cure-all, as it allows to eliminate excess fats and toxins. Thanks to these waist trainers, in fact, we will sweat a lot, more than necessary.


If flattening your belly is not enough for you and you also want to improve other parts of the body such as the arms, the butt or the thighs, you will not need to look any further. I’m telling you this because FeelinGirl also presents a very wide range of sports accessories, thus devoting great attention to the whole body, without neglecting any centimetre of it.


So, for example, if you want to make your arms firmer and stronger, the solution for you are these special super fashion bands, thanks to which you will avoid those annoying muscle tears that can often occur during training. The sauna function allows you to make your metabolism faster, and the very comfortable pockets will allow you to keep your cell phone.


If, on the other hand, you want to train your legs and thighs at the same time, you cannot do without this waist and thigh trimmer, which will reduce the appearance of the much hated and omnipresent cellulite, also dedicating great attention to the butt, reshaping it and making it appear firmer. A product therefore dedicated to three parts of the body: waist, thighs and butt!


Finally, if your goal is to firm up your thighs and arms at the same time, you must rush to immediately purchase this thigh and arm trimmer, which will give your metabolism and sweat an incredible acceleration. In addition, it is suitable for both women and men, therefore a gift highly appreciated by anyone who is a great lover of the gym and in general of sports training!

5 Trendy Swimwear for Women Everyone Should Own

Finding a swimsuit is not a difficult task, but when it comes to selecting the accurate size then the situation can become a bit tricky. It is because many swimwear is designed with high-cut patterns and getting yourself fit in is not always easy. Also, not all the swimwear are made with standard size and hence you might face fitting issues. That is why it very necessary to take a trial at the store before purchasing your desired option. If you are facing difficulty in finding your desired piece, given below are some patterns that you can choose without thinking twice.

Curve crinkle swimsuit with a notch

No matter you are looking for a swimsuit to wear to a beach party or vacation with your friends you should always have this piece in your wardrobe. The plunge neck pattern of the piece offers a feminine look to the wearer. Its scoop back helps in offering extra comfort while wearing. The high-cut of the bottom allows you to show your slim and long legs.

Date night cut-out one-piece swimwear

The piece is made with a side cutout that offers an attractive look to the swimwear. The square neckline allows you to show off your neck area. Adjustable straps help you in fitting it according to your body’s shape and size. It also has a tummy controlling feature that creates a slimming illusion for others. The best thing about the piece is that it offers extra seat coverage to the wearer.

One-shoulder swimsuit with wrap pattern

This is the sexiest piece you can find in the market to make yourself confident while enjoying the beach or pool. The sleeveless pattern adds a charm to the personality of the wearer. It also offers full coverage to the bottom area. Nylon, lycra, and polyester are the main fabrics that make it flexible and comfortable.

Striped bikini in a solid color  

The acrylic accent at the shoulder adds a classic look to the piece. The scoop-neck top is made with polyamide and elastane that offer great comfort to the wearer. The unlined cups are given to support your breast area during the swimming.

High-rise bikini with stripe

The piece is perfectly designed to offer high comfort to the wearer. Elastic at the leg opening doesn’t make you uncomfortable while the elastic waistband keeps it sturdy. A fully lined high-rise pattern allows you to highlight your curves.  

Mandalay Bikini Bottoms

6 Types of Crop Top to Flash Your Waist in Chic Style

Achieving a chic style is not that hard, all you have to do is feel confident and comfortable with what you wear. When you want to create a stylish outfit for your everyday wear, you can combine your favorite clothes with any beautiful fashion accessories.

Here I’ve got some inspiration ahead with some of crop top for chic looks to flash your overall look. Crop tops can give you a feminine, casual, or sexy look depending on the type of tops you wear. You are able to maximize your whole look with perfect accessories that enhance the crop tops fashion style. Revealing a bit of your skin by wearing a crop top can be an easy way to get a chic style.  

I think it’s a really sexy and flattering top that has a unique cut and design. The bell sleeves part adds a unique and feminine touch to this top. Choose your favorite High-waist wide-leg jeans, this style of denim is perfect for pairing with feminine ruffles cropped top. Add a basic accent to your outfit with gorgeous pumps or heels.

Chic crop tops can be trending right now for summer outfits. They’re perfect for showing off even during the summer season. It will easily flash your beautiful waist as well. Wear shoes such as flats, sandals, or sneakers to complete your whole look.

If you want a girly and casual look, I recommend wearing this off-shoulder crop top. This would not only expose your waist but also your beautiful shoulder. Simply pair it with high-waist jeans or combine it with a denim skirt, you can create a trendy fashion outfit.

A T-shirt is an essential item for a casual look. A crop top t-shirt would be a great set with any jeans. You can find the wonderful design of the crop top with various color choices to boost your stylish and casual appearance.

SHEIN Lace Trim Ruched Front Embroidery Mesh Puff Sleeve Crop Top

Also you can pair up, a crop top and jeans which give the effect of a matching set. You will instantly feel casual and chic wearing this combo. The lace details give more stylishly the overall atmosphere and it catches the attention of people around us. Your waist will reveal a bit when pairing this crop top with any bottoms.

Several Casual Shapewear Body Suits for 20-60 Years Old Ladies

Several Casual Shapewear Body Suits for 20-60 Years Old Ladies

Age is just a number and every woman out there has the right to look splendid and beautiful. In your 40s, your body might end up going loose either because of lack of exercise, bad diet or post pregnancy flaws. In that scenario, choosing the right shapewear will bring you back into the beauty game and here are a few options that you should consider as soon as possible.

wholesale body shapers

Skin – Color Wide Strap Bodysuit

The best body shaper for women in their 40’s is this full bodysuit. Instead of focusing only on the waistline, this body shaper will work on your stomach, buttocks, fat under the underarms, lifts the bust and finally tones the entire upper body. A high elastic fiber is used to create the compressed environment around the waistline.

best body shaper

Detachable Strap Bodysuit

When you choose to wear certain outfits, it becomes a big headache to hie the straps of your bodysuit. Well, not to worry anymore. This bodysuit comes with detachable straps and doesn’t roll down even without their support. It easily blends with your skin, thanks to its color and works on your waist and the lower body.

cheap shapewear

Full Body Plus size bodysuit

This creation by Feelingirldress will be every lady’s favorite because of its extended services. It not only works wonders on your stomach, but also supports your bust, shapes your butt and compresses your flabby arms. It comes with a hooked crotch so that you can attend your nature calls. The front hooks will promote easy securing of the suit around your body even if you lose a few inches.

wholesale waist trainer

Two layer waist trainer

This is the best product from the waist trainer wholesale department. The double layer makes sure that a proper compression is provided to your waist region during extensive workouts. That way, you will be losing more calories than what you do without the trainer.

sweat waist trainer

Printed double belt waist trainer

Why should the younger generation have all the fun? You can go for this waist trainer with a camouflage print that brings a splash of colors to your workout sessions. The 7 steel bone design supports the fabric and prevents rolling down. It also has a front zipper and double belts for proper securing around the body.