How to Style a Trench Coat: 5 Tips to Make it Really Easy

Trench coats is not only helps in protecting you in winters but also enhances your look to a great extent. You can find plenty of options in the market in these coats. But the main problem occurs when it comes to pair it with your outfit. It is because it is not possible that your coat goes with any outfit you wear. Some are perfect for short dresses while others are good for jeans and trousers. If you are getting confused then given below are some options for you:

Big notch lapel with single breasted coat

This classic notch lapel coat with long sleeves is the best option if you are looking for official use. The front button and upper closure allow you to wear and take off easily. Its breasted pocket gives a sophisticated look to the piece. The mid-length of the coat allows you to pair it with your long boots and short dresses. 2 hand pockets on the sides allow you to keep your daily stuff without any problem.

Water repellant surface trench coat

This type of trench coat is made of high-quality cotton that has water repellant properties. This timeless double-breasted coat has a contrasting button that offers a toned look to the piece. The removable waist belt and adjustable clips at sleeves allow you to make the changes according to your comfort level.

Detailed trench coat

This is the best option if you are looking for a party to wear a trench coat. The traditional tailoring details make it more attractive while its peak lapels add a charm to your personality. The belted cuff protects your sleeves from getting wet in winters and its welted front pockets allow you to keep your daily stuff easily.

Stone woven trench coat

It’s time to update your look with this stone woven trench coat. The button fastening feature allows you to wear and take off easily. You can easily pair it with any dress in your wardrobe no matter its midi dress or maxi dress.

Double-breasted trench coat

This is the best option for the winter season. Its contrast lining and removable belt make it the perfect piece in terms of looks and comfortability. The length of the coat is pretty less in comparison to others that allow you to pair it with your jeans or trousers easily.

New Fall Looks and Fashion Trends – Knitwear Styles

It is that time of the year finally! Time to pull your perfect knitwear out of your closet, time to pull out your favorite trench coat, time to wear your precious boots. Yes, it is finally autumn! Many of you may not be so excited about this season but all of the fashion freaks love fall, isn’t that right?

It is that time of the season when you can do the layering as much as you want! Layers and layers of clothing are sometimes necessary to keep you warm during cold autumnal and winter days.

The reason why we love this period of the year ( besides holiday, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, and in general cozying up ) are many choices we have to make regarding our daily outfits. Many layers demand that you wear more clothing than you usually do and that means that you need to shop more and for every shopaholic out there those are golden words. I mean who loves fashion but does not love shopping? Let’s be real, everyone loves shopping.

Now during these pandemic times, we might be a bit limited regarding where you are based in this crazy world but we can all go online shopping, right? Shopping for knitwear is the most popular kind of shopping currently.

Everyone wears knitwear. It is a piece of clothing that will never go out of style and that will always keep us warm during long and cold winter days. It is upon you just to decide what type of knitwear suits you best, what type of knitwear goes with your style. The choice is very wide because there is something new out there every year. Just remember that pom knitwear trend.

Literally, everything came and went out of fashion in the last couple of years, The most important rule when you shop for knitwear is to choose fabrics. Well, it is not a rule, some people don’t care about fabrics obviously ( because polyester sweaters are being sold as well ) but is a smart thing to do! It is as simple as that. Why would you want to boil in an uncomfortable polyester if you could warm yourself up in a natural material like wool or cashmere? Here are some knits we found online. Feel free to tell us your opinion because we are eager to hear what you think

What Is The Best Shapewear For Women

What is the best shapewear for women? You might ask that question yourself very often. And we are here to give you an answer. Well, it is actually a bit complicated answer considering that every woman is different. Every body is unique, but HenixFashion is here to help you out in all that confusion.

As we a have previously mentioned buying a shapewear is not an easy thing to do. Before you start your shopping maybe it is better to do some sort of a research on shapewear. Or you could simply continue reading this article and you will find out everything you need to know about buying a perfect shapewear. Shapewear is a form of modern corset. Though it may be differently looking than an old school corset the function is pretty much the same. Every shapewear is supposed to keep your curves in place, but it is also supposed to help you out in reaching your desirable body shape. There are few thing you should have in mind when buying shapewear. Your body type and its’ flaws and attributes should be the first thing you should have in mind. You should buy your shapewear according to your body type. For example if you have a problem with your belly than it is advisable that you buy a waist trainer. If you want to feel secure in all the occasions than you should buy a full body shaper ( we have the best full body shaper line so feel free to check them out). You should also be careful when it comes to sizes. The right size can make you feel super comfortable in your shapewear, but the wrong size can totally ruin your mood for the day.

Of course, we are not here only to talk about shapewear, we are also here to show you some of our favorite models. Our wholesale shapewear line is wide so you can check out our website as well. Here are some of our models:

Tummy Control Large Size Black Hooks Eyes Body Shapewear Open Crotch Slimming

Tummy Control Large Size Black Hooks Eyes Body Shapewear Open Crotch Slimming – this type of shapewear will secure your tummy area but thighs as well. It has wide, adjustable straps for reducing shoulder pressure.

Two-Timing Skin Color Solid Color Shapewear Bar Large Size Contouring Sensation

Two-Timing Skin Color Solid Color Shapewear Bar Large Size Contouring Sensation – Are you looking for a perfect shapewear bra? Well than, this the right item for you. This bra will go under absolutely every piece of clothing.

Flexible Black Shapewear Tummy Control Removable Straps High Quality

Flexible Black Shapewear Tummy Control Removable Straps High Quality – this is a perfect shapewear that will make you look great. Lace makes everything look prettier.

Smooth Abdomen Deep Skin Color 9 Steel Bones Waist Trainer Zipper

Smooth Abdomen Deep Skin Color 9 Steel Bones Waist Trainer Zipper – do you have problems with your belly? Guess what, this is a perfect solution for you.

Orange High Waist Neoprene Shapewear For Thighs Weight Loss – thighs are often the most critical are for women, but with this shapewear it won’t be a problem anymore.

Daily Fashion: Crossbody Bags Every Women Should Have

Crossbody bags are some of the best bags to carry around most especially because it`s just easy to put over your body and not worry about dropping or misplacing your purse. They come in a variety of casual, formal, and cute designs so finding one which is both practical and stylish for everyday wear isn`t impossible! Here are some crossbody bags you can invest on and be a part of your wardrobe:  

1. Quilted Maxi Crossbody Bag

A quilted maxi crossbody bag is just the best bag to have to amp up your daily casual outfit. Even if you have a simple all-white or all-black outfit, you would look elegantly chic with a quilted bag. There`s just something with the quilt design that makes quilted bags look so classy!

2. Clear Crossbody Bag

Clear bags has been increasingly popular most likely due to its glossy and glassy look making you look cool yet chic. If you`re someone who loses things easily even with a small purse, then a clear crossbody bag is for you! Just by looking at the exterior of the bag, you can immediately see the contents of the bag. Be careful though! You don`t want your beautiful bag to be snatched by anyone or to tempt someone to take away your cool bag! Always stay on the safe side when wearing a clear bag, and make sure you don`t show off your riches with this bag. Maybe you can use this for your keys, make-up, and phone?

3. Braided Crossbody Bag

A braided crossbody bag is an excellent bag for casual and daily wear! A brown braided bag is very reminiscent of vintage bags which can make you and your outfit timelessly beautiful!

4. Lipstick Crossbody Bag

A lipstick crossbody bag probably isn`t that common but this cute and chic bag is quite unique and perfect if you`ll run a quick errand or having a short brunch date with your gals. Basically, you can carry this bag if you don`t want to carry a bag but still need to bring small items. This would be great for clubbing and having a sweet date with your beau!

5. Pull Tab or Doctor`s Crossbody Bag

A Pull Tab or Doctor`s crossbody bag is a classically chic bag that is usually rounded and can store more of your items because of its dome shape. This can usually be used as a handbag or a crossbody bag. This is one of the best crossbody bags you can get because it can be used for a lot of occasions and be able to store all your necessities.

6. Beaded Crossbody Bags

Beaded crossbody bags are unique. Because beaded crossbody bags come in a tone of patterns and designs, you can definitely express your personality, creativeness, artistic side, and edgy style depending on the pattern of the bag that you choose. This can add a cool touch to your overall look!

7. Phone Case Crossbody Bag

Going to the market or outside of a quick errand? With a phone case crossbody bag, you can simply carry your phone, cards, and keys, and you`re good to go! This is perfect when doing grocery shopping, going to a friend`s house, or walking the dog. You can prevent the hassle of putting your phone, wallet, and keys inside your jean pockets with this.

8. Round Straw Crossbody Bag

Straw bags are extremely popular right now. This is because of its versatile design, eco-friendly materials, and durability. These bags are reasonably priced and help local communities who make these bags. They come in different colors and designs as well but the most common are plain brown ones.

Wearing this especially during spring and summer is extremely stylish. You can any size of this based on how much space you need for your daily essentials.

Crossbody bags are popular choices of bags mainly because of the hassle free way of carrying them. Quilted, clear, lip stick, pull tab, beaded, phone case and round straw crossbody bags are just some of the most stylish pieces you can have in your wardrobe. They`re not only fashionable but also very functional as well.

A Guide to Different Women’s Swimwear Options

If you want to wear swimwear that will boost your confidence and make you look great, you are in the correct place and keep reading. You can also emphasize the feminine or sexiness silhouette by wearing the swimwear in various style and making you more stand out for sure.

Even if you are worried about your body shapes, the point is to feel confident and comfy with anything you wear. Just choose the best swimwear that will meet your fashion style. Here are some of the women’s swimwear styles you can wear for any occasion, beach, or pool outfits.

1. Classic style

The one-piece swimwear is an item I would recommend for women who love classic and casual style. Wearing a classic one-piece swimsuit will create a gentle, relaxed silhouette. It is a simple swimwear that brings out a relaxed look for women.

Retro Stripe Crossback Bikini Top will give you throwback beach vibes you’ll want to rock all summer long. It has a simple design but still catches much attention to you.

2. Sexy style

If the swimwear shows off your skin too much, you can get sexiness and femininity at the same time. You can feel cool and refreshing as you can see your skin. You can wear bikinis or tankini for the sexy and mature look. A bikini will make you look feminine but gives you a healthy and sexy look.

This Brooklyn one-piece is perfect for women. It’s also a piece of swimwear that can be worn at the beach or pool party. So you can enjoy this season as much as you want. 

This boned cupped swimsuit is also flattering and tempting. It’s sure to have all eyes on you. Featuring a stone material with boned cup detail on the bust and a flattering high leg fit. Style this with a floppy hat and nude chunky flatform sandals to complete the look.

3. Cute style 

How about trying midi one-piece swimwear to create a cute look? This piece doesn’t show off the skin too much but has a trendy and cute design at the same time.

The design that gives off a sweet atmosphere will bring out a cute and girly look. It is a swimwear outfit that you want to wear in the summer holidays and rock the beach with your friends. Add beach sandals and fashion accessories and enjoy the summer swimwear that makes you want to walk along the sea.

Show off your charm in cute polka dots with this Chiko Tie Front One Piece Swimsuit. This one-piece features removable adjustable straps, high cut leg, tie front with cutout detail, and cheeky seat coverage. This swimwear is sure a perfect item for your summer swimsuit. It will brighten your hot day and enjoy the summer sun with your loved one with this cute swimsuit.

6 Women’s Fashion Trends You Need to Know

Trends in fashion are ever-changing. Some can be good and some can be your worst nightmare! Not all trends are meant to be memorialized with pictures.  Imagine the horror 20 years from now if you have a picture with a trend that just isn`t good, to begin with.

Thankfully, there are some trends worth taking notes of so you can incorporate it with your daily wear. Here are some fashion trends you must get into:

1. Strappy Heels Over Pants


Now, this may seem like an odd trend, but it`s actually kind of cute! You can find a pair of strappy heels, and a pair of fitted jeans. Make sure that when you lace the straps on the heels that it goes on top of your bottoms or pants.

This is actually a cool way to have a bit of twist to your regular shirt and jeans look.

2. Chunky Boots

Chunky boots are great investment pieces because they almost never go out of style! They`re not only fashionable but comfortable as well. These can even protect your cute little feet when it`s raining or muddy outside.

To be honest, you can wear this with a floral or plain dress, plaid button-up shirt and ripped jeans, or a simple blouse and leather mini skirt. These chunky boots will definitely put a cool edge to your entire outfit.

3. Long Faux Leather Coats

Trench coats are awesome pieces to wear this season!  Leather coats have been increasingly popular and it`s awesome!

You can wear an army green long faux leather trench coat with a black or white A-Line dress with a pair of boots for a chic and cool look or you can wear this with a basic tee and high-waist skinny jeans and flats for a more casual yet well-put-together outfit.   

4. Pastel Bucket Hat

Pastel bucket hats are so cute. They don`t just protect your pretty locks but also adds flavor to your fashion style. For summer, you can wear this with a cute floral printed dress with the same color as the hat and a pair of white sneakers. For fall, you can simply wear this with an off-the-shoulder top, high rise skinny jeans, and denim jacket.

5. Leather Jumpsuit

Bolder styles have been evident in a lot of fashionistas looks this year. If you want to look fierce and edgy, you can go for a leather jumpsuit with a pair of pumps. This can make you look sexier with its body-hugging fit. Put your hair in a bun, and pout those lips for the perfect Instagram shot!

6. Bucket Bag

Bucket Bags are such cute accessories to have. You can feel secure that your personal items are well stores because most bucket bags have drawstrings and zippers to keep the bag well-locked.

Strappy heels over pants, chunky boots, long faux coats, pastel bucket hats, leather jumpsuits and bucket bags are just some of the many trends which can be seen in a lot of celebrities and influencers. Accessorizing well and making sure that all your clothing pieces complement each other is the key to looking fabulous!

Fashion Style: Pick the Right Bodysuit Shapewear with Your Body Shape

Getting the best Bodysuit Shapewear according to your body shape plays a big role in achieving the best body figure that you’re dreaming of. You must really consider the size of your body in finding the shapewear because it may lead to discomfort and dismay. Finding the best shapewear according to your body size and shape also lessens the time of looking and surfing all of the shapewear out there. You’ll be at an advantage since you know what you will be working on and what kind of figure you’re aiming for.

1. What’s your goal figure

You’re not just not picking the shapewear in trend or fashionable today. You should also consider what is the figure you’re aiming for. If you wanted to get have a slimmer waistline then you should go for the shapewear that will give you that outcome. You must pick the right shapewear that will provide the figure you wanted to portray.

2. What do you want to improve

It’s very important that you have shapewear that will also improve some areas of your body. A lot of shapewear offers great figures but not all are there to improve it. Wearing shapewear that helps in shaping your body leads to a more beneficial outcome. As your primary goal is to not rely more on those shapewears in the future.

3. What do you want to work on

Always remember to choose the best bodysuit shapewear according to what parts of your body you’ll be working on. Some ladies especially after giving birth wanted to work on there belly fats and waist. Be wise and mindful to pick the right shapewear that provides better outcomes on areas you’ll be working on.

4. What do you want to emphasize

Better select the right shapewear on what do you want for people to recognize. Getting people’s good first impression at your figure leaves a long-lasting effect on how your figure is like. You need to consider in getting shapewear that will emphasize your front, waist, or back. For plus, make sure that you’ll choose the plus size shapewear bodysuit that will emphasize how your waist become slimmer. What do you want to achieve is different from what do you want people to see and remember.

5. What attire do you want wear

Making sure that your shapewear matches your attire is very important because it gives comfortability and stableness. Matching your shapewear to your attire gives stress-free feeling knowing that no matter what you’re doing, the shapewear will not fall off or displace.

Knowing these simple tips to figure out the right shapewear according to your body shape plays a big factor because you’ll be able to save time in finding what’s the right one (shapewear) and you’ll be able to save your resources and effort.  and for more discount, you can check Loverbeauty black Friday online deals 2020.