Getting all the necessary equipment to properly train and shape your body is bound to “unfruitfulness” if you don’t know the “know-how” to do it correctly. Here in this article, we will be talking more about things that you can do and can’t do with your faja shaper and waist and thigh trainer to achieve the body figure that you’re always aiming for. It is the same as important to maintain a healthy and balanced body shape.

Why do people choose to train with a waist and thigh trainer?

Most of you are wondering why do people tend to use a waist and thigh trainer instead of a regular vested waist trainer? To answer, it is due to the vast target areas of what a waist and thigh trainer can shape up instead of the regular one. Why work with a waist trainer that only targets your waist when you have the option to shape up your butts, hips, legs, and thigh all at the same time? Using a waist and thigh trainer is efficient, proficient, and more productive!

Now that you’re able to see the good side of what a waist and thigh trainer can do…

Then, let’s go to business and work out that body with it!

Here is how you can train your body with waist and thigh trainers.


Waist training is a set of exercises that you can perform in repetition to achieve an hourglass body figure. It is to mold and keep your body healthy with a fresh and adorable body shape.


For a starter, you need to know that waist and thigh trainers should be accompanied by light exercises. It is because the cinching effect is enough to make you sweat and may cause you breathing issues if paired with an intense workout. So to begin, you can do bicycle crunches that target your abs and obliques at the same time by moving constantly to help burn your fats and improve your heart rate. To do this, lie down on your back. Bend your knees and place your arms across your chest. Contract your abs while lifting your upper body with your neck and head relaxed. Continue to do this repeatedly as you feel the need to rest.


For most people, when we talk about cardio exercises, what comes to mind are running, walking, cycling, and swimming. It is an activity or exercise to keep your heart rate up which builds a healthy body. There are lots of benefits of regularly doing cardio exercises such as having a long life, good lungs, and becoming flexible. As mentioned, this type of exercise is not too intense which is good to pair with your waist and thigh trainer. Examples of cardio exercises that are fun and relaxing are dancing, jump rope, and power-walking.


If you want to improve your core strength and bring balance to your body, then you can try this dumbbell side bend exercise. It can also improve the sides of your body and your spinal mobility. You can easily do this by having a good pair of dumbbells in your hand. This type of exercise is what you can do while wearing your waist and thigh trainer. You’ll be burning your belly fats, strengthening your cores and side muscles, and improving your stamina at the same time. Now having an hourglass body with your waist and thigh trainer is already at hand.


If you’re looking for an exercise that helps in burning your calories to help you lose weight then it is “squats.” It is a fun way to do this exercise while wearing a plus size waist trainer to maximize perspiration. We know that through perspiration we lose our water weight which affects the overall result of our weight loss program. The squats help in strengthening bones, tendons, and leg muscles.


The Russian twist is an exercise that doesn’t need specific equipment to pull through. You just need a yoga mat where you can sit in to do this exercise. It is an exercise that targets your abdominal muscles and your internal and external obliques. This exercise will give you the hourglass body you’re always dreaming of together with your waist and thigh trainer. To do this, rotate your torso back and forth while sitting with your legs bent and your lower back straight.


The heel touchers are one of the simplest yet most effective exercises that you do while wearing your waist and thigh trainer to ensure strong abdominal muscles and core. Simply lie down on your yoga mat, bend your knees and slightly place your feet apart. Let your left hand touch your left foot for a couple of seconds then do this same process with your right hand. Do this for a maximum of 30 repetitions per session!


One of the core exercises that grant a slim, flat, and sexy belly. By doing this daily, you’ll ensure an hourglass body figure in no time. It is easy to do and can be paired with your waist and thigh trainer for better body shaping results. This exercise doesn’t require intense movements which is perfect while having your waist trainer. Simply place your forearms on your yoga mat with your elbow align to your shoulders. Hold this position for about 20-30 seconds while maintaining a straight-line position.


There are various activities and exercises that you can perform with a waist and thigh trainer to complement its usage and benefits. Knowing how and when to do those exercises is critical in attaining the best body shape and health you’re always looking for.

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