Fashion Tips: Dressing for Shape

Women have various body shapes. It is for us to know our body types before choosing a dress. There are certain dresses that fit perfectly for women of certain body types. Therefore, it is important to what body type we belong to before we go on to choose clothes for ourselves.

If you are not aware of how your body type determines your choice of clothes, this article is for you. Here, you shall learn about the major body types that women have and also know about dressing for shape.

Different Types of Body Shapes for Women

Body type or body shape is the structure of the body. Knowing about which body shape you belong to is the best way to choose clothes so that they fit you better. You will also have to keep an eye on your body measurements so as to determine your body type.

Let’s learn more about the various body shapes.

The Apple

People who have a heavier upper body in comparison to the lower body have an apple-shaped body type. People with larger body types have broad shoulders and the bigger size of the bust can wear the most comfortable shapewear. The weight of the body gathers mostly around the midriff and therefore, women with this body type must-have dresses that highlight other parts of the body so that the midriff can be ignored.

Wear A-line dresses so that they highlight your shoulders. Perhaps, you can also wear a curve-hugging short midi dress that flaunts your legs. You should also have the right bra to wear underneath to support your curve.



If you are shaped like an hourglass, you must realize that you have the most desired figure of all. The hourglass body type is the one with a well-defined waistline and proportionate bottom and top part.

In fact, women with hourglass body type can wear what they want and still look great. But a V-shaped or a sweetheart’s neck will help you flaunt your upper body in the most attractive way. You can also add a belt to accentuate the waistline and make the curves look better.

Pear-shaped Body

Having a pear-shaped body implies that your lower body is much heavier than the upper part of your body. If you have an hourglass body, you must wear outfits that will be helpful for your lower belly shapewear. For instance, an A-lined skirt or ruffled pants look great on a pear-shaped body-type. Skinny and high-waist jeans, crop tops and scoop necks are something every person of this body type can wear.

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle body type means that you have your upper body in proportion to the lower body. The best thing for people of this body type to wear is ruffled pants, A-lined skirts, crop tops, long jackets, and blazers.


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