Daily Fashion: Crossbody Bags Every Women Should Have

Crossbody bags are some of the best bags to carry around most especially because it`s just easy to put over your body and not worry about dropping or misplacing your purse. They come in a variety of casual, formal, and cute designs so finding one which is both practical and stylish for everyday wear isn`t impossible! Here are some crossbody bags you can invest on and be a part of your wardrobe:  

1. Quilted Maxi Crossbody Bag

A quilted maxi crossbody bag is just the best bag to have to amp up your daily casual outfit. Even if you have a simple all-white or all-black outfit, you would look elegantly chic with a quilted bag. There`s just something with the quilt design that makes quilted bags look so classy!

2. Clear Crossbody Bag

Clear bags has been increasingly popular most likely due to its glossy and glassy look making you look cool yet chic. If you`re someone who loses things easily even with a small purse, then a clear crossbody bag is for you! Just by looking at the exterior of the bag, you can immediately see the contents of the bag. Be careful though! You don`t want your beautiful bag to be snatched by anyone or to tempt someone to take away your cool bag! Always stay on the safe side when wearing a clear bag, and make sure you don`t show off your riches with this bag. Maybe you can use this for your keys, make-up, and phone?

3. Braided Crossbody Bag

A braided crossbody bag is an excellent bag for casual and daily wear! A brown braided bag is very reminiscent of vintage bags which can make you and your outfit timelessly beautiful!

4. Lipstick Crossbody Bag

A lipstick crossbody bag probably isn`t that common but this cute and chic bag is quite unique and perfect if you`ll run a quick errand or having a short brunch date with your gals. Basically, you can carry this bag if you don`t want to carry a bag but still need to bring small items. This would be great for clubbing and having a sweet date with your beau!

5. Pull Tab or Doctor`s Crossbody Bag

A Pull Tab or Doctor`s crossbody bag is a classically chic bag that is usually rounded and can store more of your items because of its dome shape. This can usually be used as a handbag or a crossbody bag. This is one of the best crossbody bags you can get because it can be used for a lot of occasions and be able to store all your necessities.

6. Beaded Crossbody Bags

Beaded crossbody bags are unique. Because beaded crossbody bags come in a tone of patterns and designs, you can definitely express your personality, creativeness, artistic side, and edgy style depending on the pattern of the bag that you choose. This can add a cool touch to your overall look!

7. Phone Case Crossbody Bag

Going to the market or outside of a quick errand? With a phone case crossbody bag, you can simply carry your phone, cards, and keys, and you`re good to go! This is perfect when doing grocery shopping, going to a friend`s house, or walking the dog. You can prevent the hassle of putting your phone, wallet, and keys inside your jean pockets with this.

8. Round Straw Crossbody Bag

Straw bags are extremely popular right now. This is because of its versatile design, eco-friendly materials, and durability. These bags are reasonably priced and help local communities who make these bags. They come in different colors and designs as well but the most common are plain brown ones.

Wearing this especially during spring and summer is extremely stylish. You can any size of this based on how much space you need for your daily essentials.

Crossbody bags are popular choices of bags mainly because of the hassle free way of carrying them. Quilted, clear, lip stick, pull tab, beaded, phone case and round straw crossbody bags are just some of the most stylish pieces you can have in your wardrobe. They`re not only fashionable but also very functional as well.

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