How to choose lingerie that suits your body type

When it comes to picking lingerie for your body type, it’s not about whether you’re pear shaped or hourglass. It’s about what feels good! Where do you begin? Read on for some tips on choosing the right naughty wear for you. Focus on your best assets (while hiding what you want to hide, of course). Because with lingerie, the real power play is the confidence and sexiness you exude. Draw attention to where you want it to go and keep in mind no matter what you choose, your man will think you look fabulous.

Rule number one of dressing for your body type is to focus on your best assets and hide the trouble spots. But the real foundation is in your inner confidence and sexiness. Your man will not likely notice that extra bit of jiggle on your thighs — in fact, seeing you obsess over it is a real buzzkill. Embrace your body and own it. That’s what every man wants to see. Here are some special tips for flaunting the most delicious parts of your body type… and hiding the ones that kill your confidence.


f you have a nice butt

Try boy shorts. Whether you opt for a boy-shorts-and-bra combination or boy-shorts-and-corset combo, there’s nothing like a pair of these male-inspired undies to accent that derriere. Don’t forget the heels, which will make your legs and butt look long, lean and more toned.

Beauty Tip: To really draw attention to your legs and butt, smooth on some baby oil or other leg shine lotion. It’ll really make you shimmer.


If you’re big busted

Look for support. There are plenty of teddies and bra-and-panty sets with built-in underwires. If you’re looking to show off that big bust, steer toward demi-cut bras. Conversely, if you’re big busted with a small waist, most built-in bra sets won’t work for you. Instead, look to a corset, which is much more customizable to your shape.


If you’re showing off cleavage

Try a corset. There’s nothing better to give the girls that extra lift. You can also draw attention to the area by experimenting with different colors, too. Black is a good contrast, if you’re fair skinned, while white is a good contrast if you are more tan. No matter what your skin tone, his heart will stop if you come out with something red.


Beauty Tip: Dust a bit of shimmer powder over your girls to draw even more attention. Look for scented versions that’ll smell oh-so-sexy.

If you’re hiding some tum or are modest

If the thought of parading around in not so much clothing gives you a small panic attack (or you’re looking to hide your tummy), there are plenty of sexy slips and modest teddies that are super flirty. A corset with boy short combination is somewhat modest and great for concealing a tummy. Even if you’re hesitant, just trust us and give it a try. Corsets can do wonders for trimming inches off the waist, and though seductive, they actually cover much more than you’d think.

If you’re leggy

Think high heels and high-cut. Look for slips that are slit up the thigh and a garter belt. Don’t forget our beauty tip for nice butts (above) and use lotions and shimmer for some extra shine.


Beauty Tip: You can always up your sex appeal when wearing something a bit more modest with bolder makeup and sky-high stilettos that are sure to make his heart throb.

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