Claudia Schiffer joins Instagram with sexy bikini and lingerie lens

Just looking at Claudia Schiffer is hard to believe she is now 47 years old. These days, she did not participate in fashion shows almost every month, or high-profile shooting around the world almost every month, the German-born supermodel can still use the camera, as she can see on the Instagram account. That way, like a bikini in a professional game, it looks great in underwear. For those fans who missed the old days, she also added lustre to her account. After working in the modeling industry for 30 years, Schiffer can still strike all poses from any angle and looks good.

Since her modeling career has slowed down, Schiffer started a new life after divorcing the magician David Copperfield and started a new career in various products she worked with. Of course she said she was most satisfied. Work, a mom

According to the Vanity Fair, she was 17 when she was discovered in the discotheque in Dusseldorf. In those days, she was known as the Ice Queen and even followed her after she left the world of high fashion models. However, Schiff said in her interview that she never intended to be too cold or think so; she was actually very shy because she was involved in InStyle in an interview.

“I always think this is very interesting. I am like this. In real life, I want to be Superman. I am Clark Kent. When I told my friends, when I moved to Paris to do a model, they smiled and said: “This is very Interesting, you will never live,” because I am too shy. But I realized that when I make up a makeshift, I don’t like shy Claudia from a small town, I can make a horrible Things.”

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