Hilaria Baldwin shares a lingerie selfie to ‘motivate’ other moms to eat ‘correct’ and exercise

Hilaria Baldwin feels good 10 weeks after delivery and looks great – and wants to be a baby’s body, directing light to other mothers.

The mother of four children gave birth to her latest baby Romeo Alejandro David in May and shared a photo of sexy lace lingerie on Instagram on Friday.

“10 weeks, one day… It’s been a while since I released such an updated photo. I did this to motivate feeding and exercise. If it resonates with you, it’s great! No, you can think of it as a bikini, rolling over #wegotthis2018,” Baldwin made the title for this post.

The yoga instructor married to Alec Baldwin took her picture in her bathroom mirror, revealing her flat belly and body shape.

Baldwin’s mission is to get fans to update after the baby travels. On Wednesday, she took her followers in her memory, she was pregnant for nine months, and after she was born two weeks later, she wore the same lace dress and held Romeo herself.

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Although it seems that Hilaria’s shape is very beautiful and not shy because of revealing her body, she has spent a long time to be comfortable on her skin.

“In my book, The Living Clearly Method, I started talking about growth and eating disorders. I turned to yoga, health and health to heal my body and mind. I want to go back to my former self, and during pregnancy, I will How hard to gain weight and feel patience when you lose it healthily,” Baldwin wrote on social media.

“I am very happy that I can now be a strong and happy mother, fully accept my body.”

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