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Although the regular trips to the nail salon may be on taking a back seat right now, it has not stopped the endless surge of nail ideas and designs flooding on Instagram, especially the ones that are easy to do yourself in the comfort of your own home. One of the few plus sides of the lockdown is the extra time which got every woman to be creative. This explains the flood of different nails designs popping up on our Instagram feeds.  It could simply be that we are so bored that we turn our interest into coming out with different nail designs for that little excitement.

From many twists on the French manicure to DIY rainbow nails, there is something for every vibe and mood. Time to put away the nude shades and play with colors and patterns. Whether you plan to paint your own nails at home or intend to visit your manicurist with safety measures of course, scroll ahead for the best nail ideas for 2021.

You may have seen ombre nails or Skittles nails trending for the past year and the good news is, they are not going anywhere.

Doodle Nails 

If you love to doodle in class, well, you can think of your nails like a notebook and treat each one to a different tiny doodle. Swirls and checkerboards are easy to paint and they pack a punch.

Mismatched Hands

If you want something that is a little more interesting that a classic manicure, try different shade on each hand. Go for trending shades like lilac and moss green for a cool effect.

The Skittles 

The Skittles manicure is also known as the rainbow nails where there is a different shade applied on each nail. Just how the name came about? It is all down to the array of different colors that greet us when we open a packet of Skittles. This colorful aesthetic was one of the biggest trends last year and for 2021, just update the look with a faded color palette. 

Poppy Flowers 

The best thing about these colorful flowers is that they are super easy to recreate at home.  You just need a dotting tool or you can use the end of a bobby pin. As well as a handful of bright colored nail polish. They sure bring a smile to your face huh? More fashion info please check https://www.bnsds.com/

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