Indiscreet Lingerie: Demoiselles are fighting for their survival

In bankruptcy placement, and hitting one of its founders’ suicidal behaviors, the underwear brand Indiscrète is the theme of solidarity.
Their struggle is reminiscent of Atelières, a former worker of Lejaby, or Jeannette’s struggle to save their biscuits. “We can’t give up such a business, we have to fight!” Catherine said Gabillon, one of 110 DEMOISELLES D’Indiscrète, represents the seller of these brands in French boutique handmade lingerie.

The brand and its 20 seamstresses took over in Chauvigny (Vienna) on July 24. An error of 40,000 euros was not paid and the order was subsequently promised not to pay 60,000 euros. In this grim test, the tragedy occurred: on the evening of August 9, Didier De Grande committed suicide on the site of Indiscrete.

The fifth, the father founded the brand, in 2010 Beatrice Montage and Chris Taylor Woods, all three former executives of AUBADE, whose historic headquarters is located in St. Sa, near Chauvigny, Until its relocation in 2009. Responsible for the site, “Didier was forced to dismiss more than 100 people and himself. He is emotional and benevolent. He may not support the idea of starting again…”

“Save the company and its know-how”
The frivolous and labelled Enterprise Live Heritage (EPV) “created with our severance pay” story moves far beyond the Poitevin region. FIMIF is an independent French manufacturing association that launched a cat on the Internet, and a support committee has already joined 400 entrepreneurs.

“This is about saving the company, work and know-how. The French article is three times as many as foreign-made products,” said Finf Secretary Vincent Berionni. “A communication agency provides free services, and Mif Expo – an exhibition made in France – provides a booth for the next edition.”

Entrepreneur and co-founder friend, Sendrine Colly prepares Poitiers to support the day and night on September 14th, and through the 1300 entrepreneurs mobilization and local officials of members of the powerful group on Facebook, “Let us mobilize! So that kind of rash Life. As a result, orders have quadrupled in recent weeks and support ratings are increasing. “They defend the high-end French and work for the Moon Children and Breast Cancer Women. Indiscreet is worth saving! ”

“We completed the pension”
As a female tailor for 35 years, Claudie Blanchard said she was “surprised and happy” in the face of such a surge of solidarity. “We thought it was over and broke the corset. In France, it is impossible to find such a post. This work is too detailed, and it takes ten machines to make a bra.”

Indiscrète co-founders Béatrice Mongella and Christelle Bois also discovered the energy of battle in this “unexpected mobilization.” “Two weeks ago, we will talk to you about the mission. Shock is cruel. But for work, we can’t collapse. Today, we have to save this box! Their goal now is: ” Earn cash to pay wages, let us have Time rebounded. “

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