Wear Shapellx, Never Fail to Get Compliments

Is there any woman who does not wish to be appreciated for her beauty? Shapellx understands the women’s minds. Therefore, they have come up with professionally styled and designed shapewear that focuses on the natural aura of a woman’s figure. These shapewear pieces are available in different styles and sizes to serve individual needs.

So, let us offer you a list of the best Shapellx shapewear pieces that are bound to earn you some great compliments.

1. Shaper Shorts With Casual Outfits

seamless shapewear shorts
AirSlim™ Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts

Whether you are going for a day-long party, office, or college, AirSlim™ Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts can give you comfort as well as a perfect body shape throughout the day. As soon as you wear it under your clothes, your belly, and waist are trimmed, giving you an hourglass shape. Any casual outfit like dresses, pants, and skirts goes well with these shapewear shorts, making your body look well-built.

2. Get The Ultimate Look In A Gown Or Formal

thong shapewear bodysuits

Do you wish to get the dreamy wedding look or appear attractive in your office meeting? Then AirSlim™ Backless Underwear Thong Shapewear will never fail to fulfill your expectation. The versatile thong design of this backless shapewear smooths your belly and enhance your buttocks for a slim look. Even the straps can be changed into a halter and crisscross pattern. So, you will definitely catch some eyeballs while wearing this Shapellx shapewear.

3. Perfect For Every Outfit

AirSlim™ Seamless Sculpt Mix

Every woman needs a best shapewear bodysuit that goes along with all types of dresses and on all occasions. Be it dresses or shorts; AirSlim™ Seamless Sculpt Mix can make you look gorgeous in every outfit. This comfortable shapewear offers a smoothening effect on your tummy, thigh, and hip for a flawless and attractive appearance all the time.

4. Look Attractive In Slim Fit Clothing

shaper panty
AirSlim™ High Waist Firm Control Shaper Panty

Made of spandex and nylon fabric, this shaper panty is breathable and easy to put on. Due to the thong design, it particularly matches with slim-fit clothing. The abdominal shaping effect is enhanced by eye and hook closure design and belts. So, you are going to be surely complimented for your slim and naturally curved belly.

5. Get Appreciated For Your Hourglass Shape

best shapewear shorts for tummy control
AirSlim™ Seamless Tummy Tucking Butt Lifter

The women who want to have a totally shaped hourglass body can easily opt for the AirSlim™ Seamless Tummy Tucking Butt Lifter. You can achieve the red carpet celebrity look by trimming your but, waist and thighs. This shapewear will present your figure as truly appealing for traditional as well as western attire.

6. Plus Size Body Can Look Beautiful Too!

AirSlim™ Backless Lace Smooth Bodysuit Shaper is undoubtedly the best plus-size waist trainer and body shaper which gradually helps you develop an hourglass-shaped figure by reducing your waist, tummy, and thighs. This attractive lace bodysuit can be worn under an outfit and also as a top over pants or shorts. The ability to move freely and high comfort level make it more suitable for women.  

7. Look Beautiful Beyond Your Size

Beauty cannot be defined by the body size of women. The attractive thong design highlights your buttocks and gives you a smooth looking abdomen. The shape of your figure will be redefined with the help of this open bust shapewear and you can look confidently beautiful in your body size.

Earning compliments from others helps to develop confidence in women. However, being able to appreciate yourself and self-love are equally important. So, the shapewear from Shapellx aims to make you appear beautiful in your own eyes as well as others’.

Head to Shapellx, The Shapewear Discount is Limited-time

Are you looking for superior quality thong shapewear bodysuits and trainer for you? Are you finding it challenging to locate the best platform to buy these products at the best price? Don’t worry at all and check out the Shapellx online platform where you will get good quality body shapers and waist trainers at discounted prices.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on cost weight-loss medicines or surgeries when Shapellx offers you the most affordable options to bring your body back to a perfect and sexy shape. If you are in search of some best products, here we have listed down a few options for you. Have a look.

Double compression waist trainer

This upgraded version of plus size waist trainer is designed and developed to tone, tightens and flattens the stomach. What’s more? It offers adequate support to your back. You can use it during running, abdomen exercise, in-home, doing sports and more. Some also have been stated that it works great for postpartum recovery. It can help you with weight loss by increasing your body temperature and making you sweat more.

3-in-1 waist and thigh trimmer with butt lifter

Speaking about some useful benefits of this product is, it works quite perfectly for butt, waist and thigh training. When you use it, your cellulite appearance will be reduced. On the other side, using this, you can compress the size of the thighs to look curvy. Are you worried about your water weight? Use this for better result. Besides, this also comes with the butt lifting feature. Get it now by paying USD 89.80.

Side zip compression bodysuit

Made of high-quality material, this bodysuit feels super comfortable, and when you put it on, you will instantly lose a few inches to look sexy. Some women use it to attain a better posture. By slimming and smoothing your body, it allows you to look beautiful with your body-hugging dresses. What’s more? The specialized fabric will perfectly lift the booty. Use it and get a sexy waist curve.

plus size shapewear
AirSlim™ Side Zip Compression Bodysuit
Postpartum surgery tummy control shapewear

Are you looking for some best-quality and effective thong shapewear bodysuits? Give this shaper a try? The power-net exterior design makes it look good. The compression level is high and offers natural butt-lifting result. Give it a try.

side zipper postpartum surgery shapewear for tummy control
AirSlim™ Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper
Seamless butt lifter shapewear

It has 18 per cent Lycra and 82 per cent spandex material and feels breathable and soft. The sweat-wicking material will keep your body dry. While compressing your stomach, waist and thighs, this shaper perfectly lifts your butt. So, go on and try out the best Shapellx shapewear now and enjoy a sexy shape.

Best Shapewear – Streamline and Sculpt Your Curves

When you have the wrong type of undergarments, they will instantly turn your fashion into something that will look ugly. Bras that cut into the back, underwear lines and thongs that remain stick out are some of the few issues you can eliminate using the right type of undergarment. So, what will work best in this case? The easy answer to this question is body shapewear.

Some women call the thong shapewear bodysuit as the wonder-garments as they create magic to make the body perfect for your day or evening dresses. When you have this on your body, you will look amazingly beautiful. Besides, the shapewear will also remain completely hidden inside your dresses. Don’t think much and grab them now. To help you out in choosing some best products, we have listed down some options for you. Have a look.

Lace smooth panty bodysuit

This slim elastic black bodysuit comes with a sexy lace patchwork to give your body a perfect look. You can confidently wear this on different essential occasions like weddings, birthday parties and more to look super beautiful with your favourite dresses. Thanks to its high-quality elastic fabric, you will find is breathable. The crotch buttons are easy to use. To make your curve appear smooth and beautiful, it has less stitch. On the other hand, for better tummy compression, the abdomen area has a double-layer mesh.

best body shaper
AirSlim™ Lace Smooth Panty Bodysuit

Seamless butt lifter shapewear

When you need perfect body comfort, breathing comfortable and invisibility, this shapewear will work great. To keep you in comfort throughout the day, it has material that combines 18 per cent Lycra and 82 per cent Nylon material. This mid-thigh shaper is designed to create a sleek line from the waist to thighs, showing off your sexy body curves. This is also quite effective in posture correction. Its unique design will add a perfect level of compression in your lumbar area. This will perfectly straighten the back and eliminate the humpback. What’s more? This also offers a natural butt lifting effect. Use it now to see the difference.

Sports vest with double belts

When you wear this waist trainer for women is designed to correctly stimulate the body’s thermal activity in the core. That will increase the body’s perspiration level, letting your body to remove toxins. As it has latex material, it helps in the weight loss process.  Besides, you can use this for waist shaping and sculpting. On the other hand, it has two belts around the abdomen area to slim your tummy. The straps are adjustable, and you can create the desired compression level using the belts.

Full coverage smoothing bodysuit

This time to try out this slimming splendour. This full-body shaper offers the maximum comfort level while shaping your body, and you will feel super confident. If you are looking for a perfect undergarment to bring back your body to its natural state after surgery, you can go for it. This is designed to control your waist, back, thighs, and abdomen area. Besides, it also offers excellent breast support with its contour, double-layered trainable cups. Not just your front, this also adequately shape your rear side.

Zipper crotch bodysuit shaper

It has a zipper and internal hook locking system to remain invisible under your dresses. Its unique design and perfect compression level can effectively reduce and shape your entire body. On the other hand, it has specialized fabric that lifts your buttocks, and you will enjoy a natural butt lifting effect. The abdomen area as a three-layer mesh that boosts up the tummy control effect. Give it a try now and stay in a sexy shape throughout the day.

AirSlim™ Zipper Crotch Bodysuit Shaper

Power body shaper with side zipper

If you are looking for an undergarment to attain a super sexy hourglass figure, this can be an ideal product for you. The body shaper perfectly compresses your abdomen, waist, and torso area without creating any discomfort. You can wear it after your pregnancy to reshape your body. Women love to use this for its 360-degree compressing effect and its trimming effect that primarily focuses on thighs, tummy hips and waist.

AirSlim™ Power Body Shaper with Side Zipper

Open bust bodysuit with thigh slimmer

Each side has a robust plastic bone for curling prevention. Besides, the abdomen area has three layers and two-layer of mesh fabric for creating maximum compression. The best thing about this body shaper is it has moisture-wicking breathable fabric to keep your body dry throughout the day. The straps are removable and adjustable. Using this, you can get back your attractive curves.

25-steel boned waist trainer

With 25 steel bones, it will offer you the desired level of body shaping effect. With a solid colour, this product looks classic. Using its adjustable hooks, you can adjust the trainer size based on your body. This product perfectly fits the curves and trim the tummy. Visit here for more such fantastic product to attain a perfect shape.

NeoSweat™ 25 Steel Boned Waist Trainer

Best Affordable Shapewear for Fat Cutting

Every woman in this modern era wishes to have an hourglass body or smooth silhouette figure to show their waistline and attractive body in public and gain the perfect look. But sometimes it becomes impossible to cut down the extra body fat from different areas like hip, thigh, belly, waist, etc. This extra body fat not only spoils your look but also ruins your dress lining and curves. The worst thing in this situation is that nothing can help you quickly to cut down the fat if you are looking to attend any special occasion except shapewear panties available on Loverbeauty’s latest collection.

Loverbeauty Hook Front Mesh Hiphugger Bodysuit Shapewear
Loverbeauty Hook Front Mesh Hiphugger Bodysuit Shapewear

Type of shapewear panties

The brief

If you are looking for cheap shapewear panties with additional comfort then this one has a lot more to offer you. The design of such a panty also supports your belly bottom due to its hip enhancer. In addition, the fabric around the hips is typically rounded. The best thing about such shapewear panties is that it can be worn even beneath the short dresses like skirts and single-piece dresses. You can get this type in any shapes on loverbeauty’s official site so you don’t have to look here and there for the perfect size.

Loverbeauty Waist Control | Plus Size Butt Lifting Panty
Loverbeauty Waist Control | Plus Size Butt Lifting Panty

The short

This fancy-looking panty is affordable shapewear if you don’t want to spend any extra money on workout gears. Its soft fabric is never going to make you uncomfortable while running or cycling. It offers flexible and thus you will feel comfortable for a longer period of time. If you are a fashion girl then it can also be paired with any type of crop top while attending the workout session.

Loverbeauty Mesh Lining Elastic Waistband Butt Lifters
Loverbeauty Mesh Lining Elastic Waistband Butt Lifters

The corset brief

This corset brief is one of the best introductions in the fashion field focuses on cutting down the extra tummy fat along with hips and thighs. Along with reducing the extra body fat, it also helps in improving body posture.

Fitted Curve Neoprene Underbust Corset Body Shaper With Belt
Fitted Curve Neoprene Underbust Corset Body Shaper With Belt

Tank top corset

Another tool you can add in your wardrobe for fat cutting is this tank top with a high-compression corset. This can quickly help you to lose your extra body fat if you have to attend any special occasion, plus its compression power is too high to give you the desired body shape by creating an illusion for others.

Loverbeauty Instantly Slims Neoprene 4 Steel Bones Vest Shaper With Hooks Abdominal Control
Loverbeauty Instantly Slims Neoprene 4 Steel Bones Vest Shaper With Hooks Abdominal Control

Choose Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses

Shapewear doesn’t generally need to call for pressing and battling. Now and then, the correct piece serves as a smoothing, high waist slip or consistent clothing that vanishes under each Bodycon dress for women. It gives you a shock of certainty without an excessive amount of issues.


Eye-Catching Zipper Button Half Sleeve Bodycon Dress For Walking
Eye-Catching Zipper Button Half Sleeve Bodycon Dress For Walking

Ladies need to reconsider the word Shapewear. It offers such a significant number of advantages past molding! Look at them as foundation pieces that are down to earth, agreeable, and can be extremely pretty, as well.


Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression
Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression

Without a doubt, these pieces give an incredible foundation to assist garments in fitting appropriately. This enables you to be innovative with your outfits. In this way, the best shapewear for each lady relies upon her closet. Certain outfits like the bodycon dress to wedding outfits request explicit sorts of slips, shorts, nightgowns, tights, or bras.

Basic outfits and best shapewear to wear under bodycon dresses for a seamless look

A casual, easygoing outfit shouldn’t require awkward underpants. A consistent nightgown can let your top wrap effectively on your edge while giving you additional fit around you and your bust.


Exclusive Skin Adjustable Straps Full Body Shaper Lace Amazing Shape
Exclusive Skin Adjustable Straps Full Body Shaper Lace Amazing Shape

A camisole helps smoothening bra lashes and works extraordinarily under a semi-sheer or lightweight, light cotton top. Bare bras, in any event, when they coordinate your skin tone, can leave you feeling a bit overexposed. These tops give an extraordinary canvas to wear under something smooth and light.  


Curve-Creating Black Underbust Vest Shaper Solid Color Anti-Curling
Curve-Creating Black Underbust Vest Shaper Solid Color Anti-Curling

Everyday Thong Shapewear

 A couple of smoothing, consistent, high waist clothing gives you light forming and breathable comfort. They help check those irritating, and once in awhile agonizing lines, you get from the creases and fasten on denim shorts and pants, which makes them way progressively agreeable.

Stylish Apricot Butt Enhancer 3 Rows Hooks Sheer Mesh Garment
Stylish Apricot Butt Enhancer 3 Rows Hooks Sheer Mesh Garment


Best shapewear for a bodycon dress

 With a bodycon dress, the shapewear will fit you well and worn under both short and long styles. It gives you an adaptable foundation for various dressy events.


Adorable Red Sleeveless Sequin Bodycon Dress Zipper Superior Quality
Adorable Red Sleeveless Sequin Bodycon Dress Zipper Superior Quality

It can be overheating during the hotter months. Regardless of whether you are partying at a midyear wedding or sitting under the 5 p.m. sun at party time. Therefore, it’s simply pleasant to have the security of an additional layer.

 A pair of forming young lady shorts or thong Shapewear can smooth and shape under bodycon dresses. When you need to show or expose some leg. These shorts are practical and give you that little extra coverage. They are simply out carrying on with your life, riding a bicycle, sitting on the seashore or a seat and need to feel comfortable and secured. Try those best shapewear shorts for women

Curve Smoothing Skin Flat Tummy High Rise Lace Butt Lifter
Curve Smoothing Skin Flat Tummy High Rise Lace Butt Lifter