How to Keep Sexy Body ?

Since the pandemic has started, a lot of women have been struggling to keep sexy body. If you have been eating a lot more since you are spending a lot of time home and not been able to visit gym, you may wonder – how to keep sexy body?

A lot of countries are still under lock-down and it may seem impossible to you to keep your fit figure. The truth is you don’t need gym to remain fit. You only need strong motivation and inspiration.

What inspires women better than cute sportswear? It’s the truth that women feel more motivated to work out, especially at home, while they are wearing cute sportswear.

Gymnastic Coffee Color Athletic Suit Wide Waistband Snake Pattern Slim Fit

Lover-Beauty is a web shop where, among other wonderful products, you can find really cute sportswear sets or separate products like sport bras or leggings. All of the products are made out of the softest material and with high elasticity. The sportswear is made in the way where it supports your body, and makes you feel comfortable during the workouts. It’s important, while starting over in your fitness journey, to feel comfortable and pleased by the workouts and the whole process of getting fit.

Light Gray Crisscross Sports Bra Ankle Length Leggings For Girls

The best way to feel that way is definitely giving yourself motivation to work out. Wholesale sportswear with its quality and cuteness will definitely motivate and inspire you to work out. Working out has many benefits to our bodies. Lover-Beauty brand’s mission has always been to make all women feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. Working out means doing something good for your body, seeing how far your body can go and how strong you actually are. It’s a celebration of what your body and you are capable of. Working out means taking care of yourself and Lover-Beauty brand wants you to take care of yourself and put yourself on the first place. When you are happy and pleased by yourself, you can do amazing things and you can share positivity and spread kindness wherever you go! That’s why, Lover-Beauty web shop is offering many different shapewear items, workout sets, and more specific products for body areas (for example body shaper buttock lifter).

There are all sorts of colors and designs available. If you prefer solid pastel sets, this is the place to look at. Lover-Beauty is following the latest trends in the fashion world and implementing them into their fitness clothes and shapewear. Sportswear can actually remind you of positivity and motivation, instead of reminding you of the exhausting work you need to do. It will all be more pleasing when you feel good in your body while wearing cute workout sets like these on the photos. Most of these sets also have pockets where you can keep your most important and most valuable things so you don’t lose them. Isn’t that great?

And the best thing about these sets is definitely the price – they are really affordable! You will be shocked when you see the prices on the web shop so be sure to check them out.

Gray Short Front Sports Top Long Sleeve Best Materials
Gray Short Front Sports Top Long Sleeve Best Materials

Workout sets like these will definitely motivate you to take that first step into changing your body and keeping it sexy! Lock-down doesn’t have to be the reason to forget about your figure and keeping it fit, it can be just the opposite. It can be the reason to get motivated to look the best you can possibly look after the lock-down. It can be the reason for an ultimate glow-up! Imagine seeing your friends after the lock-down and they get shocked by the results you’ve made with your body! Wouldn’t that feel so good? It would be such a good confidence boost! Confidence is something you are building for ages and it’s not a secret that it is hard to do it. But, being visual humans as we are, there are always things we can do to motivate ourselves to take actions.

Blue High Waist Tie-Dyed Print Yogawear Suit Workout Activewear

Dear-Lover workout and fitness sets are exactly what you need to motivate yourself. You should not wait anymore to check them out and get something for yourself. They always have amazing sales and great discounts so you will be able to save a lot of money and still treat yourself. Treating yourself with something as gorgeous as these fitness sets is going to be a gift from you to yourself and it’ll be such a good motivating present! Or, you can get them for someone you love for who you know is struggling with getting back on track. These sets will definitely be the reason for them to wake up every morning and think: “Yes, I am able to do this! I can do extraordinary things!” Your loved ones will be grateful to you for the motivation you will be giving them with these cute fitness gear! Right now is the perfect time to do some shopping and keep your body sexy!

Explore the Best Shapewear and Waist Trainer for Women for Weight Loss

Hello to all of you ladies looking for a perfect solution for weight loss. LoverBeauty is here to help you out and I chose the best shapewear for women I thought you might like:

Loverbeauty Flatten Tummy Bodysuit Shapewear – this masterpiece bodysuit shapewear is a simple way to boost your confidence regarding the area from thighs to head. No matter what outfit you plan to wear you are definitely going to feel confident in this one, trust us. Besides the fact, that is comfortable because it has adjustable straps in order to reduce shoulder pressure it also has a three-layered design of the abdomen to strengthen the control. One more positive thing is that it has an open crotch which is convenient when you go to the toilet.

Loverbeauty Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control – this full-body shaper will definitely make sure that your body looks much better when wearing it. The fabrics are 30% spandex and 70% nylon. You know that problem with the edges of your shapewear when they tend to roll? Well, you won’t have that problem with this one. This body shaper has dropping glue which prevents edges from rolling up.

Loverbeauty Deep V Neck Backless Shapewear Seamless Slimming Body Dress – some of you might mistake this shapewear for a classic little black dress and if you ask us this one can easily go as a fashion piece that you would wear outside.

Loverbeauty Postpartum Recovery Tummy Control Body Shaper – what is characteristic of this shapewear is that it has a snap button closure and that is why it is very convenient when you want to go to the toilet. This piece will make sure that you get that long wanted hourglass figure.

Besides the best shapewear for women, I also picked out the best waist trainer for weight loss from our website. Here are some of them:

Loverbeauty Latex Waist Double Belts Waist Trainer – this waist trainer is special because it has a zipper that keeps a tight fit around your waist in order to achieve a long-lasting weight loss effect on the targeted area.

Loverbeauty Rose Print Double Belts Waist Cincher– this waist cincher features seven steel bones support to waist and abdomen. Its’ flower print makes this shapewear very special so besides losing weight you will also get to look amazing.

I hope you like my choice and that you will consider trying out some of the items which we presented to you in this article.

What Is The Best Shapewear For Women

What is the best shapewear for women? You might ask that question yourself very often. And we are here to give you an answer. Well, it is actually a bit complicated answer considering that every woman is different. Every body is unique, but HenixFashion is here to help you out in all that confusion.

As we a have previously mentioned buying a shapewear is not an easy thing to do. Before you start your shopping maybe it is better to do some sort of a research on shapewear. Or you could simply continue reading this article and you will find out everything you need to know about buying a perfect shapewear. Shapewear is a form of modern corset. Though it may be differently looking than an old school corset the function is pretty much the same. Every shapewear is supposed to keep your curves in place, but it is also supposed to help you out in reaching your desirable body shape. There are few thing you should have in mind when buying shapewear. Your body type and its’ flaws and attributes should be the first thing you should have in mind. You should buy your shapewear according to your body type. For example if you have a problem with your belly than it is advisable that you buy a waist trainer. If you want to feel secure in all the occasions than you should buy a full body shaper ( we have the best full body shaper line so feel free to check them out). You should also be careful when it comes to sizes. The right size can make you feel super comfortable in your shapewear, but the wrong size can totally ruin your mood for the day.

Of course, we are not here only to talk about shapewear, we are also here to show you some of our favorite models. Our wholesale shapewear line is wide so you can check out our website as well. Here are some of our models:

Tummy Control Large Size Black Hooks Eyes Body Shapewear Open Crotch Slimming

Tummy Control Large Size Black Hooks Eyes Body Shapewear Open Crotch Slimming – this type of shapewear will secure your tummy area but thighs as well. It has wide, adjustable straps for reducing shoulder pressure.

Two-Timing Skin Color Solid Color Shapewear Bar Large Size Contouring Sensation

Two-Timing Skin Color Solid Color Shapewear Bar Large Size Contouring Sensation – Are you looking for a perfect shapewear bra? Well than, this the right item for you. This bra will go under absolutely every piece of clothing.

Flexible Black Shapewear Tummy Control Removable Straps High Quality

Flexible Black Shapewear Tummy Control Removable Straps High Quality – this is a perfect shapewear that will make you look great. Lace makes everything look prettier.

Smooth Abdomen Deep Skin Color 9 Steel Bones Waist Trainer Zipper

Smooth Abdomen Deep Skin Color 9 Steel Bones Waist Trainer Zipper – do you have problems with your belly? Guess what, this is a perfect solution for you.

Orange High Waist Neoprene Shapewear For Thighs Weight Loss – thighs are often the most critical are for women, but with this shapewear it won’t be a problem anymore.

Want to Look More Curved? Try New Shapewear for Women by Shapellx

Every woman wants to look curvy so that she can flaunt her femininity to the core. But the female body works in a certain way so it might not be possible to achieve it that easily. But you do not have to get disheartened because you can use shapewear to get the dreamy curves that you have always wished for. These

  1. Shapewear to flaunt the right angles in your body

Are you a bit conscious because of your weight? Then you can choose the right shapewear that can complement the curves in the right way and help you look toned at the same time. A plus size waist trainer can come to your rescue and ensure that you can flaunt your natural curves in a classy and elegant manner. So do not hesitate to wear the perfect dress that you have tucked inside your wardrobe for a long time.

plus size shapewear bodysuits
Shapellx Adjustable Crotch Hooks Tight Bodyshort Shapewear
  • Control tummy by using shapewear

Women want to look curvy, but one of the main obstacles that we face is out tummy. Even though the curves complement our body, a wide and expanding waist can drag down our confidence and body frame. This is a common problem that many women face. But the answer to the problem is pretty simple. They have the option to choose the best shapewear for women that meets their needs and helps to control the bulging tummy. This shapewear is ideal for you if you want that your natural curves should be highlighted, and your tummy can be under control.

NeoSweat™ Latex Three Belt Plus Size Waist Trainer
  • Shapewear for curved body with sculptured thigh

If you are looking for a suitable fitness accessory that can help you have curves in the right regions of your body, then Shapewear by Shapellx is suitable for you. The shapers are designed to do your workout so that you can have the perfect curves with toned thighs. This stretchy and comfortable shapewear can help you have the sexy body that you have been dreaming of.

waist and thigh trainer
  • Shaper that combines comfort and curved frame

If you think that your comfort and convenience will be compromised if you want to appear more curved, you are mistaken. In order to take care of your comfort as well as your curved body, you need to choose the right kind of shapewear. Shapewear with a zipper closure will help you get the desired look without compromising your comfort.  

best shapewear bodysuits
Shaper that combines comfort and curved frame
  • Shaper for firm and curved body

You can use a shaper to complement the curves in the right parts of your body. Firm control shapewear will help you have a perfectly curved body by compressing your waist, torso, and abdomen region. The best part is that you will be comfortable while using it.

plus size shapewear bodysuits
Shapellx Plus Size Ultra Conceal Compression Bodysuit Shapewear

Best Affordable Shapewear for Fat Cutting

Every woman in this modern era wishes to have an hourglass body or smooth silhouette figure to show their waistline and attractive body in public and gain the perfect look. But sometimes it becomes impossible to cut down the extra body fat from different areas like hip, thigh, belly, waist, etc. This extra body fat not only spoils your look but also ruins your dress lining and curves. The worst thing in this situation is that nothing can help you quickly to cut down the fat if you are looking to attend any special occasion except shapewear panties available on Loverbeauty’s latest collection.

Loverbeauty Hook Front Mesh Hiphugger Bodysuit Shapewear
Loverbeauty Hook Front Mesh Hiphugger Bodysuit Shapewear

Type of shapewear panties

The brief

If you are looking for cheap shapewear panties with additional comfort then this one has a lot more to offer you. The design of such a panty also supports your belly bottom due to its hip enhancer. In addition, the fabric around the hips is typically rounded. The best thing about such shapewear panties is that it can be worn even beneath the short dresses like skirts and single-piece dresses. You can get this type in any shapes on loverbeauty’s official site so you don’t have to look here and there for the perfect size.

Loverbeauty Waist Control | Plus Size Butt Lifting Panty
Loverbeauty Waist Control | Plus Size Butt Lifting Panty

The short

This fancy-looking panty is affordable shapewear if you don’t want to spend any extra money on workout gears. Its soft fabric is never going to make you uncomfortable while running or cycling. It offers flexible and thus you will feel comfortable for a longer period of time. If you are a fashion girl then it can also be paired with any type of crop top while attending the workout session.

Loverbeauty Mesh Lining Elastic Waistband Butt Lifters
Loverbeauty Mesh Lining Elastic Waistband Butt Lifters

The corset brief

This corset brief is one of the best introductions in the fashion field focuses on cutting down the extra tummy fat along with hips and thighs. Along with reducing the extra body fat, it also helps in improving body posture.

Fitted Curve Neoprene Underbust Corset Body Shaper With Belt
Fitted Curve Neoprene Underbust Corset Body Shaper With Belt

Tank top corset

Another tool you can add in your wardrobe for fat cutting is this tank top with a high-compression corset. This can quickly help you to lose your extra body fat if you have to attend any special occasion, plus its compression power is too high to give you the desired body shape by creating an illusion for others.

Loverbeauty Instantly Slims Neoprene 4 Steel Bones Vest Shaper With Hooks Abdominal Control
Loverbeauty Instantly Slims Neoprene 4 Steel Bones Vest Shaper With Hooks Abdominal Control

A Comprehensive Guide to Buy Shapewear

Welcome to the world of shapewear for women

We all desire to be in that perfect shape! Our wardrobes should have at least a few clothes to flatter our curves. In case you are out of shape, you can always take the aid of Shapewears for getting in shape. These are garments, which are meant for flattering the curves.

Loverbeauty Deep V Neck Backless Shapewear Seamless Slimming Body
Loverbeauty Deep V Neck Backless Shapewear Seamless Slimming Body

Hence, women can have full confidence in their bodies and also wear all the figure-hugging outfits. Shapewear is crafted in a way so that these garments can flatter the shape of the waist.

Loverbeauty 2 in 1 Ultra Sweat Thigh Trimmer Wraps | Arm Trimmer
Loverbeauty 2 in 1 Ultra Sweat Thigh Trimmer Wraps | Arm Trimmer


The truth about shapewear

Shapewear is created for restoring the shape of a particular body part. These outfits also make you give the impression of being slimmer. Shapewear carries various level of compression that is based on personal needs. The more a woman wants to flatten her stomach, the more will be the level of compression. Shapewear is capable enough to make the women fit into any bodycon dress or any other type of dress. The best shapewear for women will even out the undesired love handles, providing a slimmer looking waistline. These shape trainers will fix issues in the tummy, thigh curves.

Loverbeauty Plain Boyleg Full Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Firm Control
Loverbeauty Plain Boyleg Full Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Firm Control


Shapewear – an innovative thing

Shapewear is a great solution for everyday fat issues. Being physically fit nowadays is very important. Being out of shape makes a person shy away from several kinds of activities! A broad and beautiful waistline is capable of holding several types of attires. Check different types of shapewear and choose the right garment as per your need or requirement.

Loverbeauty Boned Tummy Control Shaping Shorts
Loverbeauty Boned Tummy Control Shaping Shorts

Accentuating the bust line by means of bra shapewear for looking hot in the ensemble is advised. You can also try the option of waisted shapewear briefs below fort giving a coveted figure. Shop a variety of loverbeauty shapewear for tummy and waist online for getting a toned, appealing look.

Loverbeauty Crotchless Booty Lifting Cross Body Shaper
Loverbeauty Crotchless Booty Lifting Cross Body Shaper


Those Shapewear are Right for All Type of Dresses

If you love to wear shapewear then you should know that they are meant for daily life. So, if you choose a very comfortable choice then there is nothing to worry about how you wish to take things ahead. You should wear them on occasion so that your body looks perfect. We all have some imperfections and in order to get rid of them one might need a shapewear

Sophisticated Skin Butt Enhancer Shaper Plain High Rise Perfect-Fit
Sophisticated Skin Butt Enhancer Shaper Plain High Rise Perfect-Fit

How do you need to be clear about what would suit you the most?

If you are looking forward to buying Backless shapewear you should think that you are buying the same for the purpose. If that purpose is solved then things would be very much in your hands. So, keeping this in mind, you should begin the search for good shapewear and perhaps that will help you to get the right idea.

Durable Black V Neckline Stretch Slip Open Back Ultra Light
Durable Black V Neckline Stretch Slip Open Back Ultra Light

Choose the right size for your shapewear

If you are choosing the apt size then it will benefit you and there would be better options as such for the future. By choosing a thong body shaper you are actually trying to define the body well and this is where you can make a major difference. Today, more and more products are available on the web and so based on that you can take charge of things.

Breathe Freely Latex Three Steel Bones Plus Size Body Shaper Thong
Breathe Freely Latex Three Steel Bones Plus Size Body Shaper Thong

Wear the shapewear that would give you a new level of confidence

Having a better level of confidence while you have been looking for the best options in life, can provide you a new way to live. Like, if you are having flaws on the body and you wish to just look perfect. For that, a good body shaper would create miracles. Having a  good body would really mean a lot of things for people and so it would be better if you just approach things in the right fashion. Times have changed and women need revolutionary clothing and with a cool body shaper, all these things would be possible.

Streamlined Skin Zipper Hook Bodysuit Large Size Wide Straps Amazing Shape
Streamlined Skin Zipper Hook Bodysuit Large Size Wide Straps Amazing Shape

Body shapers would motivate you for better

If you have big bellies and when you feel that you really need to work hard over this then you can try your best to make your body look even. All these things will be possible when you are trying to make your body look perfect. Whether you wear minis or maxis, if you have worn a cool body shaper you will be able to create a self-image of your own.

Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression
Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression

It is important that you get an idea about what kind of body shapers are available and if you place an order for the same then too that should work well with you. The right decision to get a cool body shaper would give you the right direction. So, plan things in that fashion.



Top Rated Shapewear You Need to Try

Shapewear is the guilty pleasure of every woman irrespective of their size. The body shaper is always a great solution, whether you want to look amazing in that LBD, or maybe slim down to look fit and sexy into that wedding dress you got for yourself, or just want to take a few pounds off your looks. You must always look the best because it does not matter what is your weight. Just because you have got a few pounds extra on your body does not mean you cannot look slim. Get yourself shaper wears and work it, girl!

Shapewear: Look better n slimmer

Shapewear is not just a fitness apparatus. You can work it up and make your body look amazingly great in shape with shapewear. Make your looks even better with the various types of shape wears.

Loverbeauty Bodysuit Shaper Panty | Zip Up Slimming Shapewear
Loverbeauty Bodysuit Shaper Panty | Zip Up Slimming Shapewear

There are many types of shapewear and the name of the brands goes on and on. Here, we have created a list of the best shapewear for you.


Women’s Shapewear Lace N Smooth Body Briefer 

This shapewear bodysuit is the ideal blend between function and form. It has a really sleek and lacy appearance. You can try out the Loverbeauty Open-Bust Zipper Lace Bodysuit and squeeze your body in it to have an irresistible look. It will do wonders when it comes to hiding those little bulges around your sides, hips, tummy, chest, and butt.

Loverbeauty Deep V Neck Backless Shapewear Seamless Slimming Body
Loverbeauty Deep V Neck Backless Shapewear Seamless Slimming Body

Women’s Shapewear Bra 

Finding a bra that is excellent in shaping is not a hard task anymore. The straps are quite slim and can be easily invisible under any shirt. They will provide you maximum comfort. It will also lift up your breasts without any kind of constriction in blood flow. You can wear this with casual clothing, or formal wear, or business clothing. Shape up your breast and look beautiful!



This shapewear is soft, breathable, supportive and quite comfortable. It helps you to get rid of all the bulges in your hips, thighs, and midsection. It is designed as a sleek, and sexy shapewear clothing. It can be worn under any dress and you will look amazing. You can find it at

Full Slip Shapewear 

If you want an hourglass figure, then this shapewear will do it for you. This is perfect for wearing any kind of beautiful dresses, which are quite comfortable and has a good slimming shape.