The world’s hottest Gran gave WILD’s glamorous lingerie

Australia’s blockbuster can disappoint her reputation as “the world’s hottest grandmother.”

In her latest shoot, Gina Stewart poses in a playful white lingerie.

This photo puts her followers in a frenzy, with dozens of people applauding her on her appearance.

This week, the mother of four broke the Internet with underwear.

In a sensual photo, she sat on the bed in white pajamas and a lace garter.

When Gina clung to an empty glass, she smiled and stared seductively at the camera.

Within a few days, the post has accumulated more than 3,100 on Instagram.

Many of Gina’s fans are excited about this photo. Some people say that her underwear resembles a bride’s garter.

One commenter wrote: “You are really amazing. Absolutely gorgeous, amazing.”

The other said: “Gina, you are so damn sexy and hurt.”

The third added: “Give me some thoughts about our wedding night.”

Gina Stewart works as a model on the Gold Coast.

Earlier this year, when she was announced to be one of the finalists of Miss Maxim in 2018, she made headlines.

Even if she competes with more than half of the women, the blonde has a good chance of winning.

If successful, she hopes to donate the £5,500 prize to a friend who has recently suffered a stroke.

In her introduction to Maxim, Gina claims that her best features include her sense of humor and laughter.

She also opened up her inspiration.

The model shows: “Even people who have the ability to move on and remain positive even after a tough time.

“Those who never give up really find the most inspiring people.”

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