Halsey squeaks in the underwear of the Playboy Party

The new single’s pop singer Halsey hosted a Playboy party in sexy black lingerie on Saturday night, showing her boyfriend G-Eazy what he lacked.

The 23-year-old founder of Closer performed at a sold-out show in Las Vegas and celebrated at a party at the Marquee nightclub in Cosmopolitan, where she performed the Midsummer Night’s Dream of Playboy magazine.

The theme of the event was lingerie and pajamas, and the singer slammed the fans on the red carpet in a lively bodice and thong ensemble. She revealed her behind her back. She finished the rough look with garters, stockings and high heels, and decorated her blonde hair with a black bow.

After she announced that she had broken up online from rapper G-Eazy, Halsey’s shots took nearly four weeks.

The couple had been dating for a year when she suddenly wiped out all the photos in the photos from the Instagram page and confirmed that the stars had been separated.

“I usually keep this kind of thing secret, but I offer an open nature, I think I need to notify my fans,” she said in an Instagram story post on July 3. “G-Eazy and I are separating.

“I am eager to continue to use my art and career for a while, and my tour time. I wish him all the best. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

The news shocked the fans, because Halsey had been lingering for her man for months—and in an interview shortly before breaking up, she said, “I like everything about him.”

“I can’t find someone matching each of my versions until he,” she continued. “Like, he is my left sneaker. For each of his versions, there is a version I can match.”

Halsey and G-Eazy have not commented on the reasons for their breakup, but the rumors at the time indicated that the singers had been unfaithful during the European tour.

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