Underwear sports latest ban on airbrushes and celebration of models of various sizes

British lingerie giant Figleaves gave up the spray gun for his latest activity.

The online lingerie and swimwear brand launched Confidence Looks Great On You for AW18, showcasing models of different sizes, whose body shapes are not digitally modified.

The model’s stretch marks and curves are unedited, and the collection will be in dark-toned nude color to suit a variety of skin tones.

The plus size range will also be expanded for 28 yards back to 52 back, and AA cup to K cup, both depending on the range.

Khrystyana Kazakova, the next top model player and sports pictorial model in the United States, starred with the curved model Jennifer Atilemile and Zimbabwe-born Nyasha Matonhodze.

Born in Russia, Kazakova is a physically active activist and the founder of Real Catwalk, a guerrilla open-air fashion show that shows people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities and genders.

The three modes may be structured in the same way that the brand decides to use multiple models and avoid spraying.

Kazakova, Atilemile and Matonhodze did not consistently arrange classic underwear ad poses, making their limbs look longer and their stomachs flatter.

Instead, they stretch, rest and feel a sense of how the garment will move and sit on the real body.

Celebrating belly rolls instead of being stigmatized, the skin’s natural texture and texture can be removed rather than eradicated in Photoshop.

But they are by no means the first to stop spraying. People who were misled with BooHoo earlier this year chose similar activities. American Eagle did this in 2014.

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