British tabloid promotion “men’s lace lingerie” and reaction worthless

British tabloid promotion “men’s lace underwear” and reaction worthless

The “Daily Mirror” released a trend film on the weekend highlighting the men in “Lace Underwear”, causing anger, and the British tabloid claimed that it was “the present thing.”

“Ladies, if you’ve ever seen your man’s underwear and thought it’s a bit dull, then you’re not alone,” audience writer Courtney Pochin promoted a new company that produces clothing. “The company’s bras don’t have the actual cup size, but there are some padding options to choose from, ranging from small to large.”

“People on social media have different opinions about the idea of ​​a partner wearing underwear,” she added.

However, it doesn’t look very mixed on social media, many of which are triggered by the image of a headless man in a pink bra.

“Maybe on Halloween or the bet you lost is really bad… ah, I don’t even make a joke,” said Little Donald Trump. “Who is pushing the trash?”

Although the president’s son may be uncomfortable with this photo, it is not a big problem for his father, President Trump and current chief lawyer Rudy Giuliani. The former mayor of New York City was notorious for his efforts in the 2000 news baking sketches, including the elders of Trump who moved him.

“Oh Donald, I thought you were a gentleman,” Giuliani said before hitting him.

“Can’t say I haven’t tried it,” the real estate tycoon responded shyly.

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