The former manager settled the discrimination suit against the lingerie store

The former manager settled the discrimination suit against the underwear store

A former manager of Victoria’s Secret in Bangor Mall has settled her lawsuit against the company, claiming that she was fired for not conforming to the company’s image because her underwear is suitable for young and thin women.


Last year, Bradley’s 51-year-old Kelly businessman sued the company in federal court in Bangor. She claims that she was released in June 2015 because she is an XL woman and then she is in her 40s.

According to her lawyer, Brigant’s Brett Babel said she settled an undisclosed sum last week. A confidentiality agreement is a standard for discrimination proceedings against non-public employers.

“The parties have reached a solution that both parties are satisfied with,” Babel said in an e-mail on Wednesday that a notice of settlement has been filed in the US District Court in Bangor.

The company’s lawyer, Cory Catignani of Columbus, Ohio, did not respond to requests for comment on Friday afternoon or Monday morning.

In the answer to the complaint last year, Victoria’s secret denied the merchant’s allegations and claimed that she was fired for theft. In November, Baber denied the allegation, saying she used coupons to buy company policies.

The businessman said she was fired because she was not suitable for underwear.

The company’s sales model “is based on the concept of young, attractive and slim female body, [Victoria’s Secret] called “brand / company image”.

Victoria’s Secret does not have a plus line on its website. According to Business Insider, the company’s size does not exceed the DDD cup size bra size of 16 inches or more.

The merchant’s complaint alleges that Victoria’s secret violated the Maine Human Rights Act because she illegally terminated [businessmen] for age reasons and did not comply with the stereotype that [the company] did not allow women to be. “

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