Laura Anderson of Love Island wears lace lingerie, sexy new shoot

The 29-year-old real star looks optimistic, far from being frustrated – just a few days later, her relationship with 31-year-old Paul Nopps is finally over.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Laura and Paul had spent their time on their romance.

Earlier this week, Laura opened up a fight about her overcoming the big British.

“I was a little shocked,” Scottish beauty told OK.

“I mean it’s hard. Any breakup is hard, but I think it’s harder in the spotlight. He is very respectful, you just need to keep going,” she continued.

From a good-looking point of view, she guessed: “Obviously this should not be the case.”

However, when she started taking photos on Friday, the blonde’s bomb looked far less frustrating because she was on the phone between shots.

Wearing lace, black bodice and black stockings, TV Baby looks very glowing when chatting.

She adjusted her hair jokingly and pushed the golden lock behind her ear as she spoke.

Her outfit shows her tattoo series – it spreads subtly around her side and her hips.

Although her clothes are clearly visible to everyone, Laura’s body is also very fit.

Of course, no one can have a firm body without a job – Laura often shares her formidable fitness on the Internet.

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