5 Cute Bowknot Dresses Perfect for Special Occasion

I don’t know why and how such a thing is possible, but bowknot dresses are instantly more beautiful. I still remember that time when having to prepare for a wedding I had decided to wear a dress that I actually didn’t like at all until my mum came up with a great idea to add a giant bowknot made by the seamstress on the right shoulder’s dress. So that dress that backs at when I was 17 seemed so unremarkable and sad to me then became my favorite dress! In the end, we grew up with bows that surrounded us everywhere and, if we think about it, almost all of our panties, even those we wore during childhood, have a bowknot.

I don’t, therefore, know what is the secret behind the beauty of a bowknot, but the fact is that it can make unique even the most boring of clothes, like a sort of magic wand, and if you were thinking that you could do without bowknot dresses for this summer you were sorely mistaken: this is a garment that should not be missing in our wardrobe for any reason in the world. Let’s see now 5 cute bowknot dresses that you cannot renounce!

Bowknot In A Two-Shades Dress

A very lovely type of dress, as it is always practical and suitable for every type of event. Wearing this bowknot dress, we will look beautiful and sophisticated like never before. Finally, the details in the center of the bowknot are very well accepted as well, making it even more special and worthy of attention!

Bowknot Along The Waistband

Whatever the type of dress, the long bowknot on our waistband is a wonderful detail. Whether it is more moved to the left or more to the right, that belt effect looks really good, in addition to a more evident hourglass effect, a unique and simple appearance that fits in well with the whole dress.

A big bowknot placed on our back which then continues on the whole skirt is also very nice and delicate. This creates an elegant outfit, highlighting a beautiful and peculiar detail in a dress that is able to express ourselves. Kudos on this choice!

Bowknot Skirts

Very nice also to wear skater skirts with a few bowknots symmetrically placed between each other, so as not to create too much confusion, which is not beautiful to look at for such a simple element like the bowknot. The result is approved and we are ready to go to prom!

Bowknot In A Split Dress

This will probably remind you of what I wrote at the beginning of the article about the bowknot that my mum put on my shoulder in order to make my dress prettier, but a split dress where a bowknot is symmetrically placed on the high part is an absolute pleasure for our eyes!

Bowknot On The Breast

If we want to add a size to your breast, we can tighten this bowknot as long as we can breathe. Here, unlike the other types of dresses, it is the bowknot that is the main element of the dress, being in a central position that everyone cannot help noticing.

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