10 Creating A Versatile Capsule Wardrobe for Autumn

A capsule wardrobe is several sets of clothes that suit your lifestyle and needs for a certain period of time. A capsule wardrobe is a basic wardrobe option that never goes out of style.

Now capsule wardrobes have become a trend because they are useful for saving budget with a simple style that is timeless. Basic clothes in a capsule wardrobe can be combined and used many times. To apply this method is very easy. You only need several types of clothing, your dressing style remains cool without being complicated.

So what about a winter capsule wardrobe for you? What is a good clothing capsule? Don’t worry, there are many trends from year to year that you can look back on for inspiration. You don’t need to worry because there are lots of fall trends that are easy to apply, from elevated basics, such as tank tops and shirts, to wide-cut trousers.

1. The Trench Coat

What you need to know about a trench coat is its classic character. Therefore, it is paired with a T-shirt and jeans. With a turtleneck and high-waist pants, cool. The choice of trench coat color can also represent your style. Khaki colors look more timeless, while black and other dark colors are more elegant.

2. Blazer

This fall, some of you have to go to the office and work. In the mild weather, this won’t prevent you from still going out for work.  A blazer designed with a thick material and like a coat, will keep your body warm. The blazer model is arguably more formal than the coat. So you can wear it to go to work, meet co-workers, or attend important events in this slightly chilly fall.

3. Classic Shirt

You will really need this simple outfit to accompany the blazer. Choosing a shirt with a slightly thick material will be highly recommended for you. Don’t forget about the weather.

4. Boots

These boots are suitable for walking during early autumn in Japan. If you want to enjoy autumn, you can wear hiking shoes. If you want to vacation, it’s best to wear boots.

5. Cardigan

You also have to have warm clothing, a cardigan. A cardigan is highly recommended for you to use this cold autumn. A cardigan with a soft fleece material is not a bad idea, in fact, it will add a layer of warmth.

6. Long Skirt

If you are a feminine type of woman, you can wear a long skirt to keep your legs warm and protect your feet from the autumn wind. Choose a skirt that is comfortable and allows you to move freely. You can also choose skirts with motifs such as flowers, and plaid with neutral colors and tend to be dark, such as dark red, navy, brown, and others.

7. Sweater

After wearing a shirt you can wear a sweater that is not too thick. However, if you are the type that gets cold easily, use a slightly thicker sweater.

8. Tank Top

Try pairing your white tank top with one-colored leather pants from typical autumn season colors such as root beer or dark brown, maple red or red wine, terracotta or clay, olive green, or navy blue with white stripes. So that your appearance is not plain. You can also wear a blazer or accessories such as a bag or clutch, ankle or calf-length boots, hats, or shawls in these colors. If you know the trick, a simple, plain-colored tank top will actually challenge your creative side.

9. Hats

This hat can support your appearance. And keep you warm. There are many types of hats that you can use to support your fashion style.

10. Leather Jacket

Instead of feeling stuck feeling uncomfortable because you have to sweat all day, why not try taking just one item as your fashion statement? Leather jackets, for example. As is usual for jackets, the outfit color is predominantly black. Try changing the color of your leather jacket collection to dark brown. This is certainly something fresh.

The point is, it’s better for you to wear layers of clothing so you can take them off when the weather is a bit hot during the day. Always check the weather forecast so you don’t get it wrong when you wear clothes.

Oversized coats and faux fur outerwear redefine warmth and comfort, while knit or denim combos bring chic style to women’s wardrobes. Cargo pants or oversized sweaters provide a utilitarian and casual mix, and comfortable maxi skirts or cardigan skirts are also great for fall.

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