CHANEL Spring-Summer 2022 Eyewear Collection

CHANEL Spring-Summer 2022 Eyewear Collection

Nothing lights up a face quite like a pair of CHANEL glasses.

The House’s 2022 eyewear campaign is an affirmation of this emblematic and timeless.»

With every day it’s more and more sunny. Our eyes need even stronger sun protection. Many fashion lovers wear sunglasses even during winter and the coldest weeks of fall, but some don’t do it and think it’s not necessary. I could understand both. Of course, the main mission of sunglasses protect our eyes and skin around eyes from sunlight. It’s very important to wear during the hottest days of summer for many reasons like one of them is this way you won’t get wrinkles near your eyes. But sunglasses, and especially stylish sunglasses are more than just protection. It can be accessory that will take your outfit on another level. It’s important to buy only high-quality sunglasses, because the cheap ones can make your whole outfit to look cheap, while only one high quality accessory can turn your outfit into something very stylish.

Another thing I noticed is that sunglasses trends changed. Yes, again. But don’t worry! No need to panic that you should renew your sunglasses collection every year with this trend come and go. This year’s eyewear trends are something special. They are elegant and timeless, you can wear them for many decades. Especially if you choose to buy from one of the best brands in history that have great options and quality for their eyeglasses. One of them is a brand we all know – CHANEL. It’s gift of dreams for many women all over the world.

By the way, CHANEL launched a new collection of eyewear for spring and summer 2022. All collection is classic, creative and unusual in the same time. I don’t know how they’re doing it! Unfortunately the collection is selling out very quickly. Around half of eyewear CHANEL launched already are not available, but there is a chance CHANEL will re-launch some of them, check official site of the brand to buy it when it will be available again. In this article I’m some eyewear from the new collection that you still can buy on CHANEL official site.

Anyways, here is what we learnt about eywear trends from CHANEL spring – summer 2022 collection.

  1. Jeweled chains. Definitely something new for many of us. Of course there always were eyeglasses with chains, but I’ve never seen someone is wearing sunglasses with chains on the street. I’ve seen them only eyewear for better vision. My grandmother had eyeglasses like that. I should say she needs to find them as they are trendy now. That definitely one of the most interesting trends I would love to try. I would say the chains improve your look, make you really stylish. Make you to be on a fashion blogger level.
  2. Oversized sunglasses. Or at least big size sunglasses. Small sunglasses of different weird shapes were extremely popular the recent few years. Do you remember flame-shaped sunglasses? Or those rainy clouds?  We all have enough of fun with it, but enough is enough. Of course, you can use them for photoshoot. But if you’re looking for something to actually wear outside that can protect from the sun light and can look great with any of your outfits you chose to wear. Real sunglasses should be practical.
  3. Classic dark colors or slight tint of some colors like green or blue. CHANEL‘s colored sunglasses don’t look super bright. They still look classy and elegant. They are dark eyewear with a little bit of colorful accent. Honestly, only dark eyewear really help on very hot and sunny summer days.
  4. Shapes that are the most popular are classic like one of the options are aviators. Although some of the shapes are pretty new to most of the people, like butterfly-framed sunglasses. Absolutely perfect for spring and summer. If you have not tried this shape, you must try it. Maybe it will become your new favorite during the sunniest days. Pilot shape framed sunglasses look really interesting too. They very not banal. Definitely on the summer must-try list.

Now take a look on the collection of the best eyewear this season. There are so many options that are classy and will be a good match for basically any clothes you wear. You will definitely find something for you!

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