Hollywood`s Favorite Shoe Brand Just Launched

Hollywood`s Favorite Shoe Brand Just Launched

We`re close to being back to normal pre-pandemic. However, since it has been two years, your wardrobe is probably needing a revamp, especially your shoes. Good thing, because Hollywood`s favorite shoe brands have launched stylish pairs of shoes that would make you excited to wear outside. The pandemic has been quite depressing or lonely for a lot of people. What better way to celebrate being able to go outside than having a brand new pair of cute shoes? Check out these cool kicks:


White LWG Leather/Rose

Cariuma is a lovely brand that features sleek and versatile kicks. They’re known for their sustainable and socially responsible practices which is why it’s loved by many celebrities and influencers. Not only are they environmentally-conscious, they’re also a sensible brand that produces high-grade and fashionable shoes.

For instance, check out these two gorgeous pairs of shoes that have vegan insoles and crafted with high quality raw materials.

They have weighted soles, minimalist designs and if you’ll believe it under $100. You would think a brand that uses some of the best materials and practices ethical standard in producing their goods would be highly expensive, but with the reasonable pricing and minimalistic looks, it’s no wonder this is a favorite among celebrities.

Crosty is an amazing shoe brand that incorporates Italian expertise using materials like Vachetta and calfskin leather to create top-grade shoes to last for a long time.

Check out their ONDA Azure shoes which gives a bright and calm design. Onda means waves in Italy hence the clear blue wave-like look in the ocean. It also features Georgian script on the front-side which adds a stunning touch to its overall design.

CHLOÉ is a brand that has exuded elegance and artisanry for ober half a century. Famous for their Parisian styles, this brand will help you express your love for crafts, art and nature.

Take a look at their artistic Meril woven cotton platform sandals that will make you feel like you’re one with nature. The colorful fabrics, and the intricacies and patterns of its design make up a stunning pair that you can most definitely wear for a summer party, vacation, or a beach date.


One of Nordstrom’s brands, Vintage Havana features youthful, edgy and fun designs that will boldly flash its style.

One of their more subdued yet iconic shoes is this dip dyed blue green sneakers that looks bright and beautiful.



Everlane is a one stop shop for everything aesthetic and minimalist. They are one of the more unique brands that publish the costs of making their items for transparency. They are also a sustainable brand that goes beyond producing items merely for profit.

Check out their cozy and cute The Glove Boots which is like gloves but for your feet. Its design is quite similar to that of a pair of gloves. This is a great pair for autumn and winter. Reading the reviews about this product, you can pretty much say that it’s an overall comfortable and cozy pair that you can wear for hours without getting foot aches.

The Glove Boot

No matter what your style is, you can get a lot of helpful recommendations from this list that will make your shoes standout yet complement your outfits.

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