How to wear lingerie as a garment instead of melting in this heat wave

I am sitting in my bedroom now in my own sweat pool. A fan is directly on me, my window is open, but no AC in my building is cruel, and I am very cute! How to wear underwear as a clothing in this heat wave is an important AF, because if you are like me, then you can wear a pair of underwear in a comfortable home. Although it is not normal to wear only thongs in public, you can wear bras as tops, skirts and tights, and bodysuits. Thank God. You just have to look at Kardashians, Hadids, and basically all the other supermodels to see how the underwear becomes cool – in two aspects of the literal tailoring specification.

See four ways to wear underwear that you may already have.


Total transparency

Don’t choose a shirt made of sturdy and breathable fabric, but choose a top made of mesh, mesh, crochet or other porous material – you can see it when you lift it. Then, pick a bra that coordinates colors or patterns and wears underneath it. It’s actually the simplest summer style and it’s very sexy.

It is suitable!

There is nothing more sexy than a lace leotard, and I support this view, even when it comes to day wear. Many tights are lace, so if you need to wear a layer underneath you, lest your nipples loosen (if you do, give you more power!) Put on a light bra. I especially like bodysuits and look for a night out. I paired it with a black mini skirt and a lasso necklace to create super sexy outfits, but as you can see below, almost anything works.

Let it slip
Because they were popular in the 1990s, they wore non-slip dresses outside the bedroom for a long time, so this is nothing new. However, their style has become easier and more diverse. Put on sneakers and a bomber jacket, put on tight-fitting clothes, spend the cold day, buy groceries – silk no longer stays after 9 pm.

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