Everviolet introduces a new line of lingerie and casual wear designed specifically for women to recover from breast cancer.

Everviolet is a collection of lingerie and homewear designed to develop physical changes in women’s breast cancer treatments and will be released to the public on October 5th with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The collection offers a fit, aesthetic and comfort trio for this underserved and growing consumer.

Everviolet was founded by Keira Kotler, a nutrition expert and artist who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. After double mastectomy and reconstruction, she found that the lack of attractive and fit clothing was an obstacle to psychological disorders. Emotional healing. “In all the challenges I have to face in my breast cancer journey, wearing clothes is and still is one of the most difficult issues. Everviolet is my support for other women and helps them recover themselves after surgery and treatment. The mission of femininity,” Kotler said.

“We design for women who are returning to femininity. Discover the power of the warriors and provide a therapeutic journey for the patients. For those who are committed to health, and those who pursue beauty in times of change.”

Everviolet’s first collection includes bras, bras, panties and casual wear for a variety of treatment stages – postoperative, recovery and later. This is a brand defined by holistic health that uses natural, sustainable fabrics and is packaged in recyclable recycled materials. They are available on everviolet.com. Some of the sales will be donated to innovative research and prevention organizations.

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