Meet your business: Grass Valley’s adult and lingerie stores have been a cautious follower for more than 15 years

When Sharon Haddy’s two daughters finally got to middle school and high school, Sharon was ready to do something beyond daily housework.

She wants to start a business, the first step is market research. Is her business feasible? Is there a need? Is there a similar business nearby that will affect sales? When all the answers seemed to line up, she developed a business plan and approached Grass Valley City officials.

What do they think of downtown stores with underwear and bedroom toys? Sharon said that as long as it is very tasteful, there is no problem in this city. Then she asked the same question to the landlord at the East Street store – a former antique shop – she wanted to rent. She got the same response.

In 2003, Sharon opened Behind Closed Doors Fantasy Boutique between North Auburn and Steward Street. Although one daughter seemed to be striding forward, the other daughter was angered.

“She told me, ‘Mother, why is this all done?'” Sharon said with a smile. “I told her, ‘because it is necessary.’ Nothing else is 40 miles, and the nearest convenience store is in Yuba City. Many Americans are quite nervous when it comes to sex, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Most people Have had sex.”

The salon’s start-up stocks mostly include underwear, socks, bras, panties, massage oils, lubricants and adult bedroom toys. It is very popular and the business was active in the first five years – until two things happened.

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