10 Badass Ways to Show Off Your Bra

The way clothes are designed these days, it’s nearly impossible to keep your bra under wraps. There’s really no such thing as a completely nude bra, the straps always find a way to slip out and spoil your look. Yes, there are strapless bras, but they rarely offer the same comfort and support of traditional bras.

So why not show off your bra. Here are 10 ideas to inspire you.

Wear a colorful bra under a sheer top. Don’t try to hide the bra under the top. Choose a bra in a bold color that contrasts your top while complimenting the rest of your outfit. It will really help pull your whole look together.

Match the style of your bra to the style of your dress. If it’s a sporty dress, choose a sporty bra. If you are wearing a romantic dress, choose a lacy bra. Match the colors for a seamless look, or choose bold, contrasting colors for a look that’s a little more fun and daring.

Match the neckline of your bra to the neckline of your top. This is a great way to embellish an otherwise simple neckline, particularly when the bra is in a matching or complimentary color.

Add sophistication (and support) to a simple strapless dress with a lace bra in a matching color. Dolce & Gabbana does this sort of thing all the time, particularly in black. You won’t be able to tell where the dress ends and the bra begins. The lace will add a feminine touch to your super-sexy outfit.

Wear a full-coverage bra or sports bra as a top. Pair it with a high-waist bottom. The only part of your midriff that will actually show is those few inches between your bust and your natural waist, which is the most toned part of almost everyone’s midsection.

Wear a bra under your blazer instead of a top. A seamless bra in a bold, graphic color, free of lace or other traditional lingerie embellishments will help you walk the line between bra and bra top.

Wear a front or side-clasping bra with backless tops. By doing this, those unfortunate-looking closures will remain hidden, and the bra band itself will look like it could be part of the top.

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