Sarah Michelle Gellar apologizes for the Thanksgiving lingerie post

After Sarah Michelle Gellar used a sexy photo to photograph the overeating during Thanksgiving, some fans came back.

The star of “Buffy the Vampire Hunter Buffy” shared some professionally photographed photos, in which she was exposed and joked that she liked to indulge her vacation.

The title reads: “I just fixed them all on my house to remind Sunday not to overeat #thanksgivingprep.”

For those who expressed disappointment with the comments, the situation is not going well.

One person wrote: “The idea that we should limit ourselves to eating food so that we lose weight is a dangerous and destructive mentality that clearly plagues many people’s minds, including celebrities, because it is obvious here.”

Some people even accuse the “obese and humiliating” actress, but Galla said “can not exceed my intentions.”

“I like Thanksgiving, unfortunately my eyes are often bigger than my eyes, and I tend to eat too much, I make myself sick,” Gualal wrote. “This is a joke reminding me not to do this.”

She apologized for this misunderstanding.

Galla wrote: “I am very sorry that people have been offended by my humorous attempt.” “Anyone who knows me knows that I will never deliberately” humiliate “anyone. I am the champion of everyone.”


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