Sofia Richie wearing an underwear style shirt

Sofia Richie wearing an underwear style shirt

Scott Disick’s girlfriend Sofia Richie looks calm in the hands of Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima.

On the second day of a major reorganization with Scott’s mother, 19-year-old Rich shared an amazing black-and-white photo of her calm, calm, sexy white corset and white jeans. Establish a foundation. She put her hair loosely on her shoulders and put on some fashionable tones.

Earlier, Inquisitr reported that Richie was dissatisfied with the news that Kourtney was single and ready to mix again. She is also reluctant to report that her boyfriend is crying for Kourtney’s shoulder.

A person familiar with the matter said: “Sofia suddenly realized that Scott and Courtney have been talking about her conversation since breaking up with Younis. Sophia thinks her relationship with Scott. This is not safe because he The conversation with Courtney is not about children, but more about what happened to Courtney and Eunice.”

The good news for Richie and Disick is that their relationship looks very powerful. In addition, people report that no matter what happens, Kourtney will not be with her three children’s father, 8-year-old Mason; Penelope, 5 years old; over the years, they reappear and reappear, with cards Daishan people keep in touch. Although Courtney said that he will “become a family” forever, she is not interested in revisiting the failed partnership. Currently, they are working together to make their children coexist peacefully.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, just yesterday, Disco and Riche were happy to buy a beautiful RC truck for Disk’s son, Mason. During her outing, she also showed off her fit, tight black, fitness-style design, breathable tights and vests. On her straight hair, she wore a baseball cap and a luxurious Louis Vuitton backpack.

Mason smiled on the road. He seems to be satisfied with his new remote-controlled truck, which is reported to cost $800. It seems that this trip is only suitable for him, because the three seem to have not brought any toys for Penelope or the rule.

Strong reports from Richie and Disick seem to be correct. When they enjoy the end of the summer together, she undoubtedly looks confident and calm in the costume. Her 3.7 million Instagram fans seem to appreciate her latest social media sharing.

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