Some London Fashion Week Street Styles I recommend

Some London Fashion Week Street Styles I recommend

What can be better than fresh photos from runways during the Fashion Week that show to us the hottest trends we will be wearing for at least a year? Fresh photos of street fashion from London Fashion week! Let’s look at what London street stylers are wearing this season! Because as we know it’s street fashionistas who are really create trends everyone actually wears. The reasons why I love street style fashion over the runway outfits:

  • Street stylers actually show how to wear the clothes they are wearing on the streets while some catwalk outfits aren’t really full and look more like a performance or I would say like a piece of art. I guess many of you can agree those types of outfits aren’t really practical. Usually, if we hear about a new trend we don’t wear the exact outfit as a model did. Often we just take the one item that is very trendy and mix it with clothes we feel comfortable in. While Streetstylers is showing exact outfits we can wear… Well, we are adding some details, exchanging some clothes that are on a street styler for something that we have in our wardrobe, in case we don’t have something.
  • Street models give us ideas on how to wear clothes we already in an absolutely new way, or how to mix the clothing items we have never thought of mixing together. Most of them are so creative and inspirational, so it’s definitely worth following some Instagram street-style photographs and models. You’ll get a lot of new outfit ideas!
  • Many of them are showing how to get an outfit that is affordable but still looks high fashion.

So let’s chat about some brand new outfits you can repeat this spring!

If someone ask me what color of spring. I without doubt tell that is mint. Such  tender and refreshing color. This color even can turn a classic ordinary suit into something that catch eyes and lenses of all Fashion Week photographers. In mint it’s easier to be the main topic of fashion magazines!

Keep in mind that slightly oversized suits look more modern and stylish. Oversized suits will suit anybody.

Also, take a look on Dior bag of the same shade that is the main star of this outfit. You can easily find more affordable but still unusual but still elegant bag. Remember, details in outfit is everything. Look how harmonical golden jewelry and gold details on shoes and a bag look together. Golden button on a jacket a gold on a phone make it perfect!

As I told you before the main thing I like about streetstylers is that they are teaching us how to mix something we thought is not mixable. I just found out that if to a cocktail dress with a sneakers and socks of the same color then add a colorful jacket as a color accent, then to add again a coat of the same clothes to make it not only super warm but a little bit to hide out very bright jacket. So now can mix our party clothes with casual clothes, so those special event clothes won’t wait in our closet for its time for ages.

This particular outfit looks perfect like an even for special occasion. Also, I could imagine this outfit for some sort of artistic photoshoot. Probably in the garden. At least, these are my associations. This is very classic and feminine. Perfect mix of clothes with a cool detail accent – a web bag. Lovers of spooky style will love so I do, it’s adorable.

Another cool thing street fashionistas do – mixing bright colors nobody mix. Look at green skirt and socks of the exact same shade and lavender top of the outfit. Look at lavender eyewear! That’s genius! This color mix makes me remind me of a flower.

You can look at this fir for minutes and minutes. Not only a leather beret looks perfect with a leather coat, but a small black scarf is absolutely made for this look. Dark shoes and bags are ideal for an outfit of this style. And do you see this small leather belt? What an amazing idea!

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