Title: Different Types of Nail Extensions to Make Your Hands Look Pretty and Gorgeous

Add length and versatile shapes to your nails through nail extensions—the Nail Extensions, also known as false nails that are adorable and look pretty. Women can take it as a fashion accessory to add beauty to her personality and hands. There are various types of nail extensions available. Let’s discuss those nail extension categories.

1. Acrylic Nails

It’s been more than a decade since these extensions are the most popular and trendy from the ages. The highly supreme and good quality of acrylic nails has made its existence worth in the market place. They are robust, long-lasting, and durable. The best thing about having these nails is that you can quickly fix them at home if they somehow broke. No need to rush to the saloon for a little nail breakage, Fix them at home.

Whenever you decide or plan to have, acrylic nails make sure you get them done by a professional nail artist as they consist of harmful chemicals that can damage nails. To secure your nails, always go to a well-recognized beauty salon and get it done from nail experts. Please do not do it by yourself at home.

2. Gel Nails:

If acrylic nails are east, then Gel nails are west. A gel nail uses an LED lamp to dry the nails as it does not get dried independently. These nails appear as natural nails. They cost higher than acrylic nails and less durable. But if you want your false nails to give natural looks, then it is the best option. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and considered safe. You can refill these nails from time to time.

If you are fond of having your nails done from a saloon, you can choose any according to your choice and preference. Having false nails is the best option for those women who do not have much nail growth. These acrylics and gel false nails are the best alternative for women without nails. Make your nails look more beautiful and your hands more pretty with these false nails of your choice, taste, colors, and budget.

If you want nails for a longer duration, then acrylic nails are the best option, and if you wish to nails for the short term with a natural and shiner look, then gel nails are the appropriate solution. Moreover, if you have any skin allergies, then never go for acrylic nails; instead, spend a few more bucks and gel nails for your safety.

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