Shapewear is probably the most useful addition to a woman’s wardrobe. It has also started to become more and more popular during the latest years and now is quite in high demand. Many women are looking for the newest models of body shapers and try to find the best possible designs and because of this most shapewear brands have improved their collections. Shapewear nowadays has modern designs, improved functionality, and qualitative fabrics.

The best shapewear for women follows also the trends in fashion like the newest fabrics, the latest tailoring cuts, and how to reshape the body in a way that looks natural.

The seamless shapewear

Probably one of the most important trends that shapewear needs to follow is to be seamless. If no one will know that you wear shapewear underneath your clothes, it means the design has fulfilled its purpose. Also, another great thing about seamless shapewear is that you can wear it with absolutely anything from your wardrobe because is so well made that it won’t be visible through tight clothes.

Nude shapewear

Another big trend is regarding nude shapewear. Why? Because unlike other colors nude shapewear goes very well with all those sheer fabrics or with see-through clothes. Also, unlike black or brown bodysuits, the nude ones can be worn with white and other light colors as well as with dark shades too, even black. This means it’s best to invest in such a piece as you will be able to wear it with anything.

Plus size shapewear

We all know how difficult it was in the past to find shapewear in big sizes. If you are a curvy girl you will be happy to know that one of the most important trends that shapewear followed was to widen its sizes. Now you will find a plus-size body shaper even in 6XL size. So you won’t struggle anymore to find great shapewear in your size.

Shapewear with a plus of comfort

Because you wear it all day long it has to be comfortable. For this reason bodysuits, these days are made out of soft and breathable fabrics that won’t cause you any irritations and will feel like a second skin. Also, the full-body shapers are designed in such a way as to compress your body and hide any fat rolls you might have, and enhance your curves while offering you the best comfort. You will look a few sizes smaller and you will also feel great!

Shapewear with different cuts

Of course, the shapewear needs to follow the trends when it comes to the whole design too. This is why, nowadays there are many types of bodysuits, some full-body, others that go from under the bust, while others have panties and some are having shorts that also reshape the thighs too. Depending on what shapewear before and after results you wish to achieve, you can choose a model that suits your needs the best.

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