The secret of the underwear giant Victoria opened the first comprehensive Australian store in Melbourne

After years of admiring bras and shorts from overseas stores, Victoria’s secret has finally opened its doors to Australia’s first flagship store.

The American lingerie giant launched its own store at Chadstone Mall, showcasing all the VS logos – sexy lingerie, pink and black tones, pink and pink striped bags, wardrobe displays, and Victoria’s Secret Angels walking on the runway The big screen on the lens.

Chadstone’s vast space is similar in design and layout to the retailer’s iconic location on Fifth Avenue in New York, with an in-store display that claims to hold 12,000 pairs of lace and cotton shorts.

Today there are about 1,000 customers in front of the store opened in Chadstone.

Premium retail space includes VS’s main product line, including the best-selling Bombshel l bra series, Body by Victoria, Very Sexy, Dream Angels and Victoria’s Secret Pink – a young sportswear brand.

The price is comparable to that of the US (considering currency exchange and taxation), and the best-selling blockbuster bra is famous for adding a full cup size to the wearer’s bust for $105.

Other benefits include a three-piece lace shorts for $55, a free tote for over $100 (limited time and stock availability) and 20% pajamas.

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