These Shapewear Styles Can Be Added to Your Life

Shapewear that we know today has many types and designs. Shapewear is no longer a fashion item that only functions to flatten the stomach, reduce waist size and sculpt the hourglass’s curves. Now several types of shapewear are even designed as health support tools and sports accessories. From just a tight undergarment, now shapewear has become an essential fashion item that many people are hunting for because of its function that makes life easier and its practical use.

If you only have one shapewear that you use for tummy control, then this is the right time to add to your shapewear collection because some shapewear comes with different benefits for your body. Below are some shapewear styles that you deserve to buy to sculpt your body shape while making your life more practical and healthy!

1. Sporty Shapewear

Some types of shapewear are deliberately designed to be your workout companion. Usually, shapewear designed for this purpose is made of strong but light and stretchy materials. Shapewear from nylon material can be the right choice because, in addition to being light to wear, this material can also absorb sweat well. You can choose shaper leggings, high waist shaping shorts, or waist trainers as your workout partner. Shapewear for sports will help burn more fat and shape your ideal body without limiting your movement during activities. If you like a healthy lifestyle and sports, make sure you have this shapewear on your collection list.

2. Bone Type Shapewear

You can maintain your posture with bone-type shapewear. By wearing this shapewear, you can also reduce back pain that you may be experiencing. This shapewear offers a double effect. So, besides providing a slimming function, there is a therapeutic effect to making the body healthier. Usually, this type of shapewear has several lights and elastic steel bones to support your body better. If you often sit for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to choose a butt lifter shapewear with bones to keep your butt tight and voluminous.

3. Vest Shapewear

In addition to slimming and sculpting the waist area and flattening the stomach, shapewear vests can be used to maintain a straight back and shoulder posture. This is very useful for those of you who want to improve posture and who often have back aches when sitting. A slouched posture will increase the risk of injury and soreness in your shoulders, back, and even your neck. To prevent that problem, you can choose this shapewear. This is ideal shapewear for office workers and you can also wear it when you are working out or at the gym.

4. Seamless Shapewear

Seamless shapewear is a product that is often sought after by women because it is very comfortable to wear, some are even so light that you don’t feel that you are wearing shapewear. Seamless shapewear also comes as shapewear bodysuits that you can wear as a body slimming undergarment or as a stylish top. The advantage of the seamless design is its ability to ‘hide’ under your clothes without leaving any traces from the outside. Seamless body shapers can create a smooth silhouette and give flattering curves that make you more confident. Honestly, this is an essential item that every woman must-have.

5. Postpartum Shapewear

AirSlim® Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper With Butt Lifter

After giving birth or while you’re recovering from surgery, wearing shapewear with a good tummy control feature can help you recover faster. Shapewear can also help reduce pain because it will keep your stomach in place even if you move. For women, returning the body to its original shape after giving birth is certainly very important. Wear postpartum shapewear to make your body shape beautiful again as before. You can choose shapewear with a zipper feature on the front to make it easier to put on and take off. Also, choose one that has practical features such as an open crotch design to make it easier for you when going to the toilet.

By having several types of shapewear in your wardrobe, you can choose which one is the best that you will wear according to your needs. So, ladies have you decided which shapewear to add to your collection?

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