Is bucket hat in Style 2022?

History repeats itself is a phrase that we have all heard plenty of times. While the phrase is over-used, but it is true, especially when it comes to fashion. Bucket hats a product of early 1900s, still remains to be an accessory loved to this day.

While we are way in the middle of 2022, bucket hats remain to be as popular as they were decades before.

The hat, more historically known as the fisherman’s hat is an accessory that makes even the spontaneous and an ironic outfit to be filled with glamour.

While hats require the least amount of work, they are however the most impactful. So, to answer your questions whether the bucket hat is still in style in 2022, the answer is a hearty yes!

So here is a guide to pick the right bucket hat for you and how to style it in 2022.

Luxury Fabrics and Brands

If you take a moment to really notice what’s going on over at Instagram, you will be surprised to see the number of people posting their fun lively pictures in bucket hats. While you may not have noticed it before, it will surely catch your eye now.

Bucket hats have been inculcated in fashion through different celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Hande Ercel, Hailey Bieber and more. This brings us to understand that as celebrities are viewing bucket hats as more luxury items now.

This serves well as more and more brands have taken their pick and produced their lines. Examples of name brands are Gucci, Prada, Nike, J. Crew, H n M and more.

As brands have gotten involved, this serves to be the best news for us! Because we get our pick on luxurious fabrics.

Ranging from embroidered and knit to leather and cashmere and canvas. There is a fabric available for every season. Now the real question is for the styling department.

Styling Your Bucket Hat

As you may have already noticed, bucket hats have become a statement piece added to the daily regiment, so here are some tips and tricks to style them.

Denim Bucket Hat

Denim is an evergreen fabric. So, it’s not even surprising that a denim bucket hat is the first to be mentioned.

Going best with simple and bold colors, the hat becomes the center piece. Taking the example of Cardi B and pairing with loud primary colors or opting for white T-shirt and simple washed jeans.

Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

If you want to liven up your run-on-the-mills outfit and add some pop of color, then this is the way to go.

The colorful hat will add the color to your simple outfit. Add a trench coat to the mix and you have yourself a simple yet classic outfit.

Fuzzy Bucket Hat

If you want to throw it back to the original bucket hat days and take inspiration from the ever classic Clueless, the fuzzy bucket hat is for you.

The knit-hat provides a great outfit inspiration when paired with sweater and jeans.

Bucket hats are great for pre-hair wash days. Without creating a fuss or raising any suspicions, the bucket hat allows to save one fashion emergency at a time! More fashion tips please visit here

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