Tips to choose the right figure-matching underwear

PEOPLE often think that it’s the right handbag or a pair of killer heels that can make or break a look. However, it’s actually what is underneath that counts. The truth is that good underwear is essential if you want to look your best in your clothes.

After all, you wouldn’t build a house without laying the right foundations. Yet it is estimated that 80 per cent of British women are wearing the wrong size bra and if you haven’t been measured in the past six months, the chances are you could be one of them. Give your lingerie drawer a makeover with our easy-to-follow advice.

Above, from left:

You want… A CLEAVAGE A plunge bra is perfect if you are wearing a deep or V-neck top or dress. This bra is designed so the cups are joined together at a lower point with a smaller centre piece to show off maximum cleavage.

You want… GOOD COVERAGE A full-cup bra might not be the most glamorous of options but you won’t regret its practicality. If you are worried about overspill or want a smooth fi nish under a high round-neck jumper, a bra that provides maximum coverage is just what you need.

You want… TUMMY CONTROL Control pants and shapewear are a wardrobe essential, especially under knitted or jersey dresses. Look for styles that offer to sculpt and smooth. This isn’t about squeezing you in but creating a streamlined silhouette so clothes glide over your body.

Above, from left, clockwise:


You want… A SMOOTH FINISH If you want a smooth, rounded fi nish than a moulded cup bra or T-shirt bra will do the job. Perfect for wearing under close-fi thing fabrics such as cotton jerseys or T-shirts, this seamless bra is lightly padded and moulded into shape.


You want… AN INSTANT BOOST If you want an instant boost, a push-up bra is the answer. The carefully placed padding creates an immediate cleavage as soon as you put it on. The padding is often removable so you can choose the level of fullness you require depending on what you’re wearing.


You want… A DESIGNER TOUCH While functional basics are good for every day, designer lingerie brands offer something more sumptuous and sophisticated. Treat yourself to something beautiful for those days when you need a little pick me up.


You want… TO WORK OUT Want to join a gym? Before you grab your trainers, make sure to get fi fitted with a supportive sports bra. The larger your cup size, the more important it is to have proper support while you’re working out to minimise bounce and maximise comfort.


You want… A BIGGER CUP SIZE Much like the plus-size market, the demand for larger cup sizes has grown signify scantly with the average UK woman now wearing a 34DD bra. The larger your cup size, the more support you need so it is worth looking for brands that specialise in lingerie above a D cup.


You want… TO LOOK STREAMLINED A body can be an effective and comfortable way to contour your silhouette. With a built-in bra, the full body looks a bit like a swimsuit and ensures that there are no lumps and bumps under a slinky dress. The seamless and smooth fi nish will keep everything in check.


You want… STRAPLESS People often think that you can’t wear a strapless bra if you’re above a B cup but this simply isn’t the case. This gravity-defying style is a miracle of engineering and is available up to a J cup. Look for silicone trim on the inside edges that will prevent the bra from slipping.

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