How To Pair Your Lingerie With Your Outfits

You all know that the right kind of innerwear is equally as important (sometimes, even more) as the clothes you sport every day. If you don’t know which lingerie to wear with which outfit, you might end up getting stares for more wrong reasons than right ones. So, it’s very important to match the right kind of lingerie with your clothes, in order to grab eyeballs for all the right reasons!

By Color

It’s always advisable to match your lingerie color to your clothes, especially when flaunting light colored or sheer garments. Nude or skin-colored lingerie goes well with all kinds of clothes, and black is a universal choice to wear underneath dark-hued outfits. But, special care must be taken when wearing whites – white innerwear can be starkly visible when worn under white clothes, like a white shirt for work, or a white dress for brunch; hence, the proper color to wear under whites is always skin tones for both bra and panty.

By style

Once you know the color of bra or panty that’ll suit your clothes, it’s time to choose the right style of lingerie to wear according to your outfit. Take care to choose the bra according to the kind of outfit you’ll be flaunting – a t-shirt calls for a bra with molded cups, a tube dress demands a strapless bra, so on & so forth. Pick your bra depending upon how deep your neckline is or whether you are sporting something sleeveless or strappy. Similarly, fitted bottoms should be worn with seamless panties and low waist pants should be paired with bikini style panties rather than regular ones.

By design

Yes, your printed bras and your lacey bras are meant to be worn underneath different types of clothes and the sooner you realize the right pairing, the better. Avoid wearing printed lingerie under light-colored garments, as the prints might be visible, especially if the fabric is semi-sheer or thin. Also, with dresses or tops that might allow a bit of inner to show or peep out, wear lacey ones, so that they look ornamental. So, take care and get dressed well in advance, so that you can check if your lingerie complements your outfit and change them into proper ones if necessary.

By fit

Who said you should only buy clothes with the right fit? Your lingerie has to be the proper fit too if you want to steer clear of any fashion faux pas. With figure-hugging pants or skirts, wear thongs, boxer shorts or seamless panties to avoid visible panty lines. When flaunting bodycon dresses or skirts, you can even go for shapewear like tummy-tucker panties or corsets. Similarly, bras with molded cups are preferable for wearing underneath very fitted tops or dresses. So, while buying lingerie, make sure the fit is right for you.

Now that you know how important it is to pair the right kind of lingerie with your clothes, give it some attention and avoid making any kind of fashion faux pas! After all, you need to feel beautiful & confident inside-out every day!

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