Emeralds are unique gemstone due the deep green hues and a soft, velvety appearance. If it is not green, it is not an emerald. Unlike other gemstones emeralds only come in green and they range from vivid and vibrant to pale and limp. They are very popular jewelry stones as emeralds are symbols of wealth and nature. Its captivating green color can transform a simple jewelry style into something stunning. Emerald rings come in a wide range of styles to suit all all aesthetics and budgets, no matter if you prefer bold and statement-making designs or subtle and simple ones. If you are looking to purchase an emerald, there are several factors to consider before buying.

See The Ring Before Buying

When you are shopping for the emerald ring, make sure you look at the color, clarity and cut. All these vary from one to another and it is difficult to tell the quality of the emerald ring without seeing it.

Lab Made Gems Or Alternatives?

There are natural or mined emeralds and there are also lab-made ones. The latter are more budget and environmentally friendly, and often have better quality than mined stones.  Synthetic or lab grown emeralds are not fake emeralds. They are the real thing except that they are grown in laboratories. Natural or mined emeralds have a lot of imperfections, thus making them more vulnerable to breaking. Lab-made emeralds are not only beautiful, they are also easier to replace, making them more practical choices for a ring.  If you are really looking natural emerald, just remember that no emerald is perfect.

Choose The Best Color

Color is the most important factor when choosing emerald rings. When you are buying an emerald, it is obvious that you are looking for a green gemstone. The factors that determine the quality of the emerald is the coloring consistency, the saturation and the tone. Make sure you find the green that you like. Emerald is not only in dark green. There are lighter hues that reflect more light.

Emerald Cut

Emeralds are cut to bring out their color rather than brilliance. Generally, the best cut for emeralds is one that features long open facets and steps.

Where To Buy Emerald Rings

If you are planning to purchase a valuable and quality emerald ring, it is important to purchase from a trustworthy and reputable site. Make sure that the retailer provides clear images of the gemstone. Look for reputable seller with a good returns policy and remember to check for authenticity report.

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