When the cold season sets in, two things will definitely happen and they are our lipstick shade getting deeper and we have to reach for richer skincare formula to accommodate the drier climate. The winter season is usually dominated by the holidays and it influences our makeup choices and nail art. Trying out the cool and trending makeup trends to pair with winter fashion trends are just so much fun. With our hair mostly under a hat or beanie and our hands inside the gloves, there is no better way to get in on the winter beauty trends than with bold eye colors and lip colors (when the mask is removed, of course). This season, be prepared for lots of glitter, graphic eyeliner and rosy blush making their appearance. Keep scrolling for the top winter 2022 makeup trend to stay ahead of the game.

Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner has been a favorite makeup trend for the past several years and it is not going away anytime soon. There are many ways you wear graphic liner. All you need is to start from the inner corner of the eyes creating a V-shape or a classic winged line but coming out far from the inner corner to create a cat-like effect. Sounds complicated?

Bright Red Lips

Just like the red nail trend this fall and winter, the 2022 makeup trends are just dying for us to grab a bold color for our lips as well. When we remove our masks, our lips will pop with bright reds no matter if they are in lipstick, balms or gloss. Designers have been reaching for deep ruby reds when painting the lips of their models on the runways.

Matte Skin

This winter you will be seeing more soft matte skin. Usually winter makeup trends tend to have less sheen to the skin. A good powder is the best way to achieve skin that is matte and not dry. Not forgetting, a rich moisturizer is key for this look to keep your makeup looking smooth and comfortable on the skin.

Smoky Eyes

The smoky eye look is iconic! If you adore this style, well you are not alone. Many designers made sure their models have smoky eyes when walking on the runways. Thick smudges of black and brown eyeshadow swirled together in a haze will always be in.  

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